Marketing Your Home


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Marketing Your Home

  1. 1. Marketing Your Property
  2. 2. I will make yours stand out.
  3. 3. Consumer Research on Home Buying To successfully promote your property to the market, it is important to know how buyers found a home recently. Our marketing strategies are designed to target the major buyer resources found in the consumer research chart above because they are the most likely to result in a buyer for your home.
  4. 4. Consumer Research on Home Buying In the same consumer research performed by the National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers in 2008, when asked to name all of the resources the buyer used to purchase a home, consumer response was as follows: For clarification purposes, the first pie chart enumerates how the buyer ultimately found the home they purchased. This chart displays all resources buyers used during their home search.
  5. 5. THE GOALS OF EFFECTIVE MARKETING To successfully promote your property to the market, a comprehensive plan of targeted activities is essential. Our marketing program has three aims: I. Enlist the efforts of other real estate professionals [34% of buyers] • The Prudential Real Estate Network • Referral and relocation resources • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) • Direct promotion to real estate professionals most likely to have a buyer for your home. [See next page for details] II. Promote directly to prospective buyers • The Internet [how 32% of buyers found their home] • Yard sign [how 15% of buyers found their home] • Open houses [how 15% of buyers found their home] • Our on-site new homes sales division resale referral program [how 7% of buyers found a home] • Print newspaper [how 3% of buyers found a home in 2008] • Fine Homes International Portfolio Magazine [how 1% of buyers found a home in 2008] III. Maintain communication with you • Receive a daily report of online buyers and changes in the market through our exclusive Online Sellers Advantage System™. • Review the results of our marketing activities
  6. 6. • Consult with you to fine-tune our marketing strategy, as needed I. Enlist the Efforts of Other Real Estate Professionals Fact: 34% of buyers found their home through a real estate professional, and 85% of buyers in 2008 used a real estate professional as a resource to find a home,* so we effectively target real estate professionals most likely to SELL your home. 1. Office Tour – our office will tour your home and provide feedback on the price and salability. I will promote your home during weekly sales meetings to keep your home top- of-mind to our agents. 2. Productive Agent Target Marketing – The 20% of agents that get you 80% of the results. I have e-mail addresses of all agents that have listed and sold homes in this area within the last year. These agents are the ones most likely to show and sell your home. The minute you endorse my marketing efforts, they will receive property details on your home in their inbox. In this way, those most likely to sell your home won’t have to search the Multiple Listing Service for it – I will personally invite them to tour your home and bring a buyer. 3. Productive Showing Agent Contact – We have a Centralized Showing Service for our entire Houston operations. I will review the showing reports throughout the term of our listing agreement in search of agents with buyers that are showing homes that match yours. I will call them and invite them to show your home while they are working with an actual buyer! Very effective. 4. Gold Medallion – We want to enlist the entire MLS to show and sell your home and an effective way to motivate them is through our Gold Medallion Rewards Program. If your home qualifies to be displayed in our Gold Medallion Collection, [buyer ready – staged, pre- inspection, preliminary title search, priced in line with market comparables] we will: a. Place Special Remarks in MLS notifying agents of your homes Gold Medallion status with a guarantee, if they sell it, to be entered in a drawing for $5,000. b. Place a sign rider on your home denoting its Gold Medallion status. c. Showcase it in a special Gold Medallion Collection on our web site. d. Charge you, if it sells, $295 at closing. e. The benefits of the program are that it places your home on a more level playing field with new homes, where more often than not, builders offer big bonuses to agents to sell their product. In a sea of competition, it makes your home stand out over the competition in your neighborhood and in new home subdivisions. *National Association of Realtors® 2008 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.
  7. 7. II. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers 1. The Internet: In 2008, 32% of all buyers found their home on the Internet and 87% of all buyers used the Internet as a resource to find their home.* Potential buyers will have instant access to information about your property through our industry-leading Web site network. Your home will be displayed on the following buyer-targeted web sites. *National Association of Realtors® 2008 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.
  8. 8. INTERNET MARKETING EXPOSURE Web Site Distribution and Overview Your property information will be submitted to more Web sites on the Internet than any other broker can provide including: • - Viewers can custom search the entire Houston MLS by their own selection of features. is the most frequently visited real estate company web site in Houston. • - Prudential Real Estate has assembled a dynamic collection of established and emerging online companies. From highly trafficked world-class search engines to real estate industry start-ups, we select the companies that deliver EXPOSURE for home buyers and sellers. [See graph] • – Visitors searching for homes in Houston can find your listing through a myriad of web sites listed when they search for listings on Google or on •® - Your property will also receive added exposure through is the most frequently visited real estate Web site in the world. Once your listing is featured on, it will also be displayed on the following partner sites: • • HAR broker web sites • • • • • • • • HAR agent web sites • • • – is the point of origination of your listing once it is uploaded to MLS. The best way to leverage the power of is to work with a Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors® agent. We get more leads from because we have more listings than any other broker in Houston. • – Your property will be featured on this specialized search engine. helps rank our listings high on the major portals, like, and many other sites where buyers search for properties. sends interested buyers to our listing agents. Your property will also be submitted to these Web sites: • • • • [HGTV] • • Real [registered buyers] • • [registered buyers only] • • • [registered buyers only] • • • • We believe this is the most comprehensive group of buyer-targeted web sites available.
  9. 9. PRUDENTIAL.COM The most important words in Real Estate when selling your home While remains the center of attention in our online consortium, we also have a demonstrated track record of working with the best Web sites and the most progressive symbiotic partners. Our proprietary Online Advantage solution seamlessly transitions national prospects into local customers. No other brand has a stronger commitment to EXPOSURE. Only Prudential Real Estate delivers a collaboration system that provides the best of both worlds: personal service from real estate professionals you can trust and powerful world class online tools fueled by fresh property data. EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE! EXPOSURE!
  10. 10. Online buyer activity recorded from these sites goes into your Online Sellers Advantage daily e-mail report from me. ONLINE SELLER ADVANTAGE SM What our daily e-mail reports look like. N o t e : I f y o u p r e f e r w e e k l y u p d a t e s t o d a i l y , w e c a n a c c o m m o d a t e y o u . H o w e v e r , e - m a i l r e l i e s o n s o m a n y t e c h n o l o g i e s t o g e t t h r o u g h t o t h e r e c i p i e n t t h a t d a i l y i s m o r e r e l i a b l e . W o u l d y o u p r e f e r d a i l y o r w e e k l y r e p o r t s ?
  11. 11. II. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers L O C A L A D V E R T I S I N G A N D P R O M O T I O N Our innovative and aggressive advertising and marketing activities will help attract qualified buyers to your property. 2. Local advertising • Yard signs [how15% of buyers found their home] – Get the buyer momentum benefit of having over 2,000 yard signs across Houston, more than any other company. • Open houses [how 15% of buyers found their home] – let’s schedule one for you. • On-site new home sales division referral program. [how 7% of buyers found a home] • The Houston Chronicle [3% of buyers come from print newspaper] • Portfolio of Fine Homes Magazine. It is distributed to corporate relocation clients, all offices for local distribution and is direct mailed to target market neighborhoods. [1% of buyers come from home books] • Billboards across Houston for over 7 years drive traffic to view your listing on 3. Other Local advertising efforts • Home buyers seminars are held periodically throughout the Houston area market to educate buyers on the process, help them find financing and most importantly showcase our listings. • Many direct mail campaigns are conducted by our 1,000 citywide agents to educate home buyers and to announce a new listing. • Neighbors often have friends they would like to see move to the neighborhood so “Just Listed” post cards will be sent to the neighborhood. • Our philanthropy is “The Sunshine Kids” and in 2008, we raised $415,000 towards helping children with cancer enjoy a normal life. We believe in supporting the communities that have done so much to make us successful.
  12. 12. • Please visit and you will find our Company Overview, the latest Houston market metrics and news releases. II. Promote Directly to Prospective Buyers
  13. 13. III. Maintain communication with you
  14. 14. A MARKETING PLAN FOR YOUR PROPERTY The following marketing activities will promote your property to prospective buyers and their real estate professionals. Marketing Tactic Implementation Take multiple pictures of your home Review pictures with consultants for staging advice Walk-through with Interior and Exterior Staging Checklist Staging make-ready for photo shoot Take pictures for multi-photo marketing on web & brochures Install lock box with key Install yard sign Enter property into MLS and on Listing distribution to web sites described in Internet section Subscribe property to Online Sellers Advantage for daily updates on status of the market and online buyer activity Promote to Prudential Real Estate sales professionals at office meeting E-mail co-op agents who have listed or sold in area Deliver home brochures to the property Preview for Prudential Real Estate sales professionals Real estate professionals preview Advertise in newspaper Review CSS company network report to find homes being shown that match price and amenities of subject property Open House Feedback from Showing Service Realtor feedback Distribute “Just Listed” eCards and postcards Prepared for: By: Date:
  15. 15. A n d 1 9 2 O t h e r S t e p s t o G e t Y o u r H o m e S o l d A full copy is available to you upon request. This checklist assists us in insuring every possible step is taken to sell your home and distinguishes us from limited service brokers that may or may not charge for full service. We invite you to compare our skill steps in selling your home with anyone else in the industry.
  16. 16. III. Maintain communication with you FROM OFFER TO COMPLETED SALE When our marketing efforts bring a purchase offer, I will: Negotiate the agreement • Explain the offer to you and answer your questions. • Help you determine the best course of action by pointing out potential advantages and disadvantages of the offer and clarifying the choices available to you. • Prepare an Estimate of Net Proceeds based on the proposed price and terms. • Negotiate through the buyer’s agent, and handle possible counter offers, to reach a final agreement that is favorable to you. Complete the transaction • Explain to you in detail all the steps that will occur for a successful closing, and answer any questions you might have. • Work with the buyer’s broker, settlement officer, title officer and others to help coordinate their activities and keep the transaction moving forward. • Monitor progress of inspections, the buyer’s loan and other contingencies as called for in the purchase contract. Resolve questions or problems that might arise, in order to ensure a timely closing. • Accompany the buyer and buyer’s agent during their final walk-through of the property. • Assist you in handling details required for the completion of the transaction. • Communicate with you on a regular basis so that you can stay informed and as worry-free as possible. Follow up after the sale closes • Confirm that all your real estate-related needs have been met, and provide information on service providers you may require. • Offer relocation assistance, if moving to a new area. • Help you locate a new home, if remaining in this area.