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Poposta de traballo para un aula de primaria.

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Proposta didáctica

  1. 1. PROPOSTA DIDÁCTICA.PALE 2008/2009.VIGO.Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey. C.E.I.P. A PAZ. VIGO.Mª Begoña López Prieto. C.E.I.P.da CRUZ BUDIÑO.1.INTRODUCTION.Begoña López Prieto and Ana Isabel Ferreirós Rey have beenworking on a didactic unit using the smart board, which can beapplied to 5 year old students of kindergarten as well as for the1st.Cycle of Primary and even to the 3rd. year of Primary as areview, since it focuses on very basic and very simple structureswe work in these levels.First of all, we propose a story, which we made up and recordedwith the windows movie maker and which is entitled: “Frodo haschanged his habits”. This story is very simple and it has arepetitive structure to facitilitate the students´comprenhensionas well as to contextualize and to introduce the topics we wantto work in this unit. In this case, we focus our attention both onhealthy food and sports, relating it to the topic “healthy habits”.After the story, we propose several activities to solve using thesmart board to settle down the main structures and vocabulary.Besides these structures, there will be oral activities to achievecommunication. However, we had no time to try them with ourstudents, but we intend to do that very soon, so that they canuse the smart board to improve their English and we hope they´ll enjoy it as well.2.OBJECTIVES:
  2. 2. • Familiarize the students with the smart board.• Introduce healthy habits to the students.• Understand a story they hear, with the help of a visual andtechnical support.• Recognize vocabulary related to sport and healthy andunhealthy food.• Improve their communicative strategies.• Improve the students´oral language.• Learn how to use English properly.• Motivate students with attractive activities using thesmart board.3.The unit in relation with the competences:• COMPETENCE IN LINGÜISTIC COMMUNICATION.Students will learn how to use basic English structuressuch as “I can play tennis and I like it” or “I can eat fruit”or “I can´t eat chocolate”, etc. Moreover, we provide themwith English vocabulary to communicate in relation tohealthy habits such as sports and healthy food. Thisvocabulary is being introduced within a context as it is thecase of the story: “Frodo has changed his habits”. Besidesdoing the smart board activities to settle down thestructures, we propose oral games to developecommunicative strategies.• TICS. Both the story and the activities have been doneusing the tics and will be narrated and solved on the
  3. 3. smartboard, so that they will improve their technologicalstrategies.• COMPETENCE IN RELATION TO THE PHYSICALWORLD. As for this competence, they will learn healthyhabits and reject unhealthy habits.• MATHEMATICAL COMPETENCE. They will make seriesand count sports and types of food. Sequencing andordering the story, should improve this competence.• SOCIAL COMPETENCE. Learning to communicate withother people is important to socialize. Here they mayexpress their oral abilities as far as sports , food andhealthy habits is concerned.• CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC COMPETENCE. Readingstories of different periods, contributes to developed thiscompetence. Here they listen to the story we´ve made upand which is entitled: “ Frodo has changed his habits”.More advanced students will even be able to read it withthe help of the visual support. The images will also beuseful to develop artistic abilities as well.• LEARN TO LEARN COMPETENCE. Students will learnstrategies to improve their comprenhension through theactivities, focusing on how to increase attention,concentration or memory to develop learning.• AUTONOMY. Students should demonstrate what they areable to do.4.THE UNIT IN RELATION WITH OTHER AREAS.
  4. 4. It can be related to Physical Education, since several typicalEnglish sports can be identified.It could also be related to the Musical Area by making up a songusing the tone of another song and changing the lyrics .e.g. “Ifyou´re happy and you like it, play football…”And, of course, it´s related to the Natural and Social Science,since they will learn about healthy habits.5.ACTIVITIES.We´ve included the activities in another file, as they have beenmade with the smart programme. These activities include thestory “Frodo has changed his habits” and other activities tosettle down structures and vocabulary and which are also relatedto the competences and other areas.6.ASSESSMENT.There will be a initial evaluation to check the studentsknowledge of the topics.The evaluation will also be formative through the process ofobservation and summative at the end of the process.At the same time, there will be a self evaluation, in which we willprovide students with a card with a happy and a sad face, so thatthey can say which activities they liked and which they didn´tlike.Due to the lack of space, we had to eliminate a part of the storyand some activities. So, besides the story, the video and ourdidactic proposal, we have only included an example of eachactivity. However, these activities can be modified and amplified.