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BICS Forum BICS awards presentation


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BICS Forum BICS awards presentation

  1. 1. The AwardsRecognise the huge effort made by themany individuals who run student societiesacross Ireland.National benchmark for societies &individualsLarge College = >7,500Small College = <7,500
  2. 2. BICS Awards 2013 Hudson Bay Hotel Athlone 11th April 2013 It will be fun!
  3. 3. NominationsAll member colleges of BICS are entitled to nominateindividuals or societies from their college College Event Individual Most Improved New Society Civic Contribution Fresher Online Presence PosterUp to each college to devise nomination process
  4. 4. Prior to the Awards Register nomination (Eventbrite) 5th April Friday Online Application Form 9th April Tuesday Portfolio 10th April Wednesday Must attend interview 11th April Thursday
  5. 5. Application Form Separate form per category Marking scheme adjusted to suit the categoryNB. Read the Nominee Booklet
  6. 6. Portfolios1 portfolioAny formVisual descriptionWhatever format you choose it is the contentwhich is very important.Back up material for your application.
  7. 7. BICS AwardsYou must attend an interview.Maximum of four people permitted to attendeach interviewOpportunityThey are not there tocatch you out!
  8. 8. Who are the Adjudicators3 per panelWorked directly withstudents or involved with student activitiesThey are not there to catch you out!
  9. 9. Assessing NominationsBest Individual Roles and achievements – 10 marks Events – 10 marks Your contribution this year – 20 marks Your contribution previous year – 10 marks Difficulties overcome – 10 marks Team work & motivating others – 15 marks Why peers – 5 marks Overall impression – 10 marks Portfolio – 10 marks
  10. 10. Assessing NominationsBest Event Organisation – 40 marks Finance – 20 marks Promotion & Publicity – 25 marks Presentation & Overall impression – 5 marks Portfolio – 10 marksApplication form layout reflects markingscheme
  11. 11. Peer PresentationsNominee PresentationSharing of ideas for society groupsYour presentation isinformal – Not assessed!
  12. 12. BanquetGood FoodGood EntertainmentAwards PresentationMore good entertainment!
  13. 13. Why the Awards?National benchmark of societiesRepresentation of your college at nationallevelOpportunity for you!
  14. 14. Why the Awards?