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  • *Throw in new stats from NHSL about BFL and eBook circs (less than .25/circ)- Not “free”; subscription to OverDrive is paid for with YOUR tax dollars
  • http://ebooksinlibraries.blogspot.com/2010/03/free-content-for-nooks-and-kindles.html
  • *Demonstration of logging in, checking out an eBook, and downloading it via iPad
  • Most formats require additional software or accounts to be downloaded/created
  • Incoming changes include easier ways to narrow results by format and one-step checkout; to come in late January
  • *Demonstrate: freading.com
  • eBook Resources at BFL

    1. 1. Baker Free Library Bow, NH
    2. 2.  nh.lib.overdrive.com and nhdbooks.blogspot.com Can also log in via our online Library Catalog ◦ Books/Audio/Digital  Search the Library Catalog  Log in  Click OVERDRIVE icon Need full library card # and phone number on library account Offers: ◦ eBooks ◦ MP3 and WMA Audiobooks Can see if a book is available on OverDrive when you search the Baker Free Library catalog Some materials are Always Available or public domain Can download materials either via your computer or the OverDrive app
    3. 3.  Nook eReader ◦ PDF, EPUB, PDB and Nooks own format Nook Color ◦ PDF, EPUB, DOC, txt Kindles ◦ PDF, Mobipocket, and Kindles own format Sony Reader ◦ BBeB Book (LRF), PDF, TXT, RTF, EPUB Kobo ◦ PDF, EPUB, txt
    4. 4.  No late fees Can check out up to 3 titles at once ◦ 2 weeks for eBooks, 7 days for audiobooks All titles except WMA audiobooks and Open EPUBS may be returned early; none may be renewed Up to 5 items may be placed on hold and be in your cart at one time ◦ Hold notification is via email and you must check it out within 48 hours
    5. 5.  WMA ◦ Can only be downloaded to/played on Windows computer and WMA-compatible audio players ◦ Cannot be downloaded directly to phones MP3 ◦ Can be downloaded to PCs & Macs and multiple audio players ◦ Can be downloaded directly to mobile devices via Overdrive app ◦ Smaller collection than WMAs
    6. 6.  EPUB ◦ Can be read on Nook, Kobo, most tablets and phones ◦ Can be downloaded wirelessly via apps for Android and iPhone ◦ Can be returned early using Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader app  Cannot be returned early using Overdrive mobile app ◦ Must have Adobe ID (www.adobe.com) ◦ Must be manually deleted, but books expire after loan ends ◦ Open EPUB is most flexible format but cannot be returned early
    7. 7.  Kindle ◦ Most books in Overdrive collection are Kindle-compatible ◦ Must have Amazon account ◦ Must be used with Kindle device or app  Cannot be transferred to EPUB device ◦ Can be returned early using Manage my Kindle on Amazon ◦ Can be downloaded/transferred wirelessly to mobile devices via Wi-Fi connection
    8. 8.  Differs by device and item format Getting Started with eBooks Getting Started with Audiobooks You can return EPUB eBooks, Kindle eBooks, and MP3 audiobooks early ◦ Returning These Items Early
    9. 9. Advantage Symbol  Allows BFL to purchase titles on our own but still use OverDrive to offer them ◦ These titles are available to and can be seen only by BFL cardholders Integrated into Overdrive website Same loan periods and policies as wider Overdrive consortium
    10. 10.  3 Kindles 2 Adult Nooks 1 Juvenile/Young Adult Nook Must be 18 or older and be in good standing Must sign user agreement and provide ID 2-week loan with no renewal Can reserve online via library catalog
    11. 11.  Each eBook has 14-day checkout but can be checked out multiple times, at the same time, by different patrons Can renew titles for up to two weeks Can get into Freading account after logging in to the Library Catalog Freading eBooks are compatible with all devices except most of the Kindles ◦ Only Kindle Fire is compatible
    12. 12. Token-based system – 4 per week ◦ BFL only pays for those used Log in using library card # and phone # ◦ Must have or create Adobe ID and download Adobe Digital Editions software  Comes with Getting Started guide
    13. 13.  Project Gutenberg (mostly classics) (www.projectgutenberg.com) www.manybooks.net (mostly classics) Kindle Popular Classics (http://www.amazon.com/s/?node=2245146011) Internet Archive (www.archive.org) Open Library (www.openlibrary.org) See Instructions for Downloading via these resources at http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=2245146011 Barnes and Noble Free eBooks (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/Free- eBooks/379003078/) Open Culture (mostly classics) (http://www.openculture.com/free_ebooks)