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myShopi promotions platform - press release - april 2014

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myShopi promotions platform - press release - april 2014

  1. 1. myShopi hands out 10€ notes to residents of Spaarstraat Everyone saves with myShopi Brussels, 25 April 2014 – Over the past few days, residents of Spaarstraat/ Rue de l’Epargne (“Savings Street”) in Leuven, Ghent and Liège have been finding 10€ notes in their mailboxes. Rumour quickly spread of this generous philanthropist. And today, their identity has been revealed: the anonymous gifts were an initiative of myShopi, the leading provider in door-to-door communication and Belgium’s largest promotional platform. The marketing stunt came just a few months after the announcement of the acquisition of myShopi by BD group. The message is resoundingly clear: everyone can save a lot of money with myShopi. Spaarstraat wakes up with a surprise Since April 22nd, residents of Spaarstraat in Leuven and Ghent and Rue de l’Epargne in Liège have been waking up every day to find a 10€ note in their mailbox. A nice gift that raised many questions. But no, it was not the work of a mysterious philanthropist but part of a campaign devised by myShopi to mark the launch of the brand. Geert Schoenmaekers, CEO of BD group: ‘With myShopi, your mailbox is worth quite a bit of extra money. That’s the idea we’re sending with this marketing campaign. Every household can save money. Thanks to myShopi, it’s even easier to do that than ever before. The Spaarstraat was of course a logical choice; it’s a fun way to underscore our message.’ But what exactly is myShopi? myShopi, the fun of shopping starts here myShopi is a platform for creating digital shopping lists and collecting discount coupons. It has been highly successful both in Belgium and abroad with more than 420 000 downloads in Belgium alone. myShopi was established in 2011 by the start-up Agilys. In January 2014, BD group – leader in promotional door-to- door communication in Belgium – announced the acquisition of myShopi. The collaboration is aimed at grouping all the promotional advantages of both platforms under a single identity. Today, myShopi integrates the door-to-door flyers which consumers receive every week with a website and application. As such, the fully integrated on and offline platform provides consumers and advertisers with the best possible shopping experience.
  2. 2. Geert Schoenmaekers, CEO of BD group: ‘myShopi is Belgium’s number 1 promotional shopping platform. But it is much more than that. Beyond the purely promotional aspect, our goal is to inspire consumers. By bringing door-to-door leaflets, discount coupons and digital shopping lists together under one centralised location. As such, myShopi makes shopping an enjoyable experience for everyone.’ Thanks to myShopi, consumers can find weekly promotions not only in their mailbox but also via smartphone and tablet applications or on the website ‘This is another big advantage for our customers, advertisers, as we can offer them an opportunity to maximise contact with both traditional consumers and “digital” shoppers,’ says Geert Schoenmaekers. Look out for myShopi in your mailbox or on myShopi is also available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone ### END PRESS RELEASE ### For more information or for an interview, please contact: Geert Schoenmaekers – CEO BD group Tel: 02/756 96 52 Email: About BD group BD group is the leader and undisputed marketing specialist in promotional door- to-door communication in Belgium and Italy. Thanks to their unique, flexible and highly effective network, BD delivers a range of promotional packages, custom materials and creative services with a high attention value to 4.39 million Belgian mailboxes every week. Via its consumer brand myShopi, BD Group represents Belgium’s number 1 multichannel promotional platform. Since 2011, BD group has been a part of NPM Capital, a division of SHV holdings. BD group employs 620 people and realised a turnover of €134 million in 2012. More information: and myShopi in a nutshell:  Weekly promotional leaflets in 4.39 million mailboxes  3.4 million downloads of the app for smartphone and tablet  with all current promotional leaflets and many other benefits  Discount coupons and exclusive promotions  Recipe ideas  Practical information about stores  Inspiration: before, during and after shopping