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This is the Novmeber 2011 issue of 'BDPAToday' distributed by our BDPA Washington DC chapter.

♦ Industry News: The United States Marine Corps celebrates its 236th Birthday; Annual Supercomputing Conference (SC11) held in Seattle, WA...

♦ Chapter News: National BDPA honors BDPA Chapter Veterans who proudly served their country...

♦ GOV 2.0: The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has expanded several programs and hiring incentives for U.S. Veterans via:

♦ Careers: Set sail on an exciting career with the United States Marine Corps defending America's Cyber Domain. Other opportunities with JPMorgan Chase and TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) also are featured...

♦ Marketplace:
SC11 - Large and small IT firms are offering cloud, virtualization, and cybersecurity solutions for "Big Data". Discover high performance computing (HPC)...

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Newsletter: BDPA Washington DC (Nov 2011)

  1. 1. November 20112011 Supercomputing Conference – Page 7 High Performance Computing Edition 11.11 | Volume 36 Jeopardy champ IBM Watson computing system featured at SC11SEATTLE, WA—Attendees at SC11 will have the opportunity to match wits in a game ofJeopardy!® with IBM’s Watson computing system. SC11 will take place in the Washington StateConvention and Trade Center in Seattle from Nov. 12-18. Watson will be featured in a kiosk located on the 6th floor of the convention and trade center, separate from the main IBM booth. The kiosk is a version of the full IBM Power Systems-based Watson system that competed on the game show. Watson represents a significant advance in a computer’s ability to understand context in human language – a technology with Supercomputing Logo © SC11 potential applications in such domains as SEE OTHER EVENT DETAILS ON PAGE 7 medicine. As has been demonstrated in some well-publicized contests, man versus computer in a game of Jeopardy is not the mismatch one might imagine. Understanding the complexities of natural language, Engineer Ron Kulak stands in front of a visualization of water flowing which comes naturally to humans, is an extraordinary challenge for around bridge supports. The redder colors represent faster flow rates. High-performance computing provides engineers with the computers. ability to visualize the flow in unique detail. Photo: Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) Nonetheless, Watson’s ability to employ hundreds of algorithms See SC11 continued on page 8
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  4. 4. Government 2.0 BDPA Government Relations | Industry & Regional News "There is only one place for the veterans of America, in the Cabinet Room, at the table with the President of the United States of America." United States Veterans Administration (VA) The VA now needs new employees with a wide variety of technical skill sets and professions to include:Washington, D.C. — The establishment of the VeteransAdministration came in 1930 when Congress authorized • Systems Analyststhe President to "consolidate and coordinate Government • Application Developersactivities affecting war veterans." The three component • Electronic Health Record Techniciansagencies became bureaus within the Veterans • Network Service TechniciansAdministration. Brigadier General Frank T. Hines, whodirected the Veterans Bureau for seven years, was named If one has the energy, compassion and commitment toas the first Administrator of Veterans Affairs, a job he held help serve Americas veterans, this featured site also willuntil 1945. acquaint you with career paths within VA that most closely matches your expertise, passion, and ambitions.The VA health care system has grown from 54 hospitals in1930, to include 171 medical centers; more than 350 Whatever the job title, every position in VA will giveoutpatient, community, and outreach clinics; 126 nursing BDPA members a chance to make a meaningful andhome care units; and 35 domiciliaries. VA health care personal contribution to the lives of some truly specialfacilities provide a broad spectrum of medical, surgical, and deserving people.and rehabilitative care. The responsibilities and benefitsprograms of the Veterans Administration grew Working for VA is one of the most emotionally satisfyingenormously during the following six decades. World War II and professionally rewarding ways to dedicate the bestresulted in not only a vast increase in the veteran within you to your countrys service.population, but also in large number of new benefitsenacted by the Congress for veterans of the war. The Those who already work at VA feel privileged to assistWorld War II GI Bill, signed into law on June 22, 1944, is the men and women who have defended our country.said to have had more impact on the American way of life Gratitude is our motivation and service is our mission.than any law since the Homestead Act more than acentury ago. Further educational assistance acts were The Department of Veterans Affairs is much more thanpassed for the benefit of veterans of the Korean Conflict, just another employer. It is an honorable, open andthe Vietnam Era, Persian Gulf War, and the All-Volunteer welcoming community of those who care. AmericasForce. veterans need you. btThe Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was established Source: a Cabinet-level position on March 15, 1989. PresidentBush hailed the creation of the new Department saying,BDPA, formerly known as Black Data Processing Associates, was founded in 1975 to promote professionalgrowth and technical development for those in or entering information, communications, or technology(ICT) oriented fields of interest and related industries. BDPA Chapters publish quarterly or monthlynewsletters. For newsletter or web portal advertising rates, publication schedules, online calendars, and e-newsletters, contact regional or local BDPA offices by visiting or by calling1.800.727.2372 (BDPA). bdpatoday (ISSN 1946-1429) is published by participating Local Chapters ofNBDPA with their respective chapter Communications Committees, mailed to BDPA members, BDPAcorporate sponsors and electronically delivered to BDPA Chapters and Chapter Interest Groups (CIGs) as abenefit of membership. First Class and Periodicals postage paid at Washington, D.C. and additional regionalmailing offices. Unless otherwise noted by own copyright, art and graphics © NBDPA, © BDPA-DC, ©Corbis, © Getty Images, and ©JupiterImagesTM. Cover graphics, photos and logos: SC11, LLNL, BDPA-DCand bdpatoday. bdpatoday is available for immediate publishing of ICT industry, chapter news, andcommunity IT events. Forward corporate advertisements, articles, events, or images to: National High School Computer Readers also may use BDPA Groupsites to review upcoming events. The appearance August 1 - 4, 2012—Baltimore, MDof industry sponsors and advertisements is neither an endorsement nor a product or service guarantee from 800.727.BDPA (2372) | www.bdpa.orgeither party, third-party vendors, or suppliers. bdpatoday Page 4
  5. 5. 201 Ve ans D @ BDP 11 etera Day PALargo,  MD  –  Since  its  inception  in  1975,  NBDPA,  and  many  non 1 n‐profit  organizations  (NPOs like  it  have  had  s) volunteerrs come and go o.  However, w within BDPA’s  ranks across t he United Stat tes and abroad d, several chap pters have  been  fortunate  en nough  to  have military  veterans  answering  the  local  NP call  to  duty to  help  fill  vo e  PO  y  oids,  ects, chair comlead proje mmittees, provi ide thought leaadership, and offer technical l assistance to local commun nities   where  heelp is most urg gently needed d.  What followws is an execut tive summary  of  NBDPA’s v veterans who h have  The Honorable  B. J. P Penn honorablyy served our nation. Featured are their cur rrent or previous roles with BBDPA, contribu utions to NBDP PA as  United States N Navy  active BDPA members o over the past 3 36 years, and nnotable achiev vements. Join ttoday and mee et some of them at  Lifeti ime BDPA Member your  next BDPA  event  or  during  next year’s  Nation BDPA  Tech t  t  nal  hnology  Conference  in  Baltim more,    August  1‐4,   Acting g SECNAV [FY09]2012. Nattional BDPA thanks all U.S. Ve eterans for the eir service to our country andd sacrifice.                                   bt   2009 N NBDPA Keynote Speaker  Dr. Je esse Bemley y  Dr. W William Bun ndy  Perry Carteer  Arvilla Crawf A ford  Mark Di Franc M cisco  U.S. Ar rmy | Vietnam  U.S. Navy  U.S S. Marine Co orps  U.S. Air Forcce  U.S. Army | S U SOF  Washington, D.C   BDPA W C. BDDPA Rhode Island  , D.C.  BDPA Washington, BDPA Dayton, OH  B BD OR CIG  DPA Portland, OFounded  NNBDPA’s  High  Sc chool  Served  as  an  NBDPA  Outside  a Servess on  Goveernment  Serves as  Chapter  Lia s  aison  for  Serve as  NBDPA  liaison  to  es Computer  Competition  (HS SCC),  Director,  developed  Epsilon  Relatio teams,  Chaire 1990  ons  ed  corporate  relations,  Chapter  Socie ety  of  Infformation founded  NB BDPA’s    IT  Showc case;  Awards  program,  develop p ped  and  Conference,  1988  Chie HSCC  ef  Sponssor,  Chapter  Outside  Mana agement  (SIM);  P President introduced  TeraGrid  and  launched  BDPA  IT  Institu with  ute  Judge;;  Chapter  Pr resident,  Direct tor,  and  assists  chapter  of Premier Event Mana agement, Supercompu uting  to  NBDPA;  Auburn  University,  serv ves  on  Studen Chapter  Co‐F nt  Founder,  HSCC Directors  the  f firm  which  facilit tates  the Chapter  P President;  publishes  NBDPA  award  selection  boards  a NBDPA A’s  first  web bmaster,  CIO  Forum  &  Exec cutive  IT NBDPA’s Conference Proceedings.  and Speciial Advisor to NEC  patoday.  founding publisher  bdp Summ   mit. Eilee en Gadsden  John Hoffler  Ho oward Jamess, Jr.  Jo oseph McMa ahon  Jos se Márquez‐‐Leon  U.S. Army  U U.S. Navy  U.S. Army U.S. Navy y  U.S. Army y  BDPA PPhiladelphia, PA  A BDPA Greenville, S   SC BD DPA Philadelphia a, PA A Northern Virginia, VA  BDPA BDP PA Atlanta, GA | LISTAServes  as  Chapter  Presid dent‐ Currently  serves  as  N National  Served as  Chapter  Pr d  resident,  Co‐Founded  two  BDPA  Natio onal  President  and CEO  of  d Elect oversseeing the chaptter’s  Director  of  Proffessional  Chapter  Executive  Coommitte  Chaptters:  BDPA  Baton  Rouge  LISTA (Latinos  in  Info A  ormation tri‐state  C CS‐STEM  and  HHSCC  Developm ment;  served  as  Chapter  and  N NBOD  Member;  Chapter  and  BDPA  Hampton Roads;  n  Scien nces  and  Tec chnology  President (BDPA  Greenvi t  ille  and  Sponsor  and  Student  Chapter  served as  Chapter  P d  President,  Assocciation);  Gov vernment engagements,  event  logisstics,  BDPA  St.  Louis);  is  an  NROTC  Mentoor/Liaison  Chaptter Sponsor; NBDP PA liaision  Relat tions;  NBDPA  lia aison  to recruitmen nt,  and  Cha apter  graduate from M.I.T. with aa degree  to DONCIO , SPAWAR, a and ONR  Conggressional Hispanicc Caucus operations s.  in Physics   s.  Nor rman Mays  Pablo More  P Curtis Rober C rts  Louis Shack  Michael K. Ty M yson  U.S. Army  U U.S. Navy  U.S. Navy y  U.S. Army U. .S. Marine C Corps  A Cleveland, OH  BDPA DPA Orlando, FL  BD L BDPA Washington, , D.C. BD n, D.C.  DPA Washington BDPA Baltimore, B , MDCo‐Founded two  BDPA  Chap d  pters:  Chapter  Presidents’  Liai ison  to  Served as  National  HSCC  d  2010  Chapter  Member  of  The  HSCC C  Director,  Chapter BDPA Washington, D.C. and B BDPA  NBDPA  Eecutive  Com mmittee;  Logistician,  on‐site  Ope erations;  Year;  Regional  HSCC  Sponsor,  Sponsor,  Chapter  P President; Cleveland:  established  BDPA IT  A  Chapter  Sponsor;  Chapter  Education  Committee 2009   e;  Chaptter  HSCC  Directo HSCC  or,  onal HSCC Co‐Spon   Regio nsor ternational relatio  Corps for int ons Presidentt and NBOD Memb   ber ComSc ci Fellow at NOAA  A Instructor, and Chapter Sponsor   bdpatoday Page 5 ww ww.bdpatoda
  6. 6. NBDPA Industry News NBDPA Corporate Relations | NBDPA, BETF, and Local Chapters U.S. Marine Corps Celebrates its 236th Birthday on November 10thWashington, D.C.–NBDPA Chapters, Corporate Sponsors, entrepreneurs, and BDPA members are invited to join U.S.Marines, Department of the Navy personnel, and other veterans this month as America celebrates its rich Sea ServiceHeritage. For NBDPA Chapters collocated with Marine Corps installations or NROTC Units, check local calendars forrelated commemorative events.From the Classroom to the Boardroom: The United States Marine Corps and National BDPA will continue their richtraditions in direct support of community-based CS-STEM programs, research and development (R&D), and Cyber domaindominance. Ongoing success stories follow. National BDPA and BDPA chapters have received support for its CS-STEM programs from the United States Marine Corps and U.S. Marines throughout its rich history. (Left photo, L-R) Lieutenant General Walter Gaskin, USMC, Deputy Chairman, NATO Military Committee and Perry Carter, President, BDPA-DC, honor Montford Point Marines during recent Montford Point Marine Association (MPMA) ceremonies in Northern Virginia. Marines support BDPA Chapters and other local non-profit organizations (NPOs) within the United States and abroad by attending STEM and technology conferences (center photo) and supporting non-military scholarships for minority students who are CIS or STEM majors. Next February, the U.S. Marine Corps will host Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA) 2012 Stars and Stripes Banquet in Philadelphia. Stars and Stripes is one of the nation’s largest events honoring both active and retired African American admirals, generals and members of the Senior Executive Service (SES). Each year the host of Stars and Stripes alternates between the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Marines assigned to the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) in Quantico, Virginia (left photo) are shown serving as judges during NBDPA’s Regional High School Computer Competition (HSCC) events at Bowie State University. Next year, National BDPA will host its National Technology Conference in Baltimore, Maryland from August 1-4, 2012. BDPA student members or veterans interested in launching exciting careers with Marine Forces Cyber Command (MARFORCYBER) or other offices within the Department of the Navy in Central Maryland or Washington, D.C. should contact a local chapter for additional information and points of contact. Semper Fidelis! photos © bdpatoday bdpatoday Page 6
  7. 7. NBDPA Industry News NBDPA Corporate Relations | NBDPA, BETF, and Local Chapters Jeopardy Champ IBM Watson Computing System Featured at SC11SC11 from cover pagesimultaneously to process human language and rapidly retrieve answers from its massive database makes it aformidable competitor as Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter found out earlier this year whenthey took on the machine at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Laboratory in Yorktown, New York. Watson won,earning a grand total of $77,147 in a three-day contest, but not without struggling with some questions.Highlights are now available on YouTube .The Watson kiosk will offer four topic areas to explore; allowing attendees to learn more about the technology,the Watson machine itself and next steps for the Watson system. The fourth of these areas is the Jeopardygame. Those who choose to compete against the machine will be able to see the probabilities Watson calculatedin formulating answers. Just as in the television version, contestants will be able to choose a question categoryand dollar amount, though there will be no host, and contestants will be on their honor for scoring.“In addition to injecting an element of fun into SC11, Watson will show a dimension of computing that offerssome intriguing future possibilities,” said Scott Lathrop, SC11 General Chair. “In keeping with the theme forSC11, Watson offers one more way of ‘connecting communities through HPC.’”Eddie Epstein of IBM will present “The IBM Jeopardy! Challenge” as part of the SC11 technical program. This talkwill give an overview of the IBM Jeopardy! Challenge, including problem challenges, the algorithm approach, thescale out implementation and the highly iterative development process used to develop the Watson system.Future uses of the technology will also be touched on. The Masterworks presentation will be held at 4:15 p.m.Wednesday, Nov. 16, in The Conference Center rooms 301/302 (directly across the street from the WashingtonState Convention and Trade Center). Watson is bound to find some worthy challengers at SC11. bdpatoday Page 8
  8. 8. NBDPA Industry News NBDPA Corporate Relations | NBDPA, BETF, and Local Chapters High Performance Computing HPCMP ObjectivesLorton, VA - The High Performance Computing Modernization • Establish a world class capability, within the DoD, toProgram (HPCMP) was initiated in 1992 in response to apply high performance computation to solve DoDcongressional direction to modernize the Department of problemsDefense (DoD) laboratories high performance computing • Ensure military advantage and warfighting superiority(HPC) capabilities. The HPCMP was assembled out of a on the 21st century battlefield through the use of highcollection of small high performance computing departments, performance information technologieseach with a rich history of supercomputing experience thathad independently evolved within the Army, Air Force, and • Strengthen national prominence and preeminence byNavy laboratories and test centers. advancing critical technologies and expertise in high performance computingOur military gains strength through technology. The DoD • Support the HPC needs of the defense science &HPCMP team, under the leadership of Mr. Cray Henry, technology (S&T) and test and evaluation (T&E)provides the supercomputer technology and know-how the communitiesDepartment’s scientists and engineers use every day topreserve our nation’s resources and develop new technologies HPCMP Goalsto keep America strong. Commitment to support the Warfighter and protect our nation drives the HPCMP mission. To accomplish this mission, theHPC tools solve complicated and time-consuming HPCMP focuses on three goals:problems. Researchers expand their toolkit to solve modernmilitary and security problems using HPC hardware and • Enable warfighting solutions by architecting, deployingsoftware applications. Through HPC solutions, projects gain and sustaining advanced high performanceknowledge to protect our military through new weapons computational and network capabilities for DoDsystems for overseas deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq andassist long-term weather predictions to plan humanitarian and • Advance DoD mission effectiveness through development and deployment of innovative practicesmilitary operations throughout the world. in high performance computing and communications hardware, software, algorithms, services, educationDedicated to and inspired by the technical community it and technical expertisesupports, the HPCMP promotes collaborative relationshipsamong scientists and engineers and mentors and • Contribute as visionaries and thought leaders to thestudents. The HPCMP shifts the paradigm of science and HPC community-advance computational science andtechnology with HPC advancements in simulation now equal to its application to DoD needsdevelopmental live experimentation. To prepare Americansfor these innovations, the HPCMP conducts outreach programs The DoD HPCMP also created the Joint Educationalon a national scale. Opportunities for Minorities (JEOM) Program for students from underrepresented groups, who are pursuing studies in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)Collectively, HPCMP training and career development offers disciplines.opportunities for young people to work with seasoned andwell-respected scientists and engineers, located at DoD Every component in the HPCMP organization supports one orlaboratories and test centers across the country. With more of the above listed goals. At annual joint meetingsguidance and exposure to HPC resources, these young consisting of Configuration Steering Board (CSB)/OverarchingAmericans can become skilled professionals in the federal Integrated Product Team (OIPT)/High Performance Computingworkforce. Advisory Panel (HPCAP) members, the HPCMP reports successes and sets new goals and priorities for the upcomingThe HPCMP’s mentorship and collaboration foster the DoD year. Visit their web site for related career, internships, andHPC community to advance technology and improve the contracting opportunities: btcapabilities and effectiveness of the Warfighter and the DoD. bdpatoday Page 9
  9. 9. NBDPA Chapter & Career Events BDPA Community Relations | NBDPA, BETF, and Local Chapters AMERICA’S TOP JOB$ recently listed “The Best Jobs in America 2011” and also posted their “Jobs Outlook” for 2011. Both are listed below to assist career planning with corporate research and due diligence prior to attending this fall’sBDPA members and BDPA student members regional or local chapter fundraisers, career fairs, andinterested in IT careers in New York or Washington professional networking events. Blue = Best outlook.D.C. with SiriusXM Satellite Radio are invited to 2011 Job Outlook Best JOB$ in America 2011review current openings now available online. Information Technology Mathematician | avg. $94,178Washington, D.C. — SIRIUS XM Radio is Americas Sales Actuary| avg. $87,204satellite radio company delivering to subscribers Customer Service Software Engineer | avg. $87,140commercial-free music channels, premier sports, news, Engineering Meteorologist | avg. $85,210talk, entertainment, and traffic and weather. Technology Systems Analyst | avg. $77,153 Administrative Biologist | avg. $74,238SIRIUS XM Radio has content relationships with an array Business Development Statistician | avg. $73,208of personalities and artists, including Howard Stern, Martha Marketing Dental Hygienist |avg. $67,107Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Rosie ODonnell, Jamie Foxx, Accounting & Finance Historian | avg. $63,208Barbara Walters, Opie & Anthony, Bubba the Love Research & Development Audiologist | avg. $63,144Sponge®, Bob Edwards, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, JimmyBuffett, The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan andTom Petty. Chapter Announcements and Events NBDPA, Participating BDPA Chapters, and Affiliate CIGsSIRIUS XM Radio is the leader in sports programming as th th Friday, November 4 – 5 2011the Official Satellite Radio Partner of the NFL, Major National BDPA Board of Directors and HSCC Coordinators MeetingsLeague Baseball®, NASCAR®, NBA, NHL®, and PGA BDPA Columbus, OH | Cloud Computing & VirtualizationTOUR® and major college sports. th Monday, November 7 2011 Local BDPA Chapter Program MeetingSIRIUS XM Radio has arrangements with every majorautomaker. SIRIUS XM Radio products are available at BDPA iRadio Talk-Show (Powered by BETF via the Internet) th Tuesday, November 8 and, and at retail NBDPA’s Power networking Industry Talk Show hosted by Franne McNeallocations nationwide, including Best Buy, RadioShack, Wal- thMart and independent retailers. BDPA Chicago, IL | 11 Annual Diversity Career Fair th Wednesday, November 9 2011SIRIUS XM Radio also offers SIRIUS Backseat TV, the first Annual Career and Internship Expoever live in-vehicle rear seat entertainment featuring BDPA Washington, DC | Annual Scholarship &Awards Banquet thNickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network; XM Wednesday, November 9 2011 Annual Scholarship & FundraiserNavTraffic® service for GPS navigation systems delivers BDPA Los Angeles, CA | NAACP Diversity Career Fairreal-time traffic information, including accidents and road th Tuesday, November 15 2011construction, for more than 80 North American markets. Annual Career and Internship Expo BDPA Atlanta, GA | Annual Scholarship & Awards BanquetImmediate IT opportunities for BDPA members are Wednesday, November 16 2011 thavailable online at Members also may Annual Scholarship & Fundraiserupdate their resumes with NBDPA at in advance BDPA St. Louis, MO | Meet the CIOof upcoming career fair and open house announcements. st Monday, November 21 2011A BDPA Open House and an IT Career Invitational with Local BDPA Chapter Program MeetingSiriusXM Satellite Radio featuring Washington, D.C. area December 2011 | IT Careers & InternshipsIT positions was held this past summer during the annual Advertising Deadline & Closing DateRegional Conference. A new event for BDPA’s Chapter of st - Monday, November 21 2011 Localthe Year, will be in New York. bt Chapter for December 2011. Visit bdpatoday Page 13
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  11. 11. Distinct Careers for Diverse ProfessionalsJPMorgan Chase embraces the diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives that every colleaguebrings to our organization.We’re looking for talented individuals to bring their insights to our many lines of business.A number of positions relative to your expertise as a guest or member of BDPA are available.Explore career opportunities at©2011 JPMorgan Chase & Co. All rights reserved. JPMorgan Chase is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer M/F/D/V
  12. 12. SC11 Communities Program Bolsters Global Fellowships and Broader Engagement (BE) Seattle, WA – Sponsored by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and IEEE Computer Society, this year’s SC conference series offers a complete technical education program and exhibition showcasing High Performance Native American Heritage Month Computing (HPC), networking, storage and analysis and advances in scientific discovery, research, education and industry. Hosted annually, SC is a premierWashington, D.C. – What started at the turn of international conference and technical program featuring workshops, tutorials, athe century as an effort to gain a day of recognition world class exhibit area, demonstrations and opportunities for hands-on learning.for the significant contributions the first Americansmade to the establishment and growth of the U.S., BDPA student members, educators, emerging and experienced practitionershas resulted in a whole month being designated forthat purpose. interested in discovering the vast opportunities within HPC are encouraged to explore the range of programs offered in conjunction with the SC11 conferenceOne of the very proponents of an American Indian taking place November 12-18 at Seattle’s Washington State Convention and TradeDay was Dr. Arthur C. Parker, a Seneca Indian, who Center.was the director of the Museum of Arts and Science inRochester, N.Y. He persuaded the Boy Scouts of Extended grants and sponsorships will be provided by the Communities Program,America to set aside a day for the "First Americans" including travel and housing, as well as discounted technical program registrationsand for three years they adopted such a day. In 1915, for participants within the Broader Engagement (BE), Education and Studentthe annual Congress of the American Indian Volunteer Programs. “The SC Communities Program champions leadership andAssociation meeting in Lawrence, Kans., formally creates lifelong collaborations that are the cornerstone to our community’s longevityapproved a plan concerning American Indian Day. It and success,” says Communities Program Chair, Satoshi Matsuoka. “Our initiativesdirected its president, Rev. Sherman Coolidge, an nurture the individual through programs that are aligned with the critical interactions,Arapahoe, to call upon the country to observe such a education, expertise and skills needed within the HPC community now and into theday. Coolidge issued a proclamation on Sept. 28, future.”1915, which declared the second Saturday of eachMay as an American Indian Day and contained the Designed to connect a diverse pool of talent with the SC community and enrich thefirst formal appeal for recognition of Indians as educational experience, the BE Program will host a Mentor/Protégé program, thecitizens. Student Job Fair and offer a limited number of sponsored tutorial registrations. The International Ambassadors program will help new attendees, from all over the world,The first American Indian Day in a state was declared become immersed in the conference and community activities. The Studenton the second Saturday in May 1916 by the governor Volunteer Program will host 200 students this year who will provide hands-onof New York. Several states celebrate the fourth support for various conference elements and take part in the technical program.Friday in September. In Illinois, for example,legislators enacted such a day in 1919. Presently, Geared primarily toward undergraduateseveral states have designated Columbus Day as and secondary-level educators, thisNative American Day, but it continues to be a day we year’s Education Program andobserve without any recognition as a national legal curriculum will provide introductoryholiday. workshops on HPC and Computational and Data Enabled Science andIn 1990 President George H. W. Bush approved a joint Engineering (CDESE) techniques andresolution designating November 1990 "National technologies including hands-on systemAmerican Indian Heritage Month." Similar time through the “LittleFe project,” SC’sproclamations, under variants on the name (including first ever multiple node mini-cluster"Native American Heritage Month" and "National whose primary focus is on turnkeyAmerican Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month") classroom demonstrations andhave been issued each year since 1994. exercises. Experts across a broad spectrum of disciplines will be on-hand to support these activities and toInformation courtesy of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, provide their own insights around the many opportunities available throughout thisU.S. Department of the Interior. bt diverse ecosystem. Additional information for students and volunteers are found at: bt bdpatoday Page 16
  13. 13. IT Execs | FY12 Industry Outlook? BDPA Corporate Relations | ICT and Green Industry SectorsPTTV Program Promotes Industry and Community Washington, DC—With the 2012 and 2013 National BDPA Technology Conferences arriving in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. respectively, industry executives are invited to participate with local chapters in presenting IT forecasts, CS-STEM oriented documentaries and conducting technical interviews with the public through the lens of local BDPA Chapters on the air with Popular Technology TV (PTTV). PTTV is produced by bdpatoday for executives to share their experiences, challenges, forecasts and emerging technical requirements for fiscal years 2012 and 2013 with their community across vertical or industry market sectors for entrepreneurs and Interns. The PTTV pilot episode, featuring National BDPA Co-Founder and CompTIA IT Hall of Fame 2011 Inductee, Earl A. Pace, Jr. PTTV currently is available via the Internet for participating local cable television or university channels. bt bdpatoday Page 17
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  15. 15. TCS OS-IRIS Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) on Intelsat 14OS-IRIS OS-IRIS – Converging Satellite and IP NetworksKey Benefits There is an exploding growth in connected devices, smart apps, video, andƒƒ True IP end-to-end network bandwidth. Operators are investing in network expansion and the satellite industryƒƒ Single hop architecture for reduced latency is no different. Government and commercial clients know networks will grow but and improved application performanceƒƒ Four continents simultaneously through a have to do so across multiple satellites, transponders, and frequencies. How can single connection they address this while maintaining and controlling costs, and ensure continuity andƒƒ Single physical access network - all sites improving performance? TCS OS-IRIS. half a hopƒƒ Allows creation of private shared services models – Common bandwidth pool TCS OS-IRIS is the world’s first commercial service offering of a Cisco enabled across multiple virtual networks Internet Routing In Space (IRIS) managed satellite service. The combination ofƒƒ Single monthly fee for the entire network Cisco IRIS satellite and terminal architecture, in addition to TCS global networkƒƒ Allows independent scaling of terminals and implementation and support capabilities, bring a new era of true IP end-to-end bandwidth communications to the satellite industry and our clients.ƒƒ Add a terminal without the need to purchase additional bandwidthƒƒ Purchase more bandwidth to share across Now your satellite network can deliver the services you need anywhere, anytime, the pool on demand.ƒƒ Customer chooses allocation of bandwidth across their sitesƒƒ All links are full-duplex, same as terrestrial networks
  16. 16. Happy Thanksgiving from BDPA!  1.800.727.BDPA (2372) FIRST-CLASS MAIL AUTO U.S. POSTAGE PAID WASHINGTON, DC611 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E. PERMIT NO. 783Suite #213Washington, D.C. 20003-4303 bdpatoday Page 20