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Suffrage of the electoral system


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Suffrage of the electoral system

  1. 1. “Sovereignity resides in thepeople and all thegovernment authorityemenates from them.”
  2. 2. -are those citizenseligible according to lawto vote at publicelections
  3. 3. - is the political right andobligation of the citizensto vote in publicelections of candidatesfor public office
  4. 4. - is the selection of publicofficial by the citizens ofthe state, or otherpolitical bodies
  5. 5. - is the right of citizens topropose bills to beenacted by thelegislature on whichelectors may vote
  6. 6. - is a method of removing apublic official from officeby submitting to a popularvote the issue of whetherthe official should eithercontinue in office/not
  7. 7. - a popular vote of thepeople for or against aproposed law/enactment for theirjudgements
  8. 8. -passes on to the votersthe legislative acts fortheir final approval/rejection
  9. 9. - A natural right.- Inherent and characteristics ofcitizenship.- A vested privilege.- A government task.- An ethical duty.
  10. 10. Qualifications of Electorate- Citizenship- Age- Not disqualified by law- Residence- Domicile (is that to which the lawof the land refers when it speaksof residence for the purpose ofelection)
  11. 11. “Citizens unfitted tovote”“Suffrage Requiredby Rule”
  12. 12. Categories of Election Direct election- the electoratemakes a selection of theircandidates by direct individualvotingIndirect election- the electorate firstselect a comparatively small groupof persons aiming for public officethrough election who successivelywill make a choice from amongthemselves the officials of theinstitution
  13. 13. Is a formed group of persongoing after the sameideology, politicalideas/platform of governmentand have as a part its branchesand divisions.
  14. 14. “Election Period andElection CampaignDistinguished”
  15. 15. As the rules and regulationsgoverning how citizens vote in anysociety with an organizedgovernment.
  16. 16. District SystemEach electoral districtprefer onerepresentative toCongress. Whoeverobtains the most votesis elected.
  17. 17. A final election toresolve an earlierelection that did notproduce a winner
  18. 18. Choosing of one person to be thechosen for office or as a candidate.Through primary Election.Through Convention.Through Petition.Through Local Committee of aPolitical Party.Through one-self alone.