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HT address to parents autumn 2016


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Autumn term information for parenrs

Published in: Education
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HT address to parents autumn 2016

  1. 1. Bi shop John Robi nsonBi shop John Robi nson Chur ch of Engl and Pr i mar y School
  2. 2. Monday 19Monday 19thth SeptemberSeptember Head Teacher’s Address to Parents Autumn 2016
  3. 3. AgendaAgenda Achievements Vision and Values Feedback School Improvement priorities for 2016- 17 How parents can help
  4. 4. Lor d Jesus, we ask f or Your hel p as we begi n t hi s new school year . Al l ow us t o exper i ence Your pr esence i n t he many bl essi ngs You put bef or e us. Open our eyes t o t he new chal l enges and exci t i ng oppor t uni t i es t hat t hi s new school year br i ngs. Open our hear t and mi nd t o new f r i ends and new t eacher s. Gi ve us a gener ous spi r i t t o be ent husi ast i c wi t h our st udi es and cour age t o accept new oppor t uni t i es. Hel p us t o be at t ent i ve t o one anot her and l et us exper i ence Your pr esence i n our new f r i ends. Jesus, i nspi r e us t o do our best t hi s year ! Amen
  5. 5. Looki ng back at 2015-Looki ng back at 2015- 1616 Wat ch t he f ol l owi ng vi deo whi ch has been compi l ed of phot ogr aphs post ed on t he school TWI TTER account over 2015- 16
  6. 6. Royal Borough of Greenwich 3Royal Borough of Greenwich 3rdrd thethe countrycountry Department for Education
  7. 7. Above National and Above Greenwich for children achieving expected standards in reading, writing and maths in KS2 Three years of achievement in KS2Three years of achievement in KS2 Reading Writing and Maths combined above Greenwich for last 2 years 10th School in Greenwich in 2015
  8. 8. Three years of achievement in KS1Three years of achievement in KS1 Reading Writing and Maths combined above Greenwich for last 2 years At or above National for last 3 years
  9. 9. Three years of achievement inThree years of achievement in PhonicsPhonics Consistently above National in Y1 Inline with Greenwich by Y2 Above Greenwich this year
  10. 10. St Paul’s Academy top 20 studentsSt Paul’s Academy top 20 students
  11. 11. Other achievementsOther achievements OFSTED ‘GOOD’ 2014 SIAMS ‘OUTSTANDING in all areas’ 2015 Teaching graded consistently GOOD or OUTSTANDING Induction of new staff Financial stability
  12. 12. Improvements to the physicalImprovements to the physical environmentenvironment Physical improvements - £110,000 + £70,000 on Playground, drainage and heating from SDBE ◦ Repaired surfaces ◦ Improved security ◦ Look and feel ◦ EYFS playground and fencing ◦ EYFS canopy £10,000 Lottery bid for further playground improvements
  13. 13. Improvements for 2016-17Improvements for 2016-17 Improve % children achieving at higher standard Ensure excellent progress from KS1-KS2 Improve outcomes for children with Additional Needs ◦ WISDOM CLASS  Dedicated teacher  Support from Local Authority
  14. 14. Improvements for 2016-17Improvements for 2016-17 Reduce low level disruption in lessons Improve outcomes for disadvantaged children Achieve GOLD RE quality mark
  15. 15. How will we achieve this?How will we achieve this? Dedicated teachers and support staff Quality leadership Happy, hardworking children Partnerships with families
  16. 16. Be t he Best we can; Joi n i n l ear ni ng, pl ay and pr ayer , Remember God’ s wor d
  17. 17. Parent SurveyParent Survey
  18. 18. HomeworkHomework  Homework was reasonable but more challenging homework was not set for my child and I believe that bright children are not set different higher standard homework to keep them engaged with the learning  Way to much home two hours far to long  Perfect standard for the level. Also teaches her the importance of completing them . My child looks forward to completing her homework  Numeracy literacy and reading each week is sufficient and I encourage my child to complete homework and hand in on time
  19. 19.  Parent mail is very good, but somethings are lost in translation and the tone of the message although tries to be helpful can come across as patronising.  The communication is of a high standard  Parent mail fantastic way of keeping me informed with school issues
  20. 20. CommunicationCommunication
  21. 21. I observed there are no extra curricular activities like music, dance, drama like in other schools.
  22. 22. All Kids Can Breakfast and AfterAll Kids Can Breakfast and After School ClubSchool Club Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Football Multi-Skills Tennis Basketball Gymnastics 07710 088 841 
  23. 23. Spiritual Moral Social Cultural
  24. 24. Bishop John Robinson CharterBishop John Robinson Charter Cultural Entitlement  ●See live theatre ●Visit an art gallery ●Watch a movie at the cinema ●Use a library ●Perform to an audience ●Play a musical instrument ●Explore London ●Have a piece of artwork displayed Sporting Entitlement  ●Play in a team ●Engage in meaningful play ●Watch a live sporting event ●Learn to swim ●Ride a bike ●Travel on water   Outdoor Entitlement  ●Walk in the woods ●Visit the seaside ●Grow a plant ●Look after an animal ●Use London Transport safely ●Stay away from home ●Play safely Community Entitlement  ●Visit a place of worship ●Experience an enterprise project ●Get involved in a community project ●Experience a different culture ●Collaborate meaningfully
  25. 25. How can parents help?How can parents help? Parent governor needed ◦ Parent Council Keep up to date with school communications School uniform – jumpers Volunteer to support in your child’s class Reading Helping children with punctuality