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BDV Marketplace essentials - BDVe Innovation Marketplace


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The BDV Innovation Marketplace aims at the promotion of innovation results of the Big Data PPP projects and results to a wider public by means of an interactive interface that enables matching the big data solutions demand and supply side, as well as facilitating the interaction between all participants. These webcasts explain the motivation and benefits of the innovation marketplace, complemented with a “walkthrough” guide explaining how to add new big data solutions or search for existing ones.

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BDV Marketplace essentials - BDVe Innovation Marketplace

  1. 1. BDVe Webinar Series BDVe Innovation Marketplace Susanne Kuehrer, EIT Digital May 16th 2019, 12:00 CEST STAY TUNED:
  2. 2. • Promotion of innovation results of the Big Data PPP to a wider public • Provide a catalogue of solutions from ALL BDV PPP funded projects • Set-up of an interactive Market Place matching demand and supply side • Facilitate interaction between all participants 🡪 Scope
  3. 3. • Additional tool for dissemination and exploitation your results • Outreach to potential customers or collaboration partners (demand – supply side) • Outreach to investors (for SMEs) • Active support in matchmaking (moderated fora) What is in for you - Benefits
  4. 4. • Information about your solutions: through online upload (support from BDVe and webinars available): • Identify potential missing information (in online form) needed for attracting demand side/investors • Support in identifying the demand side What we need from you
  5. 5. The process Short webinar about how to add your innovation available here: ▪ Access to Marketplace: ▪ Log in or create new user ▪ Upload your solution (BDVe offering support if needed) o Add the mandatory fields o Include video if possible o Tip: add a good description of each of the fields in the form (check other solutions as examples) ▪ Review process: o If information sufficient: content will be published o If missing info: request to project to add/modify information + resubmission ▪ Solution published
  6. 6. • Collection of information and interviews until mid-June 2019 • Creation of Demand side Ongoing 2019 • Public launch of Innovation Marketplace at BDV PPP Summit in Riga end of June 2019 Next steps