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Newsletter: BDPA Los Angeles (Mar 2002)

  1. 1. Los Angeles DataBits Volume 2, Issue 1 March 2002Presidents Message Calendar of EventsWe Are On Our Way… Jan 2001 we started the Marchyear with thirteen members strong. Jan 2002 we 2 HSCC Training (Each Saturday through August)are over sixty members strong. Our goal is toattract over one hundred members to BDPA Los Breakaway Technologies, 3417 Crenshaw Blvd.Angeles by August 2002. Why? Because wewant to be one of the strongest BDPA Chapters in 10:am – 2pmthe BDPA Family. Why? So, we can attract aNational Conference to the Los Angeles area andprovide more opportunities for our members. 5 BDPA Program MeetingFirst of all, I want to thank all the new members DWP Community Room 4030 Crenshaw Blvd.for joining and next I want to encourage you totake the next step. We cannot achieve these 6:30 (Networking) 7:pm (Meeting)goals without your participation. Remember, *************************************************AprilBDPA is a global member-focused organizationthat exists to provide professional development 2 BDPA Program Meetingprograms and services to position its membersat the forefront of the information technology DWP Community Room 4030 Crenshaw Blvd.industry. At BDPA LA, we aim to achieve that 6:30 (Networking) 7:pm (Meeting)goal.This year, our focus is on membership, whichmeans you. We know that we cannot be the 6 HSCC Training (Each Saturday through August)chapter we want to be without you involving Breakaway Technologies, 3417 Crenshaw Blvd.yourself. And -- we need to hear from you! Weneed you to tell us what we are doing right and 10:am – 2pmwhere we can improve. And what we need do doto get you involved. This is your chapter and itwill as exciting as and as good as we make it. INSIDE THIS ISSUEWithin this newsletter you will find a membershipsurvey. Please take the time to complete. And 1 President’s Messageremember that your participation does not end 1 Calendar of Eventsthere. We have wonderful volunteeropportunities on committees that you can start 2 Special Programsinfluencing today. Come on and get involved! 2 Membership Notes 2 Member Profile Angela White-Parker, President Los Angeles Chapter Los Angeles DataBits 1
  2. 2. • Senior Citizen Workshop, Reggie WatsonHigh School ComputerTraining Program Starts • Introduction to the PC with Linux, Clay ClayborneMarch 2nd at Breakaway • How to surf the internet and get "free stuff" ,Technologies Eric BrasleyWe are preparing for the High School ComputerCompetition to be held in August at the national • – Michael Bradshawconvention in Orlando. A successful team requirescommitted volunteers. Here are a few ways that you Thanks to all of our members who volunteered theircan help out: valuable time to participate in this event. This was our first-ever BFTAW event participation and it won’t be1. If you are experienced in Visual Basic 6 we need our last. See you next year! nd you to teach on Saturdays starting March 2 thru August 3rd; from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm at Breakaway Technologies located at 3417 BDPA Participates in Tavis Jefferson in Los Angeles. Smiley’s Blacks In2. Also needed are volunteers in the classroom for Technology Conference general student support as well as support for February 2nd, BDPA Los Angeles participated in obtaining student lunches each Saturday. the BIT Conference sponsored by Tavis Smiliey.3. We hold a fundraiser each June for this event to This event offered an unprecedented help defray the costs of sending our competition opportunity for BDPA Los Angeles to reinforce team to Orlando. Please bring your enthusiasm! its community commitment by helping to inspire and inform African American consumers,If you are interested in participating in any committee entrepreneurs and professionals aboutmentioned above please contact: Hermia Craft 310- technology including: a) Business, educational and personal applications and solutions; b)375-7105 or email: Black Products and services; and c) Educational,Family Technology career and personal development opportunities, etc.Awareness Week (BFTAW) BDPA Los Angeles – MonthlyThis past February, BDPA Los Angeles participated inthe National BFTAW event. BFTAW is a national Program Meeting Topics Want to know what we will be up to in 2002 … markevent that was first brought to the public by Career your calendars!Communications Group [publisher of US Black thEngineer Magazine & Hispanic Engineer Magazine] in March 5 , 2002 – Knowledge Management, Harry Mc Elroy1999. IBM provides generous support. Organizations nd,throught the nation participated in wide a range of April 2 2002 – FAME Renaissance Programeducational and fun activities related to technology Incubator Program, at FAMEduring the week of February 10-16, 2002. th May 8 , 2002 – Broadband Networks th June 4 , 2002 – Handheld Devices / Palm vs.BDPA Los Angeles participated in the following Pocket PCactivities: High Tech Sunday (Sunday) held at Grant ndA.M.E. Robert Gardner conducted a very informative July 2 , 2002 – Microsoft.networkshop on “How to Purchase a PC”. th August 6 , 2002 – HSCC Team PresentationOn Tuesday, we sponsored Family Tech Night at rd September 3 , 2002 – The State of ProgrammingBreakaway Technologies where we sponsored the Languages (Java/VB/ActiveX/ASP)following workshops: st October 1 , 2002 – Recruiters Roundtable • How to Purchase a PC, Michael Bailey November 5th 2001 - Entrepreneurs Roundtable December 3, 2002 – Pre-Kwanzaa Los Angeles DataBits 2
  3. 3. Los Angeles Chapter 6709 La Tijera Blvd. #501 Los Angeles, CA 90045 www.bdpa-la.org________________________________________________________________________________________________________PLEASE FILL IN ALL INFORMATION - PRINT or TYPEName __________________________________________________________________________________________________Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________City ___________________________________________________ State _________ Zip Code _______________________Phone ( ) __________________________________________ email ____________________________________________Employer _______________________________________________________________________________________________Position ________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone ( ) __________________________________________ email ____________________________________________Would you like to be included in the BDPA-LA Membership directory? Yes NoHow did you hear about BDPA ?Newspaper ( ) Handout ( ) Website ( ) Referral ( ) Name ____________________________________Please indicate your areas of expertise:( ) Application Programming (Indicate languages) ______________________________________________________________( ) Systems Programming ( ) E-Commerce ( ) Web Development( ) Personal Computers ( ) Training ( ) Technical Writing( ) Networking ( ) Entrepreneur ( ) Office Automation( ) Management ( ) Consultant ( ) Analyst( ) Database Management/Data Warehousing ( ) Web Designer Other (Please indicate):_______________Please indicate committee of interest:( ) Membership ( ) Education ( ) Fundraising( ) Education/HSCC ( ) Public Relations ( ) Program( ) Communications ( ) Technology ( ) Other (Please indicate): ____________Type of Membership ( ) New ( ) Renewal( ) Full - $75 ( ) Five Year - $300 ( ) Student – Full Time $15 Make check payable to: BDPA – Los Angeles Chapter Los Angeles DataBits 3
  4. 4. Los Angeles Chapter Officers Who’s New to BDPA Welcome to the following new and renewing members! Angela White-Parker President Billie Davis BOB Please fill this out Vice President Michael Bailey Treasurer Beverly Kelley Recording Secretary John Zeigler Corresponding Secretary Volunteers Needed! Do you have talent in the following areas Tracy Oxley Special Programs that you would like to share? Hermia Craft Membership: Come and assist us in Education & HSCC membership management. Harry Mc Elroy Website Designers: We need one or more Program Chair individuals to coordinate and publish on a Bob Gardner monthly basis our website. Immediate Past President Newsletter Coordinator: Come and assist us in publishing and coordinating our Program Meetings: quarterly BDPA Newsletter for Los Angeles. First Tuesday of the Month DWP Community Room 4030 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, California 7pm Contact Info: BDPA, LA 6709 La Tijera Blvd #501 Los Angeles, California 90045 Web Site Email BULK RATEBDPA-LA US POSTAGE6709 La Tijera Blvd. #501 PAIDLos Angeles, CA 90045 PERMIT NO. 98765ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED Mailing Address Street Number and Name City, State 98765-4321 Los Angeles DataBits 4
  5. 5. Los Angeles DataBits 5
  6. 6. 2002 CONFERENCEVIISIION,, STRATEGIIC FOCUSAND KEY MEASURES2002 Conference Vision, Strategic Focus and ThemeVision StatementThe 2002 National BDPA Conference appeals to African Americans seeking newopportunities for long-term success and a prosperous future. The Conference provides atotal Information Technology experience to High School and College Students, InformationTechnology Professionals, Entrepreneurs, IT Senior Managers, Corporations, Academia,Government Agencies and the Research community. This value-packed slate of offeringsgiven by field experts, exemplifies the BDPA commitment to provide state-of-the-arttraining, professional growth and technical development, entrepreneurial opportunity,technical resource offerings, and access to leading-edge technology to its members,corporate supporters, and the community.Strategic FocusExhibit the Next Wave of IT Entrepreneurial Functions, Features, and Services. ShowcaseBDPA’s commitment in addressing the National Question of the Economic Divide viaCommunity Outreach, Technical Training Programs, and access to Information Buildpartnerships and to raise seed money needed to take technology deep into the community.Be a resource for career placement Provide training for our youthTheme: ‘Changing the Culture of IT: From Access to Ownership”BDPA is the premier organization for African-American professionals in the InformationTechnology industry. For over 25 years, BPDA has fulfilled its mission and worked to "bridgethe digital divide" by providing career growth opportunities for its members. We haveincreased technology awareness in our communities by providing educational andprofessional development opportunities through various programs in over 45 chaptersacross the country. While we have worked to "close the gap" and increase access toinformation and technology, we realize, that the "Economic Divide" also exists. The gap iswidening in the areas of African-American producers and owners of technology. Join us inOrlando as we focus on "Changing the Culture of IT: From Access to Ownership".Making "IT" Happen through Collective Work & Responsibility and Cooperative EconomicsOur African-American heritage and culture is filled with countless events of both individualacts of heroism under harsh circumstances and unified feats of triumph (UMOJA ) overadversity to restore our people and communities to their original greatness (KUUMBA). Asa people, we have come together to address issues from civil rights to the digital divide(KUJICHAGULIA). BDPA has a legacy of bridging that divide over the past 25 years (NIA).BDPA, with a renewed focus (UJIMA) to work together as African-American IT professionalswith access to information and technology, we can produce more owners and producers ofthe technology (UJAMAA) instead of just consumers of technology. We have a tremendousopportunity BDPA to showcase our professional and entrepreneurial talent, opportunities toform new alliances and partnerships, create potential business opportunities for ourmembers who are entrepreneurs, as well as continue to fulfill our mission. Faith (IMANI) ineach other is what sets us apart. We can do it! Los Angeles DataBits 6