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Big Data Public-Private Forum_General Presentation

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Big Data Public-Private Forum_General Presentation

  1. 1. Big Data Public Private ForumBIG DATA PUBLIC PRIVATE FORUM (BIG) GENERAL PRESENTATION Project co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program (Grant Agreement No. 257943)
  2. 2. Key facts about BIG-project BIG Big Data Public Private Forum▶ Type of project: CSA▶ Project start date: September 2012▶ Duration: 26 months▶ Call: FP7-ICT-2011-8▶ Effort: 552,5 PM▶ Budget: 3,038 M€▶ Max EC contribution: 2,499 M€▶ Consortium: 11 partners Overall objective Work at technical, business and policy levels, shaping the future through the positioning of IIM and Big Data specifically in H2020 and bringing the necessary stakeholders into a self- sustainable industrially-led initiative will greatly contribute to enhance the EU competitiveness taking full advantage of Big Data.BIG project general presentation October 2012 2 BIG 318062
  3. 3. Why BIG project at his moment? BIG Big Data Public Private Forum • The strategic importance that Big Data technology. From Intelligent Information Management in general and Big Data in particular. We are aligned with the new unit called G3 Data Value Chain. • Push European Big Data research but also the innovation above to contribute in increasing the European competitiveness and materializing opportunities in the Big Data domains. • Therefore BIG will promote a well-developed EU industrial landscape in Big Data. – Providing a clear picture of existing technology trends and their maturity. – Acquiring a sharp understanding of how big data can be applied to concrete environments. – Pushing European Big Data research as well as the innovation to contribute in increasing European competitiveness. – Building a self-sustainable, industry-led intitiative.Kick Off meeting 10-11/09/2012 3 BIG 318062
  4. 4. The BIG Idea BIG Big Data Public Private Forum The approach of BIG to contribute to high quality research can be summarized as follows: •Not only technology, but also business, policy and regulation; •Not only generic plans for research and adoption, but specific plans for those sectors that are positioned for greater gains from the use of Big Data; •Not only theoretical activities including roadmaps, coordination and dissemination aiming at future actions, but also actions in the course of the project to foster understanding and adoption of current technology solutions; •Not only development activities in the a limited timeframe (the duration of the project), but the creation of an operational framework (including stakeholder engagement and leadership, organizational structures and technical infrastructure) as a starting point for future work that will go beyond the project duration.Kick Off meeting 10-11/09/2012 4 BIG 318062
  5. 5. Concrete Objectives of BIG project BIG Big Data Public Private Forum • Concretion of Stakeholder’s and players in the value chain. • Note and explain a clear picture of existing technological trends and its maturity. • Acquire a sharp understanding of how big data can be applied to concrete environments/sectors. • Approach dissemination actions targeting different stakeholders. • Define priorities based on expected impact. • Contribute to EU competitiveness and position it in Horizon 2020. The main objective is to establish a platform for EU data bound industries and data researchers to develop a common vision of where Europe should be heading in the 5-10 year future and what the supporting role of the European Commission might be.Kick Off meeting 10-11/09/2012 5 BIG 318062
  6. 6. From an existing need… for a better result BIG Big Data Public Private Forum BIG project goes And what Big Data is for From technology to adoption Large-scale data processing Unveiling new data-driven Seeking business impact services to citizens and customers Anticipating future R&D and Tracking social information industrial needs, and customers needs Providing technical and Fulfilling current needs and domain-specific sound advice further unknown analysisBIG project general presentation October 2012 6 BIG 318062
  7. 7. Project Structure (Work Packages) BIG Big Data Public Private Forum• WP1. Management, dealing with scientific, administrative and financial management of the project.• WP2. Strategy & Operations, include all the technical and sectorial activity. – We structure our work along a matrix in which technical specialists and sectorial experts collaborate, in order to foster crossfertilisation during the project run-time and beyond.• WP3. Dissemination and Stakeholder Engagement – This WP will cover a wide spectrum of activities, including and not restricted to: community extension and management, web site development, BIG conferences organization, etc.• WP4. Big Data Public-Private Forum. This WP will provide: – relevant input to H2020. – the basis for a sustainable initiative that goes beyond the project duration. – links between the Big Data Public-Private Forum and other relevant initiatives in the European area.BIG project general presentation October 2012 7 BIG 318062
  8. 8. Setting up BIG-project Sector’s roadmap BIG Big Data Public Private Forum ▶ Gather requirements and objectives from Identification of all Sectors identified (industry driven Sector’s requisites working groups) Applicability of ▶ Introduce technologies and trends to the Big Data technical organizations to better understand Big white papers in Data technologies and its capabilities each Sector ▶ Sectorial roadmap (elaborate a roadmap Elaboration of per sector). Sector Roadmap ▶ Contributions towards integrated roadmap (cross-sectorial)BIG project general presentation October 2012 8 BIG 318062
  9. 9. Sectorial forums and technical working groups BIG Big Data Public Private ForumBIG project general presentation October 2012 9 BIG 318062
  10. 10. Project Structure (Gantt) BIG Big Data Public Private Forum Period 1 Period 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Operational management Operational management WP1 Project administrative coordination Project administrative coordination Quality assessment Quality assessment Coord.& Collab. Structure and Processes Coord.& Collab. Structure and Processes WP2 Technological surveys and analysis Technological surveys and analysis Sectors Roadmap Sectors Roadmap consolidation consolidation Dissemination strategy Dissemination strategy WP3 Collaboration spaces Collaboration spaces Stakeholder identification and engagement Stakeholder identification and engagement Sustainability Sustainability WP4 Towards Horizon 2020 Towards Horizon 2020 Governance structure Governance structureBIG project general presentation October 2012 10 BIG 318062
  11. 11. Timeline of the most important deliverables BIG Big Data Public Private Forum04/2013 04/2013D2.2.1-1º version of Technical D2.2.1 D2.3.1 D2.3.1-1º version of Sector’s requisiteswhite papers 06/2013 D4.2.1 D4.2.1-1ºversion of IPR, Standardization •recommendations10/2013D4.3.1-First draft of theBig Data Public-Private Forum D4.3.1 D2.4.1 09/2013 D2.4.1 1ª version of01/2014 Sector´s RoadmapD2.2.2-Final version of D2.2.2Technical white paper 04/2014 D2.3.2-Final version of04/2014 D4.2.2 D2.3.2 Sectors requisitesD4.2.2-Final version of IPR,Standardization recommendations 10/2014 D2.5 D2.5-Cross-sectorial roadmap consolidationBIG project general presentation October 2012 11 BIG 318062
  12. 12. Big Data Public Private ForumTHANK YOUGeneral contactinfo@big-project.euProject CoordinatorJose Maria Cavanillas de San SegundoResearch & Innovation Director