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Newsletter: BDPA Atlanta (Oct 2010)


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Newsletter: BDPA Atlanta (Oct 2010)

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e Atlanta BDPA Connection 1 President’s Corner Seeking Professionals with the “IT” Factor Department Highlights Sites/HSCC 2 ACE 2 D.S. Brown 3 Sponsor Spotlight 5 BDPA 8 Amy Hill/Sheryl Key Co Editors Our Chapter has been approached by several non-profit and business organizations seeking IT consultation. Many opportunities exist for our members to further their professional goals. As part of our BDPA 3.0 initiative, our chapter has created an online member profile survey designed to capture information on educational background and IT expertise areas. Please take the time to complete this survey and submit your results. Your information will be kept confidential. As opportunities arise we will be sure to reach out to those who reply first. You can complete the Atlanta Chapter member profile survey by accessing the following link: http://www.surveymonk Welcome to the re- introduction of the Atlanta BDPA Newsletter the “Atlanta Connection” it is our plan to use our newsletter as yet another vehicle to maintain contact with our members. We realize your inboxes may be inundated with numerous “e-junk mails” which is why we only plan to produce it quarterly. We hope you take the time to read our newsletter because it focuses specifically on what the Atlanta BDPA Chapter is doing in the metro area. If you are interested in submitting an article or becoming a regular columnist like D.S. Brown, please contact one of our co-editors at We welcome all feedback and suggestions for improvement stay tuned.
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e SITES/HSCC invited to attend Youth Education Expo Atlanta Launches A.C.E St. Philip A.M.E Church STEM Career Fair The prestigious Leon H. Sullivan foundation invited Atlanta BDPA and other non-profits to participate in a youth education expo called “More Than the Streets”. Our chapter’s SITES/HSCC instructor team headed by Wes Williams was in attendance to host an interactive presentation about our chapter’s youth programs. The event also provided an opportunity for visiting students and their parents to sign up for Atlanta BDPA’s upcoming Advanced Computer Education (A.C.E.). Wes Williams provided a very heartfelt testimonial to how his HSCC participation as a teenager was life changing. The event was hugely successful and our booth easily attracted the most foot traffic than any other. August 28 - Atlanta BDPA along with several other non- profit organizations was invited by St. Philip to participate in a Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) career fair for middle school students. Held in the church’s Family Life Center, the purpose was to highlight careers in STEM related fields to young children. During the event BDPA representatives were on hand to pass out conference flyers and demo the new S.I.T.E.S youth program portal. In October, the Atlanta BDPA chapter launched its new Advanced Computer Education Program (A.C.E.), a one month program that exposes high school students to three major areas of IT  Business  Art/Media  Technology Some subjects that are covered are Business Analysis, Project Management, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Music Engineering, Robotics, Computer Programming and System Network Administration. Students that participate in the A.C.E. program can also choose to be part of one of our other exciting programs such as: High School Computer Competition (HSCC), IT Showcase and Youth Technology camp (YTC). Atlanta SITES/HSCC booth receives the most foot traffic at Youth Education expo on September 25th. Upcoming A.C.E Sessions October 9th: Graphic Arts in Shoe Design, Brian Miller October 16th: Network and Systems Admin, Al Coston October 23rd: Web Programming October 30th: Business Analyst IIBA
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e 3 In today’s economic environment the pursuit of employment or the ability to maintain the job you have are of critical importance. Even if one has a job, far too many live in constant fear of what tomorrow might bring. The promised day of prosperity appears to be at the end of a long dark road that culminates on the other side of a hill that is a forlorn tomorrow. This is an ugly image to be sure. It saps us. It makes us feel weak. It makes Mondays much harder and fearful than any Monday should be. Will Monday lead to Friday? Will it be lost on Wednesday? This Tuesday will it happen for me? By this time next week will it come through? Will I be employed? These are hard questions for those of us that live our lives on the long climb back to prosperity and happiness. Yes, the prospect of joblessness, or its reality for many of us, robs us of our energy, and without energy we lack what it takes to maintain the critical thinking mind, and when we don’t think critically we lose sight, our focus is impaired, and we see that which is best in us, that which distinguishes us. We lose our ability to identify our passion. If you’re reading this newsletter then you are most certainly a member of the IT industry, employed or otherwise. Why, you might ask, is it important to consider passion when you work in front of a computer? Why is it important to consider passion when you manage projects, allocate resources, define efficiencies in budgets, and drive out methodologies that maintain product quality, as well as associate morale? Why is it important? There are many definitions of passion, but the ones that are most appropriate here define passion as the object of such love and desire; the object of intense enthusiasm. Continued on page 4 “”Even if one has a job, far too many live in constant fear of what tomorrow might bring.” The Long Climb Back By D.S. Brown Author of Critical Success: The 2 Rules of 3 www.2rules
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e The Long Climb Back continued Program Meetings Consider this for a moment. Though you may not be suffering the fate of a martyr you may feel you are suffering in your job. You may feel you are suffering in your lack of a job. This suffering, this angst, serves as a barrier. In order to twist the passion of the pain into the boundless enthusiasm that you and only you can experience, you must employ that which will help you seek your own truth. 3FE, the tool of motivational empowerment is one such tool. It helps you find your passion. It helps you identify what in you is positive AND distinctive. It helps you formulate a plan to use this distinctiveness to your advantage in order to find a job, or keep the job you have. It helps you identify that within you which is essential to your success. It helps you achieve Critical Success. And what is Critical Success? Critical Success is the planned achievement of something urgent and essential utilizing skillful planning and judgment for the express purpose of attaining personal prosperity. Stop, take a moment to think and consider. What is your approach? How do you seek and find that which makes you distinctive? How do you effectively leverage the skills that make you special in order to stand out and make a strong impression? How do you craft the perception that you are indispensable? Atlanta BDPA held our August and September meetings at Cox Enterprises. In August our speaker was BDPA member Mark Dawson who is an Assistant Vice President for Information Services. He spoke on the topic of IT Leadership In September our speaker was guest speaker was Loren King Shields who spoke on the topic of leveraging Social Media to develop your professional network. After the meeting Loren was offered the opportunity to work with Atlanta BDPA in our new Marketing team under Interim VP of Marketing Phyllis Ferguson. In attendance were representatives from Empire Board of Realists who will be partnering with Atlanta BDPA for future seminars. Join us for our November program meeting at MATRIX where we will be hosting our annual awards ceremony. “How do you effectively leverage the skills that make you special in order to stand out and make a strong impression?” COX Enterprises was the host for our September Meeting
  5. 5. 5 | P a g e 5 Sponsor Spotlight – SYNTELLUS DATAWORKS Corporate Sponsorship Atlanta BDPA could not successfully contribute to the community-at-large without the support of our local corporate sponsors. We are committed to partnering with corporations in the Atlanta metropolitan area to increase the awareness in diversity and workplace advancement in corporate America as well as the community-at-large. The BDPA Corporate Sponsorship Program is designed to offer corporations opportunity to partner with BDPA under a formal alliance to meet corporate goals and objectives for recruiting, employee development, and philanthropic endeavors. The program allows corporate sponsors to not only offer financial support but also participate in programs developed to enhance the technical and professional skills of the African American community. Sponsorship is open to all corporations with a sincere interest in pursuing the vision, mission, objectives and goals of BDPA. The Corporate Sponsorship portfolio breaks down into 6 areas of opportunities to provide support:  Basic Entry Program  Advertising  National Annual Conference  Student Programs  Local Chapter  In-kind Donations SYNTELLUS DATAWORKS is a market leading Information Technology Systems Integrator (SI) and Value Added Reseller (VAR) offering Consulting, Architecture, Procurement, and Implementation (CAPISM) of Midrange & Enterprise- class computing infrastructure to clients in Commercial Industries, the Public and Federal Sectors. This includes hardware, software, consulting and professional services. Syntellus was recently recognized as one of the Top Black/Minority Businesses for 2010 by the Atlanta Tribune. + Visit “We would like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting the Atlanta BDPA”
  6. 6. 6 | P a g e Around the Metro Area Call for Future Presenters On August 18, 2010, Chapter President Carter Hill spoke before the general body of the Empire Board of Realists. Empire Board is an organization of African American real estate brokers dating back to the early 1930’s. Mr. Hill’s topic was the various ways that Atlanta BDPA can consult on IT matters with Empire Board members to help scale up their businesses. During the meeting opportunities for IT workshops for the Empire Board were discussed such as workshops on Social Media. On September 4, 2010 Atlanta BDPA partnered with Beta Bahil to market their Digital Animation Panel event at the Auburn Research Library entitled Alien Encounters: Speculative and Imaginative Fiction. In attendance were representatives from education, digital entertainment and IT. Chapter President Carter Hill was on hand to act as moderator for the event. Newsletter representative Amy Chandler- Hill was also present and acted as photographer. icture Here corporate sponsors to not only offer financial support but also participate in programs developed to enhance the technical and professional skills of the African American community. As we enter the 4th Quarter of 2010, the leadership board is in the process of developing our 2011 strategies for the Atlanta BDPA chapter. As part of this effort we would like to give members of our linked in and Facebook groups the opportunity to present at one of our meetings next year. Here are a few topics in particular that we would like to see covered in 2011: • Content Management Tools – Drupal, Joomla!, Wordpress etc. • Cloud Computing • ITIL • IT Security • Social Media • Mobile Computing (i.e. – tablets, smart phones, etc) • IT and Healthcare Please be prepared to submit an abstract of your proposed presentation and provide references of prior speaking engagements to Carter Hill Chapter President at or Katrina Collier VP of Membership Services at: Please fill out the prospective speaker survey by accessing the link below: m/s/96ZFGL3 Showcase Black Science Fiction Authors Digital Animation Panel
  7. 7. 7 | P a g e 7 From the Classroom to the Boardroom About Our Organization Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) was founded in 1975 by Earl A. Pace, Jr. and the late David Kimberly after the two met in Philadelphia to discuss their concerns about minorities in the data processing field. There was a lack of minorities in middle and upper management, low recruitment and poor preparation of minorities for these positions, and an overall lack of career mobility. Through ceaseless drive and personal networking, the founders built an organization of 35 members, hosted presentations to improve data processing skills and launched a job opportunities announcement service. This nucleus has grown to over 55 chapters throughout the United States and thousands of members. Today, BDPA is a non- profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the professional and personal development of African Americans who have an interest in Information Technology and related fields. Our aim is to mentor and develop minority youth from the "Classroom to the Boardroom." BDPA – Atlanta Chapter P.O. Box 50462 Atlanta, GA 30302 - 0998 678.677.5428 Follow us on the web: BDPA ATLANTA ATLANTA BDPA ATLANTA BDPA BDPA 1.0 - Establishment of a national professional organization for African Americans in Information Technology –1975 – mid 1980s BDPA 2.0 – Creation of IT youth programs at the high school and collegiate level – mid 1980s to early 2000s BDPA 3.0 – ? 2011 and beyond” Stay Tuned…