The millionaire and the murder mansion


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The millionaire and the murder mansion

  1. 1. The Millionaire and The Murder Mansion <br />
  2. 2. Type of Documentary <br />Mixed- because it includes interviews, live footage different camera work etc<br />
  3. 3. Narrative Structure<br />Non Linear.<br />Closed Narrative.<br />Single Strand.<br />
  4. 4. Camera-work<br />Interviewee: positioned left or right of the frame, eye line third way down. Filmed in medium close up or close up.<br />Close up of a family picture.<br />Tracking shot of the police driving to the mansion.<br />Medium close up of the police interviewing the housekeeper.<br />Birds eye view- helicopter filming mansion on fire.<br />Hand held camera showing the blood in the horse stable.<br />Still images of left overs from the mansion.<br />Tracking shot of the living room and bathroom burnt down.<br />Close up of the trifle and gun he used to kill his family.<br />Close up of crime scene tape.<br />Tracking shot of the cars Chris bought, range rovers etc.<br />Zoom of the mansion- outside view before it burnt down.<br />Medium close up of Chris' friend bird shooting- Chris had a passion for this.<br />Close up of bird dead after shooting it.<br />Hand held camera walking into the woods- point of view shot of him killing his daughters pets.<br />Uses images to convey the meaning of the story.<br />Tilt shot of burnt down house and burnt ash lurking outside.<br />Medium close up of detectives trying to find the daughter's skull fragments.<br />Close up of the last text the daughter sent 'sorry dad has turned the internet off'.<br />Medium close up of a bullet in the horses skull.<br />Close up of Chris' bank statements- in debt.<br />Tracking shot of: family at funeral, coffins, funeral flowers and the priests<br />
  5. 5. Mis-en-scene<br />Background for each interviewee was either filmed in their <br />own homes, at the location of the mansion or where they worked. For example; the forensic scientists.<br />
  6. 6. Sound<br />Voice over- standard English, male, sounded sympathetic throughout the documentary.<br />Voice over of news reader.<br />Music in the opening sequence seemed mysterious. <br />Sound effects of flashbacks, camera noises.<br />
  7. 7. Editing<br />Flashbacks of still images from the past- burnt down in the fire.<br />Cross cutting of clock and shoes also burnt down in the fire.<br />Cross cutting and cutting is the most common element used.<br />Cross cutting of the gun {Chris' used to kill his family} and picture of his daughter.<br />Clip of Jill and Chris' wedding video which then froze to a still image.<br />Flashback of blood leading towards the horses stable.<br />
  8. 8. Archive Material:<br />Birds eye view of the house on fire.<br />Clips of the left overs from the horse and dog being shot.<br />Clips of forensic investigators.<br />CCTV footage of Chris setting the horses stable on fire.<br />Clips of his daughter horse riding- voice over of her nan talking about her.<br />Video of the police announcing they have found bodies.<br />Family birthday cards.<br />Wedding of Jill and Chris<br />
  9. 9. Graphics <br />Font: white and red title, symbolizes fire and danger.<br />Interviewee had a name and underneath it explained who they are.<br />Sans serif.<br />