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BDVe Webinar Series - Copernicus - Startup Programme (Francesco Barbato)


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Francesco Barbato, Policy Officer at the European Commission, is going to explain the opportunities for start-ups around Copernicus data. Don’t miss it!

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BDVe Webinar Series - Copernicus - Startup Programme (Francesco Barbato)

  1. 1. Copernicus EU Copernicus EU Copernicus EU C o p e r n i c u s S t a r t - u p P r o g r a m m e FrancescoBARBATO Policy Officer European Commission – DG GROW I.3
  2. 2. Copernicus The objective of Copernicus 2 "Copernicus shall monitor the Earth to supporttheprotectionof the environmentand the effortsof civil protection andsecurity"(Copernicus Regulation2014)
  3. 3. Copernicus In brief • Copernicus is the largest programme in the world to monitor our planet • Copernicus data policy: free and open for everybody 3
  4. 4. Copernicus Copernicus in one slide 4 Data and Information Access Service(DIAS) and user support Users
  5. 5. Copernicus 5 SENTINEL-1: 4-40mresolution,6 days revisit at equator Polar-orbiting,all-weather, day-and-night radarimaging 2 Sats in orbit SENTINEL-2: 10-60mresolution,5 days revisit time 2 Sats in Orbit Polar-orbiting,multispectral optical,high-res imaging SENTINEL-3: 300-1200mresolution,<2 days revisit 2 Sats in Orbit Optical andaltimetermission monitoringsea and land parameters SENTINEL-5p: 7-68kmresolution,1 day revisit Atmosphere chemistry monitoring 1 Sat in Orbit The Copernicus Sentinels Satellites
  6. 6. Copernicus 6 The Copernicus Services Marine Climate change Land Security Emergency Atmosphere
  7. 7. Copernicus Copernicus Applications 7
  8. 8. Copernicus The Copernicus start-up programme 8
  9. 9. Copernicus The Copernicus hackathons 9 o20 Copernicus hackathons are organised every year throughoutEurope.The next batch of 10 is to be published during March 2019. oObjective: support entrepreneurs and new Copernicus applications oKey elements: oMulti-disciplinary teams oAccess to all Copernicus data oCollaboration with local partners
  10. 10. Copernicus The Copernicus Masters 10 o A competition of start-ups taking place every year o More than 10 differentchallenges proposed by differentorganizations o Each winner receives10,000 Euros and access to the CopernicusAccelerator o Apply in Spring 2019
  11. 11. Copernicus The Copernicus Accelerator 11 o A year of coaching with a personal mentor o 2 inspiring Bootcamps in 2 different locations in Europe, with all costs covered by the EU. o In 2008 the bootcamp took place during the EU Space Week in Marseille in December 2018. o Online business courses o Access to the largest network for geospatial start-ups in Europe
  12. 12. Copernicus The Copernicus Incubation Programme 12 o The Commission finances the incubations of 20 start-ups every year o 50,000 euros for each start-up o Apply with the incubator of your choice o Call is permanently open (evaluation every 3 months)
  13. 13. Copernicus The Copernicus Data Access and Information Platforms (DIAS) 13
  14. 14. Copernicus EU Copernicus EU Copernicus EU T h a n k yo u