3rd Qatar BIM User Day - International Experience Market Strategy-UK


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Speaker: Phil Jackson - CEng FICE FRSA

- UK BIM Strategies
- Market Response
- BIM Market Awareness

About the Qatar BIM User Day:

Qatar University, HOCHTIEF ViCon and Teesside University proudly take the initiative to facilitate modern and innovative methods in the Gulf construction industry. The focus is Building Information Modeling (BIM), and our aim is to establish a knowledge platform with government, research and industry experts. The User Day aims to help people to share knowledge, discuss new technologies, and identify new potentials for BIM.

More information: www.bimuserday.com
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3rd Qatar BIM User Day - International Experience Market Strategy-UK

  1. 1. 1Phil JacksonQatar BIMDayInternational ExperienceMarket Strategy - UKPhil Jackson BSc CEng FICE FRSA
  2. 2. 2Phil JacksonOverview• The Big Picture• UK Government BIM Strategy Headlines– The Hypothesis, Push Pull Approach, Publications• Market Response– The Power of Pull– Client & Supply Chain Observations– Emerging Roles/Responsibilities– Job Market Disruption– Skills & Knowledge Requirements• Strategic, Management, Technical– Education & Training Response• Academia, BIM Hubs, Hands On• BIM Market Awareness
  3. 3. 3Phil JacksonHypothesis“Government as a client canderive significantimprovements in cost, valueand carbon performancethrough the use of opensharable asset information”
  4. 4. 4Phil JacksonWhat is the Strategy?• Pull (Government)– Be good at buying data (aswell as assets and services)– Do it consistently– Leave the “How” to theSupply Chain• Push (Supply Chain)– Early Warning to Mobilise– Training– Methods & Documentation• Deliver Level 2 BIM by 2016PUSH PULLPROJECTHow can we make iteasier for the supply chainto move forward?But not force or distort themarket?· Contracts· Training· Technology· LegalsHow do we ensure we get theinformation we need tooperate the Asset we havebought?How do we gather theinformation we need tomanage the asset?How do we make it fair so wedon’t force or distort themarket?· Make it clear what we want· When we want it· Collect it electronically· Keep it simple to start
  5. 5. 5Phil JacksonUK Government BIM StrategyPublished Documentation
  6. 6. 6Phil JacksonData Exchange & Capture through theAsset Life Cycle
  7. 7. 7Phil JacksonData StrategyTo collect data at its point of creation and enter that data once only andthen allow it to be used and improved, and passed along to othersthrough the life cycle of the facility.To make data entry and data maintenance part of the business processand not a separate step
  8. 8. 8Phil JacksonCo-ordinated Project Stages
  9. 9. 9Phil JacksonDigital Plan of Work
  10. 10. 10Phil JacksonSupply Chain ManagementData Exchanges12345NNNMCLDESMEMTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier NACPortfolioMgtPPMPUSH SIDE – SUPPLY CHAIN PULL SIDE - CLIENT
  11. 11. 11Phil JacksonCOMMON DATA ENVIRONMENT (CDE)MOBILIZATIONCAPITAL DELIVERY ( PAS1192–2)EMPLOYER’SDECISION POINTSUPPLIER’SINFORMATIONEXCHANGEGraphical ModelNon-Graphical DataDocumentationInformationModelHANDOVERProject Information Model (PIM) Asset Information Model (AIM)OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE (PAS1192-3)For details on supplier’sinformation exchangesand employer’s decisionpoints seeCIC Scope of Services1CONCEPT2DESIGN DEFINITIONBUILD &COMMISIONHANDOVER &CLOSEOUTOPERATION IN USE3 4 5 6BRIEF12 3 6 71 2 3 4 5 6 7 nLegendGreen BlueManagementProcessInformationProcessOpexStartCapexStart7Figure 5 – Capital Delivery accumulation of files & dataProgressive Data Capture
  12. 12. 12Phil JacksonWidely Available Data
  13. 13. 13Phil JacksonMarket Response
  14. 14. 14Phil JacksonProviding Direction
  15. 15. 15Phil JacksonPush is Hard
  16. 16. 16Phil JacksonUsing the Power of ------- Pull
  17. 17. 17Phil JacksonAligning Industry
  18. 18. 18Phil JacksonClient Supply Chain Observations
  19. 19. 19Phil JacksonTask TeamsContractSupply Chain (Push) Employer(Pull)Tier 1Tier 2Tier 4Tier 3TierN
  20. 20. 20Phil JacksonTask TeamsContractSupply Chain (Push) Employer(Pull)Tier 1Tier 2Tier 4Tier 3TierNEmerging Roles and Responsibilities
  21. 21. 21Phil JacksonTask TeamsContractSupply Chain (Push) Employer(Pull)Tier 1Tier 2Tier 4Tier 3TierNEmployer Project RolesEmployer RepresentativeTechnical Advisor
  22. 22. 22Phil JacksonTask TeamsContractSupply Chain (Push) Employer(Pull)Tier 1Tier 2Tier 4Tier 3TierNEmployer Project RolesEmployer RepresentativeTechnical AdvisorTier 1 RolesCoordinationManagementInformationManagement
  23. 23. 23Phil JacksonTask Team RolesContractSupply Chain (Push) Employer(Pull)Tier 1Tier 2Tier 4Tier 3TierNEmployer Project RolesEmployer RepresentativeTechnical AdvisorTier 1 RolesCoordinationManagementInformationManagementTask TeamManagersBIM AuthorsTaskInformationManagersInterfaceManagers
  24. 24. 24Phil JacksonNew Roles not New Job Titles• Not to be confused with job titles• Are not CAD roles• Roles are likely to be embedded into moreextensive project roles• Not a new profession of BIM• Clarity of roles responsibilities and authorityare essential to effective informationmanagement
  25. 25. 25Phil JacksonEmpowering the Professionals• From CAD draughting• To virtual engineering• From dumb paper• To quality life cycle information• A major shift in how we deliver andliberate Architects, Engineers, Surveyor,Planners & Project Managers
  26. 26. 26Phil JacksonTraining & Skills Needs
  27. 27. 27Phil JacksonTraining &Education NeedsQuestions(1) Is the current training andeducation infrastructure fit todeliver the skills and resourcesrequired to support theStrategy(2) Are the current training andeducation offerings deliveringthe skills and resources neededto support the Strategy(3) What needs to be done toaddress any gaps in thecurrent infrastructure and offer
  28. 28. 28Phil JacksonFindings
  29. 29. 29Phil JacksonKnowhow and SkillsA Model for BIM Training• Strategic– What is BIM– The Value proposition: Why BIM– Executive Leadership• Management– Management of change– Governance: procedures, policies, standards andpeople– Contract management• Technical / Delivery– Tools, data management, standards– SkillsKnowledgeSkill ability to do something well through training or experienceKnowledge familiarity, awareness or understandingSkill
  30. 30. 30Phil JacksonCoreLegacyRegional/NationalSupportDigital Built BritainRegionalHubAcademicNetworkSMENetworkBISLocalUKGCCENetworkNEIP /LASECNetworkGCS – BIMWorking Group
  31. 31. 31Phil Jackson• The Academy seeks to enhance supply chain knowledgeand drive construction industry innovation in BIM• Knowledge gained by supply chain about the use of BIMon Crossrail is able to be transferred to otherinfrastructure projects• The Academy, will offer a curriculum particular toCrossrail requirements focusing on the best use of BIM,latest software and best practiceAn Interesting ResponseCrossrail BIM Academy
  32. 32. 32Phil Jackson• Awareness Briefings• Training facilities• Integrating Technology• Education and Engagement Opportunities• Big BIM WorldWhat does the Academy deliver?
  33. 33. 33Phil JacksonEmerging BIMMarketAwareness• Disruptive change• Not Vendor orSoftware Driven• Data Centric• Process driven• Must liberate datanot lock it in• Apps create,modify andinteract with data
  34. 34. 34Phil Jackson
  35. 35. 35Phil Jacksonwww.bimtaskgroup.org@BIMgcs