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The Future of Information Management - IBM - #BIM4M2help


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Presentation by IBM at the BIM for Manufacturers: Help with the Journey seminar on 28 July 2015
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The Future of Information Management - IBM - #BIM4M2help

  1. 1. The Future of Information Management An IBM Perspective IBM
  2. 2. Starting with the End in Mind Managed Collaboration IBM Material Supplier Material Supplier Fabricato r Fabricato r System Providers System Providers Machinery Supplier Machinery Supplier DistributorsDistributors
  3. 3. Starting with the End in Mind Managed Collaboration IBM Supply Chain First Tier Second Tier Third Tier Contractual / Financial Relationship Knowledge Transfer or Information Exchange Network Client Project Manager Architect Engineer B Engineer A Contractor Subcontractor A B C D E Supplier A B C D Integrated Supply chain •Performance driven contracts •Outcome more important than initial costs •Performance engineered solutions •Government soft landings •Sensors Embedded in buildings •Telemetry •Analytics •Proactive maintenance •Predictive Asset Management •Direct Procurement
  4. 4. Starting with the End in Mind Intelligent Suppliers IBM 9 Dispose 8 Re Purpose • Performance Specification for the Asset • BIM Objects • Brand Awareness • Industry solutions • Installation Instructions • Approved Installers • Maintenance Instructions • Warranty • Price • Installer Performance • Product Performance • Sensors • Government Soft landings • Product Performance • Maintenance • Upgrades • Fault Fixing • Remove and Re- use • New Coatings • New Locations • Warranty • Re Cycle Material • Material Libraries • Circular Economy
  5. 5. Starting with the End in Mind Where is it Heading IBM
  6. 6. Starting with the End in Mind Where could it all end up? IBM Supplier Product Range Product Review Inventory Distributor Network Service Up Sell Outcomes
  7. 7. Starting with the End in Mind The “Golden Thread of Information” IBM Shared BIM Model BIM Objects System CRM Manufacture Distribution Installation Warranty Outcome • Graphical BIM Objects Shared • Endorsed Qualitative information about products provided • Access to technical information • Capture the Bill of Materials • Capture the Bill of Quantities • Offer solutions as systems of products rather than individual products • Warranty systems of products with certification and test evidence • Customer Relationship management systems linked to BIM Portal Traffic • Single Supplier Engagements • Extended Project Engagements • Extended Pre-Fabrication Options to Clients • Manufactured systems flat packed • Order driven manufacture • Systems Delivered to site as required. • Access to warehousing • Just in time principals and services • Accredited Installers • Installation Quality tracking • Evidencing System Performance • Clients Get certainty of product Performance • Certainty of installation quality • Test and Verification Evidence • Supplier can Offer a Warranty
  8. 8. Starting with the End in Mind The “Golden Thread of Information” IBM Thank you