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BDVe Webinar Series - Ocean Protocol – Why you need to care about how you share data

Come and learn about Ocean Protocol, a blockchain powered infrastructure built specifically to enable data sharing. It addresses a lot of the challenging issues surrounding data privacy, trust, security, auditability, and control, which is a key factor hindering data sharing in the private sectors.

Dr Irene López de Vallejo, Tue, 11 Dec 2018

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BDVe Webinar Series - Ocean Protocol – Why you need to care about how you share data

  1. 1. Ocean ProtocolA decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI Dr. Irene Lopez de Vallejo – Founding Team Member Ocean Protocol - @ILdeV
  2. 2. From the Second Machine Age to the Convergence Ecosystem Megatrends
  3. 3. The Second machine Age - Inflection point
  4. 4. Convergence – the Emerging Web 3.0 Value Chain Web 2.0 Megatrends • mobile, social, and cloud Web 3.0 Megatrends • next-gen computing, AI, and crypto New data value chain across all industries: • Production (IoT, next-gen computing) • Distribution (crypto) • Consumption (AI) 4
  5. 5. Data Economy Context and Opportunity
  6. 6. Data is growing exponentially 1 ZB1 16 ZB2 2010 2016 2025 160+ ZB2 1) Source: Apixel 2) Source: Storagenewsletter
  7. 7. 1 ZB1 16 ZB2 2010 2016 2025 160+ ZB2 But only a small amount is analyzed and shared 1) Source: Apixel 2) Source: Storagenewsletter 3) McKinsey % of data analyzed3
  8. 8. AI is starving for data ▪ AI needs data ▪ Without data, AI models are not accurate ▪ 150 fundamental use cases across all industry sectors identified ▪ AI advances 6x faster, if data is available
  9. 9. AI and Data aren‘t connecting AI Start-ups & researchers Multinationals & governments ▪ Have algorithms ▪ ...but no data ▪ Have data ▪ ...and want to activate Disconnection
  10. 10. Data AI Expertise$
  11. 11. Data $ AI Expertise
  12. 12. ?Data Availability What are we trying to solve?
  13. 13. AI ?Data Availability for AI What are we trying to solve?
  14. 14. Data Sharing Enabling Data Supply Chains
  15. 15. Existing data sharing methods don‘t give data providers comfort to share data A market and technology failure to make data available Data providers need to feel safe before they can comfortably share data 1 2 3 4 5 6 Control Security Transparency Tracking Auditing Pricing 7 Compliance
  16. 16. Ocean Protocol A decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI
  17. 17. Ocean Protocol mission • Unlock data—make data ever more accessible to a broader range of people & organizations. • Human right to personal data privacy & consent — Privacy must be a first class citizen! • Spread of power—transparent governance • Spread of value—spread wealth creation among the community (vs a new oligarchy). • Work with the law
  18. 18. Ocean Protocol solves data sharing for all Stakeholders ▪ a decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI ▪ uses blockchain technology that allows data to be shared and transferred in a safe, secure and transparent manner ▪ enables a decentralized platform and network connecting providers and consumers of valuable data, and providing open access for developers to build services
  19. 19. Why blockchain? Traditional Data Exchange Decentralised Future Rigid, bespoke solutions Automation by protocol Difficult to track and audit Immutable record and provenance Manual audit and verification Cryptographic Proof Point to point Ecosystem Complex negotiated agreements Market Pricing + Commons
  20. 20. Key Ecosystem Participants Properties of the ecosystem ▪ Shared environment ▪ Value exchange ▪ Incentives ▪ Decentralised
  21. 21. The Ocean Protocol Token (OCN) is a vehicle for building trust & is the means of value exchange and network incentivization Earn OCN for selling Data Earn OCN for supporting the network Earn OCN for publishing public data ▪ Publish data for sale with a variety of pricing mechanisms ▪ Maintain full control ▪ Comply with regulation ▪ Provide validation and verification services for the network ▪ Store blockchain history of transactions ▪ Publish, curate and conserve public data to earn minting rewards It has super powers! • Align network socio-economic incentives (reward work & good behaviour) • Means to understand and measure the value of data • Ecosystem growth = network ownership + token incentivisation Data marketplaces earn OCN ▪ Curate and publish data to Ocean Protocol to find new buyers
  22. 22. Asset access rules are controlled by publishers Open Qualified ● Any actor may access once consumption rights are purchased Restricted Private ● Actors may access if they meet qualifying criteria ● Actors may access only if they are explicitly trusted by the publisher ● No actors other than the publisher may access Most convenient Most secure Access rules Example use case ● Econometric aggregate data available to all for a fixed price ● Experimental data available only to certified educational institutions ● Sales data shared among a group of collaborating companies ● Patient level healthcare data kept private within a hospital
  23. 23. Benefits for Data scientists (1) • Way more data. (a) More commons data via network rewards and (b) more enterprise data with less worry of data escapes via access to on- premise compute.
  24. 24. Benefits for Data scientists (2) • Crypto-secured provenance in data & AI training • Ocean Protocol extends the capabilities of transparency around data sharing process – Static data sharing (blockchain) – Dynamic data sharing (smart contract) – Dynamic programme (AI model) • Enables complex data provenance – Static provenance (data heritage, cause and effect) – Dynamic provenance (data processing for AI)
  25. 25. Benefits for Data scientists (3) • More income opportunities. For generating data. For cleaning, labelling, and feature engineering data. For curating and serving up data & services Ocean Protocol Data Consumptio n Production Curation Privacy Discovery Governanc e Delivery Ocean is a backbone for a new Data Economy
  26. 26. Ocean Demo Use Case Data Sharing Between Research Institutes and Data Scientists
  27. 27. NNI Stores the data on Server NNI registers the data as asset on Ocean Discoverable data asset on Ocean (1) Data scientist discovers the data asset Data science environment pulls and loads the data asset Buy Request Loaded on Data Science environment Data scientist works on data (Modelling) Data scientist analyses on Zeppelin NB Data scientist registers the Notebook on Ocean as asset Discoverable asset on Ocean (2) User data from Motion sensors Example Data Supply Chain
  28. 28. Consumer Service Provider Asset Storage Publisher Ocean CLI Browser Web App Data Science Environment National Neuroscience Institute data expert Data scientist at healthcare start-up Secure Sandbox Ocean Decentralised Keeper Network Parkinson’s Dataset: 3D Motion Data Metadata Storage Architecture
  29. 29. Data Scientist Contract * Service * Access * Condition Contract * Service * Access * Condition Data Owner Service Owner Keepers Verifiers Proofs & Challenges Accounts, Contracts & Reward Curators Discovery, Opinion & Governance Compute Tribe Data Tribe Decentralized Access Control Dispute Resolution
  30. 30. Roadmap 1 2 3 Contract * Service * Access * Condition Contract * Service * Access * Condition Contract * Service * Access * Condition Plankton “Tap into Data Science tools” ● Decentralized Access Control ● Simple service contracts ● Centralized OceanDB Trilobyte “Signal data assets” ● Asset Discovery ● Initial curation ● Distributed OceanDB ● Simple Marketplace Tethys “Promote verified services” ● Verified service contracts ● Incentives for the commons ● Knowledge Tribes 3
  31. 31. Use Cases Active collaborations and success stories
  32. 32. Lead Users & Key Partners to Kickstart the Ecosystem Singapore government Agencies & Authorities Example industry partners Technical & Service partners ▪ Singapore lead government partner ▪ Enables regulatory sandboxes ▪ Close collaboration to provide over- sight, compliance and indemnify Industry Commons ▪ Provide data ▪ Consume data ▪ Act as partners during development sprints ▪ Expertise in governance, tax, legal and regulation ▪ Support in IT, Security, token launches Tax Data Governance Legal Computing Security Cloud Computing
  33. 33. Unique Trusted Data Framework DEX, PwC Singapore, and the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) has formed a collaboration to develop a Trust Framework on Ocean Protocol and reference marketplace solution that enables safe, trusted, scalable and effective data exchange. The Trust Framework is to address each stakeholder’s trust requirements for data sharing and related transactions and outlines specific solutions to ensure trust in the entire ecosystem.
  34. 34. DRFT • Inform participants, industry partners, regulators and general public what solutions and mechanisms Ocean Protocol offers to establish trustworthiness of assets, services, transactions and counterparties • Describe good practices for trust that marketplaces and service providers should implement • Provide answers to participant-specific trust concerns Data sharing requires Trust Framework Trust and trustworthiness Objective of Trust Framework (Open Licence) • Trust: “Belief that an entity will behave in a predictable manner while performing specific functions, in specific environments and under specified conditions or circumstances”1 • Trustworthiness: “Attribute of an entity that provides confidence to others of the qualifications, capabilities and reliability of that entity to perform specific tasks and fulfill assigned responsibilities”1 1 NIST Special Publication 800-39, Managing Information Security Risk Need for trust in data sharing ecosystem • Trustworthiness in a data sharing ecosystem hinges on objective verification of robustness, transparency, fairness, security and regulatory compliance of underlying processes • Foundational trust will be provided by the trustless design of Ocean Protocol network • Corporate participants will look for additional trust mechanisms and solutions that are not directly codified into the Ocean Protocol but are implemented in off-chain layers
  35. 35. DRAFT Trust Framework component Example trust concern Participant identity Who are the counterparties I am dealing with? What is their track record? Asset and service credibility How do I verify that assets or services conform to expectations, agreements or claims? Value How do I know that value has been exchanged fairly and securely? Privacy How can I be sure that personal data is handled in a responsible and compliant manner? Control How can I restrict and control access to assets or services that I own? Provenance Who is the original author or creator of an asset or service? What rights do they have? Security How are my assets and interests protected from harm or unauthorised access? Trust Framework addresses shared concerns
  36. 36. Use Cases Development Sprints
  37. 37. Development Sprints ▪ Industry led regulatory sandboxes that provide an approved legal and regulatory framework for data sharing by industry and government alike ▪ Replicable programmes consisting of collaboratives, where data publishers, data consumers, solution developers and technology providers collaboratively work together to solve business challenges in a safe regulatory environment ▪ Private sector led
  38. 38. 7 industry-led sprints within regulatory sandboxes Mobility Financial service Healthcare Utility Built-up Environment Retail Agri-tech
  39. 39. Empowering HEALTHCARE innovation through DATA & AI Ocean Protocol AI4GOOD / AI COMMONS CONNECTEDLIFE / DIGITAL HELIX DR FRANZ MJ PFISTER, MD, MBA #AIforGood
  40. 40. NO COLLABORATION Healthcare is DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR access to innovation Improved Quality Personalized Care Public Health Cost Improvement Business Model Innovation
  41. 41. Improved Quality Personalized Care Public Health Cost Improvement Business Model Innovation DEMOCRATIZING DATA & AI Problem Owners Problem Solvers #AIforGood
  42. 42. GitHub
  43. 43. Ambassador Programme
  44. 44. Ambassador Programme
  45. 45. Bounties
  46. 46. Ocean Protocol Blog
  47. 47. Dive into Ocean! • • 200 Ocean Tokens • TODAY 11 December 2018 ONLY! • Between 13:00 pm – 15:00 pm CET • For the BDVA community
  48. 48. Let’s use blockchain to connect Data and AI We can build a new Data Economy that unlocks data and value... … and gives power to data owners