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1. What are the drivers (causes) of customer churn ?  please elaborate and provide examples                          i.Poo...
Quizz  Class #2 for Classs#3
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Quizz Class #2 for Classs#3


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Quizz Class #2 for Classs#3

  1. 1. 1. What are the drivers (causes) of customer churn ? please elaborate and provide examples i.Poor customer relation ; ii. Obsolescence ; iii. Lack of innovation Additional question : In which industries is the customer churn a particularly strategic performance indicator? (mobile phones?, automobile? Cosmetics…). Explain how an industry would act against customer churn.2.How would you explain the failure of the Nabztag rabbit ? (for French speaking students) : i. product design (features, functionalities)ii. business model : market addressed,iii. revenue model : nature & number of revenue sources ; leverages associated with each.iv. distribution strategy v. product life cycle strategyAdditional question : what would you have recommended for each of the above items? 3.Using Ansoff Matrix approach, - please find an example for each of the 4 Ansoff strategies (market penetration, product development, market development, diversification)- for each example, please itemize the risks faced with the strategy chosen and suggest an alternative Ansoff strategy (make sure to specify the merits of the alternative strategy that you suggest).4. Can you characterize your country’s national innovation system? i- please list up existing government agencies and their respective roles : 1.R&D, 2.clustering, 3.Intellectual property protection, 4.nursing, financial support to innovators, of researchers)ii- what are the strengths and weaknesses of your country’s systems in terms of : Production of R&D (number of researchers, number of patents, number of university patents)Infrastructures for innovation : ICT infrastructure, education system… 5. Please apply value analysis/value engineering methodology to a service or product of your choice, and : i- identify functions of the product/service ii-after making an assumption of each function’s cost (as a percentage of total cost of the product/service), make suggestions as to which function to suppress. 6. Blue Ocean Strategy / Google’s choatic Innovation system (refer to the reading assignment available online) i- How would you differentiate Blue and Red Ocean Strategies ii-what would you say is chaotic about Google’s innovation system? iii- what is your opinion about the efficiency of Google’s chaotic innovation system? <br />