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[API Days] Cooking with apis


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Presentación de BEEVA para API Days Mediterránea 7 de mayo de 2015.
"Cooking with APIs: Creating value with images and words"
Nieves Ábalos y Enrique Otero, departamento de Innovación de BEEVA.

Published in: Technology
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[API Days] Cooking with apis

  2. 2. I’m  Xavi  
  3. 3. Let’s  cook!  
  4. 4.  Let’s  try   another  recipe  
  5. 5. a  few  days  ago...  
  6. 6. NOW!   HOW?   sustainable  WOW!  
  7. 7. Natural  Language  Processing   InformaNon  ExtracNon  problem  
  8. 8. Link  to  slides  about  word  vectors  from  NIPS  2013  Deep  Learning  Workshop:  NNforText.pdf   Word  Vector  Space   Natural  Language  Processing   word2vec  (Google)  
  9. 9. RegulariNes  in  Word  Vector   Space   Natural  Language  Processing   word2vec  (Google)   grammaNcal  gender:     masculine  &  feminine   Link  to  slides  about  word  vectors  from  NIPS  2013  Deep  Learning  Workshop:  NNforText.pdf  
  10. 10. RegulariNes  in  Word  Vector   Space   Natural  Language  Processing   word2vec  (Google)   ...  Vector  space  operaNons   deducNon  @  context:     country  &  capital   Link  to  slides  about  word  vectors  from  NIPS  2013  Deep  Learning  Workshop:  NNforText.pdf  
  11. 11. NLP   3rd  party  APIs    
  12. 12. NLP   Our  API  extracts     from  URLs/docs   Language   Keywords  EnNNes   Concepts   Related  words   Topic   Theme   Theme  extracNon  Category   AcNon   COMINGSOON!
  13. 13. PROOF  OF  CONCEPT   Summarize  and  categorize  documents   keywords   topic   (category)   theme   (1-­‐word  summary)  
  14. 14. An  image  is  worth  1000  words  
  15. 15. But...  not  for  machines  
  16. 16. (*)  there  are  two  men  who  appear   to  be  pracZcing  marZal  arts   (*)  a  cat  si[ng  inside  of   a  piece  of  luggage   (*)  real  examples  extracted  from  hp://   ...  unNl  NOW!  
  17. 17. DEEP  LEARNING   APIs     COMINGSOON! and...      
  18. 18. PROOF  OF  CONCEPT   Analyzing  user  interests  based  on     Instagram  pictures    
  19. 19. ANIMALS NATURE TOURISM SHOWS/EVENTS FOOD SPORTS BEAUTY 12  custom  categories   1000  predefined  labels     (wordnets)   3rd-party Deep Learning API stage restaurant
  20. 20. Fast  validaNon  and  back  to  the  kitchen...  
  21. 21. ...  and  to  the  garden  
  22. 22.       Enrique  Otero   Cooking  with  images       Nieves  Ábalos   Cooking  with  words       @nieves_as     Thank  you!   QuesNons?