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57086 21 case_studies

  1. 1. 2157086Contract and Project ManagementDavid Sowden, The University of Hull
  2. 2. 2157086Contract and Project ManagementCase Studies(© TSO 2012)David Sowden, The University of Hull
  3. 3. Case Studies - IT Service Management - ITILTaking IT out of the corner, Müller Dairy (PDF - 93Kb)By Angela Steel, Sunrise SoftwareIT plays an integral role in how companies operate and it is essential that internal departments are managed efficiently. The UKs leadingyogurt brand, Müller Dairy is known for its companys strong values and innovative product range. The company recognises the importanceof having a successful IT department to assist workflow and identified room for improvement with their internal system making the decisionto implement ITIL®.Using ITIL® at the IRS: A Business Journey (PDF - 128Kb)The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury in the USA. In its five-year strategic plan, covering theperiod 2009 to 2013, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Douglas Shulman intends to succeed through investing in two strategicfoundations – people and technology.After several months of research and analysis, ITIL® was chosen as the preferred service management framework for the IRS to operateunder.Disneys ITIL® Journey Case Study (PDF - 128Kb)By Glen Taylor, Vice President of Technology, Architecture and Security, Parks & Resorts, The Walt Disney CompanyDisney began adopting ITIL best practice in the mid-2000s.Hired by the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) to kick-start The Walt Disney Companys Theme Parks and ITIL initiative, Glen Taylorhas championed the adoption of ITIL since his appointment in 2008. Already an experienced ITIL adopter, he was keen to move towards anintegrated service management approach, backed up by ITIL best practice.Using ITIL® and PRINCE2™ Together Case Study (PDF - 396Kb)By Noel Scott, PMPSetting up service desks in offshore locations is big business. There are various drivers behind such efforts. Some are pure cost savings.Others are to attain quality improvements by leveraging superior language or business skills available in the new location. Some projects canbe extremely emotive, and all are certainly challenging projects that need to be handled with care.Noel Scott was tasked with expanding a companys service desk cost effectively. As the companys existing service desk was reaching capacity,expansion in the current location was not physically viable and therefore the decision was made to set up an offshore location. 3
  4. 4. Case Studies - P3 Offices - P3OSkipton Building Society: P30® Case StudyBy David Seward, Richard Copley and Matthew Boatwright (PDF - 2.76Mb)Skipton Building Society is the fourth largest building society in the UK, with assets of about £14.6 billion, 840,000 members and 1200employees. At the beginning of 2010, after incurring losses in the core business following the market crash in 2008, it faced a substantialchallenge in returning the business to profitability while meeting the expectations of its board and the Financial Services Authority (FSA).Between April and September 2010, a portfolio and project investment governance framework and portfolio office were implemented toenable Skipton Building Society to validate, prioritise and deliver the necessary business changes with the resources available, at anacceptable risk. This work used various aspects of the Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) guidance which is part of the BestManagement Practice portfolio, adapted to Skipton Building Society’s needs.P3O Pilot Case Study: Interview with Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (Word document - 507Kb)By Martin McCann, Project Management Support Officer, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.Based at Tameside Council in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, Martin McCann has spent the last few years developing andimplementing their tailored Project Management Approach. As part of the Transformation Team, his main role is to encourage and supportthe adoption and application of best practice project and programme management within the organisation. Martin says, "Theimplementation of the Project Management Approach underpins the Councils Transformation Programme, which has a large number of newand existing projects within its remit. Were facing changes which are both exciting and challenging."P3O®: No Skeletons in the Cupboard at BT Design Case Study (PDF - 140Kb)This case study describes how P3O helped the senior management at BT Design make business-critical decisions.Designed to enable decision-making and support organisations going through large-scale change, Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices(P3O) is the latest best practice guidance. Programme Manager Chris Barnes discusses how BT Design used P3O to create a Centre ofExcellence. Utilising a highly professional group of evangelists for P3O to maximum effect, BT Design established a portfolio managementapproach which showed senior management how the business was functioning. 4
  5. 5. Case Studies - PRINCE2PRINCE2 Brings Projects Together at DPS (PDF document - 105Kb)Almost one million people visit Australia’s Parliament House each year. This structure is one of the largest buildings in the SouthernHemisphere, and is situated on Capital Hill in Canberra. More than 3,500 people work in Parliament House on sitting days, and thebuilding contains 4,700 rooms. The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) is the principal support agency for Parliament House andworks closely with the Department of the Senate and the Department of the House of Representatives to support the operations of theParliament and its Committees.British Council: PRINCE2 2009 Pilot Case Study (Word document - 211Kb)By Sarah Chambers, Head of Programme Management, Global Information Systems.The Global Information Systems Programme Management team at the British Council has used PRINCE2 2009 to help deliver technicalchange in many countries around the world. Communication and sharing of information between the UK and other countries is veryimportant to the organisation and they need the robust structure offered by PRINCE2 to help deliver projects in a challenging environment.Suffolk County Council: PRINCE2 2009 Pilot Case Study (PDF document - 252Kb)By Kevin Ling, Project Lead.In 2007 Suffolk County Council started a major transformation programme called Securing the Future to tackle significant budgetchallenges. As part of this programme a number of specialist support functions were established in April 2008, including a centralProgramme and Project Management (PPM) team. The new version will be applied to live projects and will improve the training and supportwe provide to board members, project teams and senior managers.City of Edinburgh Council: PRINCE2 2005 (Word document - 74Kb)The Head of Private Housing Services (PHS) within City of Edinburgh Council Housing Department unwittingly became the project sponsorwhen he approached Employee Development (ED) to find out about project management training. There was also an acknowledgement atthis time by Housing Senior Management of the need to enhance project management capability in other areas of the department. This waslargely due to an increasing pressure to meet the requirements of the Governments Modernisation Agenda and in particular theintroduction of the Best Value framework. 5
  6. 6. Case Studies - Managing Successful Programmes - MSPOrganising the ‘greatest show on earth’ (PDF document - 181Kb)The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have a lot to deliver and standards have been set high. Liz Underhill, Head of 2012Integration and Assurance, Janette Lissaman, 2012 Programme Office Manager, and Heather Sinclair, 2012 Programme Assurance Manager,at the Government Olympic Executive, a directorate of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, talk about the biggest job of their livesand how the methodology Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is used on such a large scale event.Manchester City Council - Transforming City Works: MSP Case Study May 2008 (PDF document - 27Kb)In 2006 Manchester City Council (MCC) embarked on an ambitious programme to improve operations in order to meet the Governmentsnew social housing standard: Decent Homes 2010. Getting its workforce realigned so that it could deliver to these requirements and beyond,was a top priority. The robust framework of Managing Successful Programmes allowed Manchester City Council to manage the risk whileoptimising the outcome and benefits. 6
  7. 7. Case Studies - Risk Management - M_o_RManagement of Risk within the Criminal Records Bureau Case Study (PDF - 79.8Kb)In November 2007 the executive team (ET) and management board (MB) agreed to fully align the Criminal Record Bureaus (CRB) riskmanagement regime with that used across the Home Office. This alignment was designed to assist the integration of the CRBs riskmanagement within the Home Office (as defined in the HO Risk Policy), whilst improving the CRBs day-to-day risk management. 7
  8. 8. Case Studies - Portfolio, Programme and Project Management - P3M3Building NHS Capability in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management: Department of Health, Informatics Policy and Planning (PDF -103Kb)This case study reports on a pilot study carried out on the largest publicly funded healthcare provider, the National Health Service, to assessits portfolio, programme and project management at a crucial time of organisational change. The Cabinet Offices Portfolio, Programme andProject Management Maturity Model (P3M3®) was used to evaluate three NHS organisations to assess their levels of organisational ability,highlight areas for development and strategise for an improved approach.Maturity assessments at the London Underground Case Study (PDF - 153Kb)This case study describes how Best Management Practices maturity model is helping London Underground to save money, provide a betterservice and empower its staff. Head of the Capital Programmes Directorate (CPD) Doug Norman chose the Cabinet Office P3M3® MaturityModel to develop an action plan for London Underground improvement which led to the achievement of a Level 3 certification for projectmanagement in March 2011.Use of P3M3® at Manchester City Council Capital Programme Group (PDF - 195Kb)Manchester City Councils Strategic Planner, Kevin Fletcher describes how the Councils Capital Programme Group adopted the P3M3approach to identify and target areas for improvement and drive further enhancements and refinements to their existing strategy. 8
  9. 9. Resources http://www.best-management-practice.com/Knowledge-Centre/OGCs-Best-Practice-Users-Case-Studies-and-Testimonials/ http://faculty.bus.oregonstate.edu/Larson/New%20Faculty%20Page/Problem_Exercises/index.htm http://www.pm.inf.ethz.ch/education/courses/sae/exercises/Scheduling.pdf http://www.edshare.soton.ac.uk/2270/ http://artpetty.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/ldrshipandprojmgrfinal.pdf http://vem.vermont.gov/sites/vem/files/IS_120A_Level_I.pdf 9