3rd Qatar BIM User Day Education - BIM Professionals and BIM Users In Qatar


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Speaker: Prof. Saleh A. Mubarak

- Motivation
- Goals and Benefits
- Strategies

About the Qatar BIM User Day:

Qatar University, HOCHTIEF ViCon and Teesside University proudly take the initiative to facilitate modern and innovative methods in the Gulf construction industry. The focus is Building Information Modeling (BIM), and our aim is to establish a knowledge platform with government, research and industry experts. The User Day aims to help people to share knowledge, discuss new technologies, and identify new potentials for BIM.

More information: www.bimuserday.com
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3rd Qatar BIM User Day Education - BIM Professionals and BIM Users In Qatar

  1. 1. 1Dr. Saleh MubarakDr. Saleh MubarakEducating BIM Professionals andBIM Users In QatarQU BIM Education Strategy
  2. 2. 2Dr. Saleh MubarakAgenda1. Motivation2. Goals and Benefits3. Strategies4. Conclusion
  3. 3. 3Dr. Saleh Mubarak1. MotivationWhy does Qatar University need to add BIM to the curriculum?...but under 25% of construction professionals are using BIMIncreasing BIM UsageMost people realize its benefitsObstacles to BIM adoption Availability of skilled staff (51%) Availability of training (34%)Results of “The 2010 Middle East BIM Market Survey”...BIM will be mandated for the most Qatar large-scale projects
  4. 4. 4Dr. Saleh Mubarak1. MotivationWhy does Qatar University need to add BIM to the curriculum?Results of “The 2010 Middle East BIM Market Survey”BIM education and drivers Availability of skilled staff as BIM driver (56%)
  5. 5. 5Dr. Saleh Mubarak1. MotivationEducating BIM at QU• BIM education is highly requested by the industry• Growing construction volume in Qatar• Increasing awareness for BIM in the Construction industry• BIM training is not standardised within the Middle East• Lack of knowledge/experiences in utilizing BIM• No provider for comprehensive BIM Training in Middle EastQatar Universityto be the first to educate BIM in the region
  6. 6. 6Dr. Saleh Mubarak• Recognize future BIM demands through close industry contact• Include BIM education courses in the syllabus• Prepare students to be future BIM professionals and users• Support research initiatives for innovative BIM approaches• Offer BIM education courses to construction professionals2. Goals and BenefitsBIMEducationMissionDepartment‘sVisionandMission
  7. 7. 7Dr. Saleh MubarakQatarBIMAllianceSeries of 4 events in two years to establish a knowledge platform withgovernment, research and industry experts.Development of national BIM standards for infrastructure and buildingworks.Include BIM education courses in the syllabus of Qatar University andoffer BIM education courses to construction professionals.Qatar National BIMStandardsBIM Education andCertificationBIM User DaysCombined forces of leading Qatar-based organizations!3. BIM Education StrategyPart of an Overall strategy
  8. 8. 8Dr. Saleh MubarakBIM introduction courses and process trainings to create awarenessbased on the “Five Components of BIM”Individual courses for CAD and BIM SoftwareCertification of companies in terms of BIM capabilities3. BIM Education StrategyBIM Education and CertificationBIM Role CertificationSoftware TrainingCompany CertificationQatarBIMAcademyEducationprogramCertification program for individual BIM Roles, e.g. the BIM ManagerBIM Awarenessand Process TrainingQatar UniversityTo build the first BIM Academy in the region!
  9. 9. 9Dr. Saleh Mubarak• Include BIMEducation incurrentEngineeringprogram: “MajorElective” courses3. BIM Education StrategyEvolving the offered Civil Engineering Program with BIM
  10. 10. 10Dr. Saleh Mubarak- Role related BIM knowledge - StudentsBIM II - Supervised self study program - Professionals- Intensive training- Exams and certificationsBIM I - Introduction to BIM - Students- People, Process, Technology, Policy - ProfessionalsBIM Role CertificationSoftware TrainingCompany CertificationQatarBIMAcademyEducationprogramBIM Awarenessand Process TrainingCOURSE NAME COURSE CONTENT TARGET GROUPSNone - Firms- Special certification requirements3. BIM Education StrategyPerspective Programs
  11. 11. 11Dr. Saleh MubarakData security and user managementCertified hardware and softwareData formats and structureData versioningInternetScheduling and progress monitoringDesign creation and coordinationOperation and maintenanceQuantity take-offCost estimationBuilding standardsRisks and insuranceOwnership of deliverablesProject guidelines and contractsCultureTrust and commitmentRoles and responsibilitiesKnowledge and experienceCollaboration and communicationProcessesPeopleTechnologyPolicy3. BIM Education StrategyBIM Awareness and Process Training
  12. 12. 12Dr. Saleh Mubarak Programs for BIM Professionals according to their rolesStudents + Industry Professionals Programs for BIM Users according to their project rolesIndustry ProfessionalsPersonal TechnologyProcess PolicyBIM ManagerPersonal TechnologyProcess PolicyBIM EngineerPersonal TechnologyProcess PolicyBIM Modeler3. BIM Education StrategyBIM Role Certification
  13. 13. 13Dr. Saleh Mubarak3. BIM Education StrategySoftware TrainingSupport through authorized Software training providers
  14. 14. 14Dr. Saleh Mubarak3. BIM Education StrategyCompany CertificationLong term perspective to encourage high quality servicesEstablish Qatar University as a recognized BIM quality labelMaintain good relations and reputation on the marketFuture opportunities to certify according to valid standards
  15. 15. 15Dr. Saleh Mubarak4. ConclusionThe 1st BIM User Day, 24th of May 2012The 2nd BIM User Day, 02nd of October 2012The 3rd BIM User Day, 30th of April 2013Qatar UniversityIs on a good way to GO BIM!Clear Education and Certification StrategyThe 4th BIM User Day, September 2013Qatar BIM Academy & Qatar National BIM Standards