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57086 05 controlling_a_stage

  1. 1. 557086Contract and Project ManagementDavid Sowden, The University of Hull
  2. 2. 557086Contract and Project ManagementIntroduction to Processes -Controlling a StageDavid Sowden, The University of Hull
  3. 3. Overview–Controlling a Stage • Fundamental principles • Contexts • Process description • Work Packages • Assessing progress • Capturing Project Issues • Capturing Project Issues • Examining Project Issues • Reviewing Stage Status • Reporting Highlights • Taking Corrective Action • Escalating Project Issues • Receiving Completed Work Packages –
  4. 4. Controlling a Stage THE B AS ICS Confirm Authorise Capture and work work log issues completion Capture Analyse the progress impact of information issues Review progress, quality work, issues and risk status Report Take corrective progress to Escalate action Project Board problems to Project Board 4
  5. 5. Relationshipsof Processes Initiating a Project Managing a Stage Boundary Directing a Project End Starting a Project Controlling Closing a a Stage Project Managing ‘Product’ Delivery 5
  6. 6. Icons Guidelines - Rules, Policies, instructions that should be followed Resources - tools, systems or materials required to complete a task 6
  7. 7. Controlling a Stage (1) Directing a Project Stage authorised Exception Plan Authorise a Work Directing a Project approved package Directing a Project Board Project advised Update Configuration item Records Directing a New issue Update Issue Register Project raised Update Quality Register Managing Completed Work Update Stage Plan (current) ‘Product’ delivery Package Update Risk Register PID Managing New risk ‘Product’ raised Project Controls delivery Issue Register Managing New issue Configuration Management ‘Product’ raised Strategy delivery Quality Management Strategy7
  8. 8. Controlling a Stage (2) Work Package authorised Review Work Package status Update Configuration Item Record(s) Update Issue Register Update Risk Register Update Stage Plan Update Work Package(s) Checkpoint Record(s) Quality Register Risk Register Stage Plan Team Plan(s) 8
  9. 9. Controlling a Stage (3) Receive completed Work Status reviewed Packages Update Configuration Item Record(s) Update Stage Plan Configuration Item Records Quality Register Stage Plan 9
  10. 10. Controlling a Stage (4) Work Packages received Review the stage status Update Issue Report Update Issue Register Update Lessons Log Update Risk Register Update Stage Plan Checkpoint Record(s) Quality Register Issue Register PID Benefits review Plan 10
  11. 11. Controlling a Stage (5) Stage status reviewed Report Status Create Highlight report (current Period) Checkpoint Record(s) Daily Log Highlight Report (previous period) Lessons Log Quality Register 11
  12. 12. Controlling a Stage (6) Capture and examine issues Status reported and risks Update Daily Log Update Issue Register Update Issue Report Update Risk Register PID Business Case Configuration Management Strategy Communication Management Strategy Project plan 12
  13. 13. Controlling a Stage (7) issues and risk examined Escalate issues and risks Update Exception Report Update Issue Register Update Risk Register Update Issue Report Issue Register Issue Report PID Business Case Risk Register 13
  14. 14. Controlling a Stage (8) issues and risk escalated Take corrective action Update Configuration Item Record(s) Update Daily Log Update Issue Register Update Issue Report Update Risk Register Configuration Item Records Daily Log Issue Register Issue Report Risk Register 14
  15. 15. Controlling a Stage (9) section 4 Request for advise Directing a Project Take corrective action section 7 Stage Boundary approaching Managing a Stage Boundary section 4 Exception raised Directing a Project section 6 Work Package delivery authorised Managing Project Delivery section 8 Project end approaching Closing a Project 15
  16. 16. TASKReview stage management within your project
  17. 17. CHECHave Work Packages been created and issued?Have all the Team Managers agreed their Work Packages? KHave completed product been produced in accordance with the Work Package and Product Description?Have the relevant Configuration Items Records been created/updated?Has the Quality Register been maintained?Were any products handed over as part of a phased delivery?Has the Risk Register been maintained?Has the Issue Register been maintained?Has the Stage Plan been updated with actuals and revised forecasts?Has the Daily Log been maintained?Have Checkpoint Report been received fro each issued Work Package at the frequency and in the format agreed?Was progress (actual and forecast) checked against agreed tolerances?If tolerances were forecast to be exceeded, were the escalated to the Project Boards?If corrective actions were required, were they logged, implemented and tracked?Was the Business Case periodically checked for ongoing viability?Were Highlight Reports created and issued in accordance with agreed reporting format and frequency?Do Issue Reports exist for all issues being handled formally?Do Exception Reports exist for all exceptions raised to the Project Board?Has the Lessons Log been updated with any new lessons?