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Why bim object info


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Why manufacturers in the building and interior industry should create BIM objects of their products instead of simple CAD objets and symbols.

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Why bim object info

  1. 1. How can you placeyour products on every architects desktop? Why BIM objects? 8 benefits with BIM objects instead of CAD objects and CAD symbols. real products, real objects, real business
  2. 2. 1 2 The usage of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in BIM objects are intelligent and imitates real prod- the AEC industry is growing at rapid speed globally. ucts and their properties. A BIM object contains both The essence of utilizing BIM instead of CAD (Computer product information and product logic. The products Aided Design) is a clear advantage since working in one or building material properties are embedded in the single database you will immediately see such benefits BIM object and supports the designer directly in the as teamwork, project collaboration, clash detection, CAD/BIM system. The BIM objects also contains cor- cost and energy calculations, better communication rect 2D-3D geometry materials and colors that can be and presentations, increased productivity and project used for the actual product. The BIM objects are often control. All major software vendors like Autodesk®, parametric which means that the designer can choose Graphisoft®, Bentley® and Nemetschek® are focused from a various set of predefined variables and alter- on BIM for AEC, the time for 2D CAD and soon non- natives. These alternatives can be checked, visualized database oriented 3D CAD will belong to the past, the and evaluated in context with the rest of the building paradigm shift is gaining momentum. Only information or interior design. rich BIM objects have enough data to support real product models and to be compatible the manufactur- ers need to follow the developments of the tools that is used by the profession.3 4 Our BIM objects is easier to maintain since they are Product placement - integrate your products in the based on cloud technology and not individual filetypes. design. With BIM objects manufacturers can integrate All the product information is located in a database, their products as early as possible in the design and so we can manage updates and versions of products construction phases and therefore increase their chance with ease. This will secure that the architect or engineer of being specified. The BIM objects contain a lot of always has the latest BIM object in their BIM system. All product information that is tied to the actual brand and maintenance of the products data is easy accessible product like logo, sizes, constraints, materials, visuals, through any browser at any time. Different languages functionality and web links to maintenance and instal- and dictionaries can be used to make it easier to han- lation instructions. The properties of the BIM objects dle language versions for different markets. are used in various simulations like energy, visualiza- tion, light energy calculations, bill of materials etc.
  3. 3. 5 6 BIM objects can be hosted on the web. Since they With web based BIM objects you can get statistics are already in the cloud they can also get tagged and and qualified leads. The system knows who looks at easily found by Google’s search engine. This increase your objects, who downloads and furthermore our new the search engine optimization and allows for the plug-ins for ArchiCAD® and Revit® will let you com- virtual products to be found more easily. The product municate directly with the architects reg. projects and information can be channelled out to multiple sources specify request for proposals. Everything runs through and makes it easier to maintain and work with product the internet. marketing. This also makes it possible to build your own branded product catalogue on the web from the central portal, we call this concept BIMobject affiliate.7 8 BIM object is also a way to create CG images, every- Make the architects work easier. If the architect doesn’t thing ranging from product photos, inspiration images have access to the products as BIM objects, they have or images for product catalogues. The product can also to interrupt their design process and either look for the be shown in a building design context directly created information in product catalogues or try to create their from the BIM objects. This drastically reduces the costs own object with different 3D tools. Sometimes they for traditional product photography and speeds up the use another type of object and try to imitate the real process so new product marketing material is aligned product and intent of their design, causing confusion in time for the release. This makes it possible to go and possible errors. The architect has to spend a lot of further and create virtual prototypes and versions of time trying to locate the right product information and the product that does not exist in reality. New types adding this manually into the system. If the architect with new materials or colors can be created with com- has your products on his/her desktop, your chance of puter graphic tools like Artlantis®, BIM Render™, 3D getting specified increases radically. Studio Max® etc. SCA tork
  4. 4. About us BIMobject corporation is built around a network of companies and partners all over the world. Our ambition is to be the link between the complex technology around CAD & BIM and our customers, the building product and interior manufacturers. We help these manufacturers to successfully develop, maintain and market digi- tal replicas of their products as BIM objects. We are neutral and can build BIM objects to all the various BIM software on the market. We also assist in market analysis, business and lead generation and through our global network, we help manufacturers publish their BIMobjects in the most effective way possible. Our neutral way of working let us standardize BIMobjects and move the core information of each product to the cloud, easily accessible as part of web catalogues or as a facilitator for let- ting architects find your products, download and use them in the design and specification process. We are marketing and business facilitators with a deep knowledge of BIM and 3D CAD technol- ogy. We help our customers to generate visibility and business that can be measured. You can easily download an application for your smartphone to read the QR-codes, e.g. i-nigma, Scan or Qrafter. Scan the code to Do you want to get to our home- receive updates page. from us? Scan the code to register for our newsletter! If you have any questions or wish to get more information, contact us at or contact your local office.BIMobject AB BIMobject Web BIMobject BIMobject BIMobject BIMobjectHeadquarters: Development Center: Korea: Middle East: Finland: Denmark:WTC, Jungmansgatan 12 Distansgatan 2 A block #705 Unit 2207-Tower A211 19 Malmö, Sweden 421 37 Gothenburg, Sweden DMC Hi-Tech Industry Center 1580 Business Central Towers Mannerheimintie 15 a A Strandlodsvej 42Phone: +46 40 685 29 00 Phone: +46 31 709 98 00 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu Internet City, Dubai, UAE 00260 Helsinki 2300 København SMail: Mail: Seoul, South Korea PO Box: 502847 Finland DenmarkBIMobject® is a registered trademark by BIMobject AB in Sweden, and is a protected trademark in all other countries. Bentley® is a registered trademark by Bentley Systems, Inc., in the U.S. and/or othercountries. Nemetscheck®, Graphisoft® and ArchiCAD® are registered trademarks by Nemetschek AG., in Germnay and/or other countries. Autodesk® and Revit® are registered trademarks by Autodesk, Inc., inthe U.S. and/or other countries. All rights reserved.