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Presentation from BIMobject® at the Norwegian conference DKT in Oslo 2012

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BIMobject dkt oslo 2012

  1. 1. Den Kloge Tegning 2012-10-24 real products, real objects, real businessfredag 2 november 12
  2. 2. A BIM Model consists of BIM objectsfredag 2 november 12
  3. 3. Mission BIMobject AB mission is to assist our customers, product manufacturers in the AEC field, to be visible and get selected by creating high quality easy accessible objects for the BIM process. Generating more business for our customers in a way that can be quantified with BIManalytics. We provide software tools, web solutions and services to assist our customers in the creation, conversion and publishing of BIM objects on the web and create a direct path to users of any BIM software. BIMobject AB is neutral, innovative and will always strive for excellence in providing cost effective marketing and sales solutions for manufacturers. fredag 2 november 12
  4. 4. Co founders and management Stefan Larsson CEO Senior intl business + 25 years in CAD/BIM, former WW Director of Sales of global CAD vendor Johannes Reischböck COO Senior intl business + 25 years in CAD/BIM, former global vice president of Sales of BIM software vendor Ben O’Donnell Chief of project management Architect and BIM expert + 15 years as CAD/BIM expert in Scandinavia and Australia. Xavier Soule co founder Founder and CEO of Abvent, France leading 3D/BIM software developer + 30 years in the CAD business Phillipe Butty co founder Founder and MD of Abvent Switzerland. +25 years in the CAD in Switzerland Martin Frotjold co founder MD and web expert at Aimit, at BIMobject web development center + 20 years in database and web technology Pauli Jantunen MD Senior business developer in Finland + 15 years in CAD/BIM Hans Hirschi, VP of global channel dev. Senior internation business developer + 15 years with largest CAD vendor globally.fredag 2 november 12
  5. 5. fredag 2 november 12
  6. 6. BIMobject Corporate headquarters: BIMobject Milano Italy World Trade Center, Malmö, SWEDEN BIMobject Madrid BIMobject Gothenburg, SWEDEN Spain BIMobject Deutschland GMBH BIMobject Nottingham Konrad Zuseplatz Munich Germany Nottinghamn UK BIMobject United KIngdom BIMobject Portugal Q1 2013 Lisboa, Portugal BIMobject Development Centers India, Turkey, Hungary and Philippines BIMobject Costa Mesa California USA BIMobject Tampa BIMobject offices Florida USA BIMobject Denmark 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark BIMobject Finland BIMobject ME 00260 Helsinki, Finland Internet City, Dubai, UAE BIMobject Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden BIMobject Korea Seoul, South Koreafredag 2 november 12
  7. 7. fredag 2 november 12
  8. 8. Our ambition is to be the link between the complex technology around CAD & BIM and our customers, the Building product and interior manufacturers.fredag 2 november 12
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  10. 10. Architects, engineers and design professionals find your products, download and use them in the design and specification process. All for free always for ”users”fredag 2 november 12
  11. 11. We help Manufacturers to successfully develop, maintain and market digital replicas of their products as BIM objects. We keep the product information in a neutral form but build real objects in any BIM format.fredag 2 november 12
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  13. 13. product cloud more than a ”portal” -Publishing - Affiliates -channeling -link to social media - updates - content management - Product information - SEOfredag 2 november 12
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  15. 15. fredag 2 november 12
  16. 16. AFFILIATES Single vendor (Manufacturer) Affiliate Stolab Green Furniture Fora Form Fora Form integrated affiliate2/20777/Page Form2 Form2 integration Multi vendor Affiliate (Construction-project) NCC Denmark Sydtotal http://sydtotal.bimobject.comfredag 2 november 12
  17. 17. The BIMobject® APP The portal fully integrated in Revit 2013fredag 2 november 12
  18. 18. Norgips (Scandinavia) •First part of innerwall madefredag 2 november 12
  19. 19. VELFAC Denmark •200i, 500 seriesfredag 2 november 12
  20. 20. KASO (Finland) •Security doorsfredag 2 november 12
  21. 21. Live Demo ArchiCAD-Solibri-Revit real products, real objects, real businessfredag 2 november 12
  22. 22. fredag 2 november 12
  23. 23. fredag 2 november 12
  24. 24. fredag 2 november 12
  25. 25. BIM users benefits in BIMobject® - Increased productivity, No need to create objects manually - Less errors - Better understanding of products functionality and characteristics - No need to draw 2D details - Know that the objects really exist in reality - Know that the object you place is a product availible for purchase - All variations of the product are integrated. - Link to other documents like maintenance, productsheets etc - BIM model enriched, easy to do simulations and analyzes - Quantity calculations to a new level - Deliver higher quality models for builders, production and facility management.fredag 2 november 12
  26. 26. Building & interior product manufacturers benefits in supplying BIMobject® - Product placement as early as possible - Help to get products specified - Get something new to offer designers - Descisions get digital - objects are digital replicas of a real product - USP’s of a product can be easier communicated - Get more visibility on the web - Brand your products inside the BIM software - Great way to communicate your products functionality, options and variations. - Minimize mistakes how products are designed in a building - Supply product information into BIM models through the BIM objects - Engage the customers - Help the BIM users save timefredag 2 november 12
  27. 27. Thank you for your time real products, real objects, real businessfredag 2 november 12