Copyright - What can we do? (Part 3)


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Copyright - What can we do? (Part 3)

  1. 1. Copyright – What can we do?What we can do
  2. 2. Join in! #eltpics
  3. 3. Copyright – What can we do? Some links to free stuff• Professional English Online• Online trainer’s notes: Dynamic Presentations• Online research tasks: International Legal English• DVD Worksheets: Business Advantage• Case studies: Cambridge English for Engineering• Grammar practice: Cambridge English for Nursing
  4. 4. What we can offer  Content syndication  Customized publications  Web-based solutions for companies  Lesson plans for teachers  Teachers’ Zone on our websites  Special subscription offers8 8
  5. 5. Content syndication  Licence edition (Czech Republic)  Single articles for interested clients or publications9 9
  6. 6. Customized issues10 10
  7. 7. Web-based solutions  Intranet for companies: e.g. Siemens website exercises, podcasts, business words  Customised online content for companies/publishers: Spiegel Online Manager Magazin Postbank Handelsblatt  Content is provided with the aim to generate subscriptions either via links or up-front agreements11 11
  8. 8. Lesson plans for teachers Business Spotlight in the classroom:  Free teachers’ notes with every issue for teachers who subscribe to the magazine  Lesson activities and copy files to use in the classroom12 12
  9. 9. Free lesson activities and more Business Spotlight International:13 13
  10. 10. Teachers’ Zone Ready-to-use materials can be downloaded  Activities  Short stories with worksheets  Lesson plans (in collaboration with 14
  11. 11. Special subscription offers  Class set Special discount for bulk orders: 20% for 5 copies or more 25% for more than 21 copies 30% for more than 101 copies  Collective order free year’s subscription for the teacher (with 5 orders)  Combination pack for teachers/trainers complete product range at a reduced rate15 15
  12. 12. Contact Contact details: Maja Sirola Managing Editor Business Spotlight Spotlight Verlag GmbH Fraunhoferstraße 22 82152 Planegg Germany16 16
  13. 13. Copyright – What can we do? “I’m not suggesting that we should beat ourselves up over past transgressions or berate people for infringing copyright out of ignorance; as a profession though, I do think we need to up our game generally and move towards adopting better practice when it comes to remixing and sharing materials that other people have created.” (Sue Lyon-Jones, “Even if you have a few illegal photocopies on your conscience (and who doesn’t?), there is no reason to fear that your fate as a classroom criminal is sealed. Square up to your former misdemeanours, ascribe them to a wayward youth, and reclaim your spotless conscience from here on by making more of what you and your learners can bring to lessons, seeking out open content and by going into class more often naked.”(Anthony Gaughan, law-by)