myBIO Training (IDOs)


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myBIO is a free personal event planning tool for the BIO International Convention. Flick through this presentation to guide yourself through all its functions.

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myBIO Training (IDOs)

  1. 1. myBIOThe free personal event planner for the 2012 BIO International Convention
  2. 2. The Basics • What is myBIO?Head • What information is featured in myBIO? •Subhead Searching and why? Who uses myBIO Tips for• BulletedSessions/Events • Copy • Companies and Pavilions • Attendees and Tags • By Country More Resources • myBIO vs 1x1 Partnering System • Social Media
  3. 3. What is myBIO? Head Subhead• Hub of detailed event and company • Bulleted for the informationCopy 2012 BIO International Convention.• Personal Event Planner for all active registrants.• Simple search engine to find companies, sessions, events, speakers, and attendees.• Messaging center for attendees – used by speakers, attendees not participating in partnering (completely separate from 1x1 partnering system).
  4. 4. myBIO Availability From Mobile DevicesHeadSubhead Mobile site for all mobile devices• Bulleted Copy Native app for Andorid Native app for iPhone & iPad Website for desktops
  5. 5. myBIO BasicsHeadSubhead• Bulleted CopyEvents/ Attendees/ All ActiveSessions Speakers Companies Personal Event Planner
  6. 6. What information is featured in myBIO? Head Subhead • Bulleted CopyAttendees: Individuals who have logged into myBIO are visible (attendees and EBPs).All (15,000+) registrants through CSI with an ACTIVE myBIO profile.Sessions/Events: Choose from 500 events to add to your myBIO Calendar.Networking, Education, Breakout Sessions, Connect with Companies.The myBIO calendar is separate from the 1x1 Partnerning System.Speakers: All confirmed speakers for 125+ breakout in 14 tracks and super sessions.myBIO Companies: Filter the 4,000 companies by these tags - Sponsors, Exhibitors,Pavilions/Zones, Partnering Companies, Presenting Companies, and BIO Members.>> Exhibitors and Sponsors always have most robust profiles
  7. 7. What event information is featured in myBIO? Head Subhead • Bulleted CopyOnly ACTIVEmyBIO users/CSIregistrants can Open to all web visitors, all the time, no login required.see attendees. • Visitors can search and browse all sessions but can’t add to• Includes active event plan.EBPs. • Visitors can see all speakers and link to their session details.• Active speakers • Visitors can search all companies but can’t add to eventare also in this list. plan. • Visitors cannot see the attendee list.
  8. 8. Who uses myBIO and why? Head Subhead• Prospective Attendees, Exhibitors & Web Visitors: • Bulleted Copy Browse all events, speakers, and companies. Limited functionality.• Current Attendees: Browse all events, speakers, and companies, message individuals, create an event plan and comment on sessions.• Current Exhibitors/Companies: To view their company profile, to message attendees, browse events, speakers, companies and create an event plan.• Media and Staff: To learn event information and as a marketing tool.
  9. 9. Login to myBIO• Bulleted Copy
  10. 10. Tips for Searching in myBIO Head Subhead• Do a Keyword Search by Section: • Bulleted Copy TIP: Browse events/sessions, speakers, attendees, companies in the search box in their respective section.• Filter by Topic: Use the filters on the left hand side or within a profile.• Filter by Tags in Individual’s Profiles: - Exhibitors will have specific product category and country tags - Sessions will have topical tags entered by Session Organizer - Attendees will have tags based on their answers during registration (including countries!)
  11. 11. Tips for finding country information in myBIO Head Subhead• Type in a Country in the Search Bar • Bulleted in “Sessions/Events” – 3 Results Ex: “Russia”Copy Ex: “Europe” in “Speakers” – 5 Results (Tip: then sort by Country) Ex: “Spain” in “Attendees” (note, you must be logged in to see complete list)• Type a Country in the “Companies” Tab Ex: Find “Belgium” under “Companies” – see exhibitors and country profiles
  12. 12. What Information is included in a company profile: Exhibitors and Sponsors Head Subhead • Logo • Booth # and link floorplan • Pavilion/Zone name if app • Bulleted Copy • Contact Info and Networks • Company Description • Product Category Tags • Profile Type Tags (Member, Partnering, etc)All edits in ExhibitorDashboard
  13. 13. Sample Company Profile Will take you to general partnering Head login page April 1. Subhead • Bulleted Copy These icons correspond with company filter/tag typesNo logoprovidedfromexhibitor orsponsor Exhibitors and Sponsors edit description and tags here
  14. 14. Sample Complete Attendee Profile Head Subhead • Bulleted Copy Company name matches to personify company ID. Edit in CSI.Tags wehave incommonAll edits in CSI If these tags match exactly theyregistration system become “My recommendations”
  15. 15. Speakers ONLY: Update and manage Head your picture and bio in Speaker Service Center/A2Z SubheadGood • Bulleted Copyexample ofcomplete Speakers shouldspeaker update tags in CSI registrationprofile in system.myBIO Session details entered in A2Z Speaker Service Center.
  16. 16. Attendees Manage Your Messages and Notifications in “My Event Planner”HeadSubhead• Bulleted Copy
  17. 17. myBIO vs. PartneringHeadSubhead• Bulleted participants with any FREE to all Copy Included with Convention Access + registration Partnering Registration Activated with registration starting Activated with registration starting early March early April Features all events and sessions Features partnering companies and delegates Simple search Robust and powerful search Personal Event Calendar with Calendar of privately scheduled 30- events/sessions/exhibitors to visit minute partnering meetings
  18. 18. Promotion IdeasHeadWord of Mouth •Subhead • Email/Letter Outreach • Marketing/BD Professionals• Bulleted Copy - Social Media - Facebook - LinkedIn - Twitter @bioconvention @bio1x1 #bio2012 • Blogging • Use myBIO
  19. 19. HeadSubhead• Bulleted Copy 19,000 members on myBIO LinkedIn Group
  20. 20. Step 1: Post a Discussion on the BIO International Convention Facebook GroupHeadSubhead• Bulleted Copy
  21. 21. Step 2: Send a message to your targeted LinkedIn contactsHead “Contacts” 1. In your 1.Subheadtag, tab search by 2. industry, location• 2. Add contacts to Bulleted Copy your message list, click “send message” 3. 3. Compose targeted email and post link to your session
  22. 22. Step 3: Find Group or Subgroup Head Subhead • Bulleted Copy>> 19,000 membersand counting
  23. 23. Step 4: Start a discussion or poll HeadAsk a Subheadquestion orget session Copy • Bulletedfeedback>> Try a poll
  24. 24. Step 5: Share your LinkedInHead discussion on twitterSubhead• Bulleted Copy @bioconvention #bio2012
  25. 25. Step 6: Build session buzz on twitterHead using #bio2012 hashtagSubhead• Bulleted Copy @bioconvention #bio2012
  26. 26. HeadSubhead• Bulleted Copy Get Connected Now! Thank you