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Bright Horizons - Dynamics of Demographics: Your Multi-Generational Workforce


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Explore the diverse generational makeup of today’s workforce and learn some surprising facts about what they’re thinking – and why it should matter to you.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Bright Horizons - Dynamics of Demographics: Your Multi-Generational Workforce

  1. 1. Dynamics of Demographics: Your Multi-GenerationalWorkforce JenniferVena l Senior Consultant l Bright Horizons
  2. 2. JenniferVena – Gen-X (Barely) © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  3. 3. Workshop Objectives  Explore the diverse generational make-up of today’s workforce  Share what organizations are doing in response to the multi- generational workforce  Identify strategies and approaches which participants can implement in their own workplace © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  4. 4. Generation Mix © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC PEW RESEARCH CENTER
  5. 5. What Shaped the Generations © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC Boomers 1946-1964 • Kennedy’s “Camelot” Presidency • Cuban Missile Crisis • Vietnam • Civil Rights • Women’s Liberation • Protests • Assassinations • Watergate Millennials 1981-1997 • Terrorism • SchoolViolence • Ubiquitous technology • Working mothers • Unprecedented bull market • Pro-child culture Gen-X 1965-1980 • Troubled economy • Widespread lay-offs • Women entering workforce • Rising divorce rates • Challenger disaster • CNN and electronic games Source: Tammy Erickson Associates
  6. 6. The Result © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC Boomers 1946-1964 • Competitive • Hard-working and driven • Anti-authoritarian • Idealistic Millennials 1981-1997 • Immediate and eager to live each day to the fullest • Confident and determined • Optimistic / upbeat • Digital natives • Tolerant • Family-centric Gen-X 1965-1980 • Self-reliant • Mistrustful of institutions • Rule-morphing • Tribal • Dedicated parents Source: Tammy Erickson Associates
  7. 7. How the Generations are Alike  Similar values  Everyone wants respect  Leaders must be trustworthy  Nobody likes change  Everyone wants to learn  Everyone likes feedback © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC Source: Jennifer J. Deal, Center for Creative Leadership cited in “The Myth of Generational Differences in the Workplace
  8. 8. Dynamics of Demographics: Your Multi-Generational Workforce Jennifer Hopper l Manager l Piedmont Healthcare
  9. 9. Jennifer Hopper © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  10. 10. Piedmont Healthcare Piedmont Healthcare is a private, not-for-profit health system in Georgia comprised of the following entities:  Piedmont Atlanta Hospital (North Atlanta)  Piedmont Fayette Hospital (Fayetteville)  Piedmont Henry Hospital (Stockbridge)  Piedmont Physicians Group  Piedmont Mountainside Hospital (Jasper)  Piedmont Newnan Hospital (Newnan)  Piedmont Healthcare Foundation  Piedmont Heart Institute
  11. 11. About Piedmont Healthcare  Founded in 1905 by two physicians  1,063-bed health system  Areas of clinical expertise include: cancer, heart, neuroscience, transplant and women’s services  Serves the metro Atlanta area as well as communities in Fayette, Coweta, Henry and Pickens counties  More than 11,000 employees across its entities  Always Safe program: system-wide safety behaviors and prevention tools to reduce the number of serious safety events  Epic: industry-leading EMR and practice management system will provide better care and enhance the patient experience; system-wide launch in 2013 Partnered with WellStreet to expand fast access to quality care by launching Piedmont Urgent Care by WellStreet (seven locations in greater Atlanta area) The only health system in Georgia to become an affiliate of MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center OUR MISSION: Healthcare marked by compassion and sustainable excellence in a progressive environment, guided by physicians, delivered by exceptional professionals, and inspired by the communities we serve.
  12. 12. Millennials DrivingWellness © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC • More balanced work day • Driving healthier work environment • Executive challenge promoted executive support and alignment for all eight entities to design wellness-based initiatives
  13. 13. Millennial Impact © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC “The executive health challenge partnership took the mystery out of how I view senior leadership and brought them down to a very human level. I began to see my executive as more of a colleague and less of a suit behind a desk. Professionally it exposed me to new ways of thinking about my job, my company, and the work/life balance I was advocating. Participating in the challenge made me feel like more of an integral part of the healthcare system.”
  14. 14. Recognition © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC • Engagement score analysis • Recognition preference discovery • Support Services Week contribution to millennial growth
  15. 15. Boomers Need Grandchild Care © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  16. 16. Dynamics of Demographics: Your Multi-Generational Workforce Lisa Poon l HR Manager, Global Benefits l Cisco Systems
  17. 17. Lisa Poon  The loves of my life (and the reasons for stress lines and grey hair!) © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  18. 18. Who is Cisco?  Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking, communications technology and services that transforms how people connect, communicate and collaborate. © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  19. 19. Cisco Confidential 19© 2013-2014 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. cultureemployees …are our competitive advantage 71K+ employees 380+ offices 17% other 39% engineering20% services 24% sales
  20. 20. U.S. Demographics  Average age: 42  Gender: 76% male/ 24% Female  Average Tenure: 8.5 years  <3 years – 24%  3-5 years – 11%  5-10 years – 28%  >10 years – 36% © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  21. 21. How We Win in Talent Marketplace: People Strategy and People Deal Grow Our Talent Attract the Best People Planning Focus On Experience
  22. 22. What’s Driving the People Deal...WhatWe are Hearing  “Mediocre people are rising up the ladder and good talent is leaving for other smaller companies and startups.” [2014 Glassdoor post on Cisco]  “The company has the inevitable emergence of internal bureaucratic, slow response to market changes and competition.” [2014 Glassdoor post on Cisco]  Cisco not perceived as top employer by best engineering schools [Cisco Founders Forum 8/19]  Late to Social Media Channel • @ciscojob has 1k followers (Google 400k) • Facebook likes: Cisco 52k (Microsoft 366k, Dell 500k) © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  23. 23. Our People Deal:What It Is • Supports the brand • Drives higher engagement • Delivers stronger performance People Deal Manifesto ZcoLPc&feature=player_embedded WhatWe Offer WhatWe Expect in Return People Deal
  24. 24. Culture Recognition Workplace Leadership Technology Compensation Benefits Perks We ALL Deliver Through Our People Deal
  25. 25. Multi-generational Benefits Innovation Breakout Session  During the Multi-generational Benefits Innovation breakout session at our Global Total Rewards All Hands offsite, we narrowed the scope of discussion to the early-in-career employee segment.  Our team generated the best benefit ideas that will engage and provide value to this segment to ensure that Cisco is a market leading employer of choice.  To help get creative juices flowing, we pre-read articles on global generational studies. © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  26. 26. Millennials  Asking for international assignments / travel budgets  Inquiring about student loan repayment assistance  Flexibility with using healthcare dollars  Use 401K match for other means (i.e. home down payment)  Location of offices: suburban to urban shift  Resources app: ease of use and access © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
  27. 27. Our Approach © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC Multi-gen Workforce – understanding different needs is the beginning (characteristics of each generation), then understanding key drivers/motivators of what attracts them, retains them, motivates them in order to offer the most relevant, impactful, sustainable benefits. Cisco Approach • Conducting focus groups to understand what will make Cisco transform our employee experience • Our People Deal training to embed the culture of looking at things through the eyes of our employees in a simple, productive way (results include revamp of our performance management process) • Evaluating our current benefits/perk portfolio and partnering with our vendors to drive innovative strategy, i.e. childcare strategy • Recent US FinancialWellness launch and developing personas – persona approach, analyzing engagement on our personas, tailoring resources/communication styles to each persona to make it more relevant to them (versus just a financial website with a smorgasbord of resources/products)
  28. 28. MultigenerationalWorkforce Success  Inclusive and Respectful  Appreciate  Acknowledge  Adapt © 2015 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC