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BDVe Webinar Series - Toreador Intro - Designing Big Data pipelines


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In the Internet of Everything, huge volumes of multimedia data are generated at very high rates by heterogeneous sources in various formats, such as sensors readings, process logs, structured data from RDBMS, etc. The need of the hour is setting up efficient data pipelines that can compute advanced analytics models on data and use results to customize services, predict future needs or detect anomalies. This Webinar explores the TOREADOR conversational, service-based approach to the easy design of efficient and reusable analytics pipelines to be automatically deployed on a variety of cloud-based execution platforms.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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BDVe Webinar Series - Toreador Intro - Designing Big Data pipelines

  1. 1. BDVe Webinar Series Designing Big Data pipelines with TOREADOR February, 12th 2019 Tomás Pariente
  2. 2. Webinars essentials Technical Cross- cutting Business VALUE Periodicity Monthly, first or second Tuesday at 12 CET TRACKS ▪ Showcasing Big Data PPP projects and topics of interest ▪ The goal is to show the VALUE of big data both from the TECHNICAL & BUSINESS perspectives ▪ Next topics o Big Data in Manufacturing o Big data in Agriculture and Bioeconomy o Big Data in the Public Sector by BigPolicyCanvas o Data Democratization o GDPR in brief o Big Data Education Hubs o Data privacy and security o Big data for SMEs o Copernicus data o And more… STAY TUNED:
  3. 3. Practical issues ▪ Maximum one hour ▪ Please, write questions in the chat ▪ Poll at the beginning ▪ Brief survey (two questions) after the webinar is finished POLL TIME
  4. 4. TODAY: Designing Big Data pipelines with TOREADOR Ernesto Damiani & Paolo Ceravolo
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