National BDPA Presidents (1976-2011)


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These are the short biographies of the National BDPA Presidents (1976-2011).

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National BDPA Presidents (1976-2011)

  1. 1. Past National BDPA Presidents1976-1980 - Earl A. Pace, Jr. - Earl A. Pace Jr. has been in the Information Technologyindustry since 1965. He began as a computer programmer trainee at the PennsylvaniaRailroad. He left the PRR in 1967. Over the next ten years, he rose through the ranks ofprogrammer, programmer analyst, programming manager to Vice President of a financialtelecommunications company in Philadelphia, PA. He became a business owner in 1976when he incorporated Pace Data Systems for which he is still president. Pace DataSystems is a full service Information Technology firm providing services through itsPhiladelphia, PA and Washington, DC offices primarily to Banks and Savings Banks. In1975, he co-founded Black Data Processing Associates in Philadelphia and operated asits president for two years; in 1978, he coordinated the formation of BDPA into a nationalorganization and functioned as its First National President until 1980. Earl earned theNational Technical Associations Computer Scientist of the Year award in November1987. BDPA has grown into the largest national professional organization representingminorities in the IT industry. Within BDPA and on a broader national scale, Earl Pacehas been a vocal advocate for business ownership. His primary message since startingBDPA has been that minorities should strive to rise above just a job to Board ofDirector’s membership and beyond that to owning and operating their own business. EarlPace continues to be very active in the business and education community inPhiladelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore, MD. As well as other cities in which he hasbusiness interests that enable him to be present regularly.1981-1984 – Norman Mays - Norman is a native Clevelander who graduated from the“old” Glenville High School in January of 1959. In August of that year, he entered theUS Army where he served for 20 years, specializing in administration, militaryintelligence and computers. During various assignments, he attended several collegesand began the national expansion of a professional computer organization. Upon retiringfrom the service in 1979, he spent ten years in the corporate world. Tiring of corporatedownsizings, and recognizing the need to have a “safety net”, he became an entrepreneur.1985-1988 – Gerard Anderson – We need a bio of Gerald Anderson placed on this pagefor posterity.1989-1992 – Vivian Wilson - Vivian C. Wilson has a BS in Business AdministrationCapital University. She has worked since 1999 as the Marketing Manager at KaramuHouse, Inc., the oldest African American Cultural Arts Center in the United States. Herduties include Public Relations, Marketing, procurement of advertisers, development ofpress releases and advertising, conducting tours of facility, preparations of allpublications relative to theatre, two-day care facilities and cultural arts and educationprograms and operation of Theatre Complex on Sundays. Vivian retired as a Data CenterManager of Ameritech after 33 years of service, 20 of which was in both ComputerOperations/Security/ and Data Systems Areas for North East Ohio. She was the firstwoman to serve as National BDPA president. She was also the first winner of NationalBoard of Directors Award, first winner of Presidents Award, former member of BDPA Updated: 9/26/11
  2. 2. Education & Technology Foundation, winner of Professional Business Woman of theYear City of Cleveland 1990. Vivian was also listed in Whos Who of ProfessionalWomen 1986. She is married with children and grandchildren!1993-1994 – Diane Davis - Diane L. Davis has over 20 years experience in thetechnology industry. Her work as a consultant with Hewlett-Packard’s Managed ServicesDivision utilized her knowledge of local and global engagements in the manufacturing,government, and health care industries. Her role has been to advise C level managementteams of Fortune 500 corporations on infrastructure support practices, organizationdesign, and the implementation of strategies, technology and principles to meet theirspecialized business requirements. Before this position, Diane was a Program Managerfor multi million dollar worldwide accounts and served as the CIO for a majorautomotive supplier. Diane has lived and traveled throughout the United States, Canada,and South America as a software engineer and consultant in the design andimplementation of management systems. Her technical career began developing roboticsystems for the automotive industry. Later, she led the artificial intelligence developmentand implementation teams responsible for the support of corporate executives with “stateof the art” technology including voice activation and annotation. In 2003, Dianeestablished her own consulting firm that provides strategic, organizational, and leadershipservices. In 2004, she expanded her business to include a robust Wellness Programestablished to help people improve their health, quality of life, and become financiallyindependent. Diane has volunteered her time and supported several professional,community based, and educational organizations during her career, including BDPA.She has worked as an instructor at University of Detroit Mercy, led numerous strategic,leadership, quality, and team building workshops internationally for both profit and non-profit organizations.1995 - Ollie Morgan – We need a bio of Ollie Morgan placed on this page for posterity.1995-1999 – George Williams - George Williams has an information technology andbusiness career background that spans thirty years of professional experience inmarketing, sales and management within corporate, small business, non-profit and civicorganizations. While serving as National BDPA President (1995-1999), George wasresponsible for establishing the vision and strategic direction for the 40+ Chapters andBoard of Directors. He provided oversight of the national office, operations budget,fundraising and annual conference. He served as official spokesperson and liaison withexternal stakeholders, advisors and media. Significant accomplishments during his termincluded:a. National Corporate Alliance Program to increase annual sponsorship contributionsb. Enterprise Transformation Plan to completely reorganize the national organizationc. Memorandum of Understanding to promote joint technology projects between BDPA and National Urban LeagueGeorge served in the past as the national BDPA vice president (1993-1994), Clevelandchapter president (1989-1993) and Cleveland chapter membership & program director(1987-1989). As a life-long Clevelander, graduate of the Cleveland Public SchoolSystem, John Carroll University and Leadership Cleveland, George understands the Updated: 9/26/11
  3. 3. intricacies of doing business and volunteering time in the Northeast Ohio community.George was a co-founder of the Consortium of African America Organizations (CAAO).He organized the concept, strategy and incorporation of Cleveland’s 30 + professionalAfrican-American organizations to be a community resource that stimulates economicdevelopment and empowerment opportunities for their member constituents. He hasactively served on the Board of the Cleveland Education Fund, the Cuyahoga CommunityCollege Unified Technologies Center and the John Adams High School VocationalEducation Advisory Group. Throughout the 1990s, he led the volunteer managementteams during the grand opening of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the American RedCross Conference, the City of Cleveland Thanksgiving Food Basket Program and theU.S. Conference of Mayors annual convention. As a father of two daughters andgrandfather of four children, he appreciates the value of family and being a positive rolemodel. George is currently the Board President at church where he also provides resumeand career planning counseling.1999-2001 – Renee McClure - Renee is Senior Software Engineer with KeySpan, thepremiere energy company in the North East. She has over 18 years of IT experience thatincludes, but is not limited to, mainframe, data warehouse, client server and projectmanagement experience. She currently leads several intranet related corporate projects. Inaddition, she is a facilitator, trainer and motivational public speaker. She graduated fromNew York Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in ComputerTechnology. She also holds a Master in the Ministry, graduating from the SouthernCalifornia School of Ministry, Summa Cum Laude. Renee also serves in the followingother organizations; Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF),American Association of Blacks in Engineer(AABE), NY State Mentoring Program, NYMediation Program, Corporate Speaker Bureau(ACE) and others.2002-2003 – Milt Haynes - Milt Haynes served on the national board of directors forover a decade as BDPA Chicago chapter president (1996-1999), national president-elect(2000-2001), national president (2002-2003) and immediate past president (2004-2005).He brought great skill to the organization as parliamentarian, historian and chair of theBDPA Issues Council. His proudest accomplishments as national president include: doubling membership to over 3,000 lobbying on Capital Hill for legislation to improve the Job Outlook for African Americans in IT introducing the customer relationship management system developing the BDPA Coaching Program selling the first Platinum sponsorship increasing annual corporate sponsorship revenue to over $1 million dollars chartering seven (7) new chapters building strategic alliances with organizations including the IT Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) implementing the Global DB Membership System implementing Epsilon Awards Program for the Best Company for Blacks in Technology Updated: 9/26/11
  4. 4. improving BDPA communication via regular monthly newsletter, internet radio and online community with over 22,000 subscribersHe currently serves on the Corporate Sales Team, manages the Best Companies forBlacks in Technology Awards program, chairs the BDPA Chicago Corporate AdvisoryCouncil, manages the Who’s Hiring Initiative, and serves as an advisor, mentor andcoach to many BDPA leaders around the country. Abbott Laboratories employs him asan Information Technology Directory responsible for IT Strategy and Planning,Enterprise Architecture, Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management. Milt is acertified Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP)and founding member of the PMI Chicagoland Executive Council. He is a seasoned ITProfessional with over 35 years of IT experience managing people, projects and technicalresources in the feasibility, analysis, design, implementation, installation, deployment,and procurement for information technology products and telecommunications facilities.Milt has been a BDPA member for over 15 years and has received over 15 awards andhonors at the local chapter and National level including the most prestigious NationalBDPA Outstanding Chapter President Award, Member of the Year Award, PresidentsAward, Service Award and the Spirit Award. Milt graduated from Columbia Universitywith a BS degree in Computing Science. Milt, a native of Chicago, Illinois, is the proudfather of six children and four grandchildren. Milt currently lives in Naperville, Illinoiswith his loving wife, Marsha Haynes, and his twin daughters, Jade and Jada Haynes.2004-2005 – Wayne Hicks - Wayne Hicks served as National BDPA President in 2004-2005. Wayne previously served in a number of BDPA leadership positions includingCincinnati Chapter President, National BDPA Vice President and Executive Director ofthe BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF). Wayne is a two-time winnerof the National BDPA Chapter Presidents Award (1991, 2001) and Chapter of the Yearhonors went to Cincinnati Chapter for their efforts in 2000-2001 under his leadership. R.Wayne is currently the executive director for the BDPA Education & TechnologyFoundation (, the non-profit fundraising arm for BDPA. He owns aconsulting firm based in Cincinnati that focuses on Internet online marketing, leadershipconsultation and product sales. One of his major clients is the Cincinnati BusinessIncubator (CBI). Wayne accepted the challenge of serving as the CBI President in May2003. Under his leadership, CBI has more than tripled its corporate clients whilepromoting economic development and job creation throughout the community. CBI wasnamed “2006 Non-Profit of the Year” by the Over-the-Rhine Chamber of Commerce.Wayne is active on a number of community-based initiatives including the RegionalTechnology Initiative [] and Cincinnati Creates Companies[]. The Business Courier recognized him as oneof the “Forty-Under-40” leaders in Cincinnati and he was a finalist for the ApplauseMagazine ImageMaker Award for his work in the technology arena. He is the proudfather of three children.2006-2007 – Gina Billings – Gina Billings was the founder of the BDPA Cincinnatichapter. She served as president of that chapter from 2002-2003. BDPA memberselected her as National President-Elect (2004-2005) before serving a 2-year term as thenational president. She is a dedicated employee of 23 years with Hewlett Packard Updated: 9/26/11
  5. 5. coordinating vendor service delivery throughout the United States and Canada. Who’sWho in Black Cincinnati featured her in the 2004 inaugural issue, which designated heras an African American woman on the move in Cincinnati. In 1992, Ms. Billingsreceived an Associates of Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati inOhio. Subsequently, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from XavierUniversity in 1997. To add to her list of educational accomplishments, in 2001 she earneda master’s certificate in project management from the George Washington University,Washington, DC. As a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Ms. Billings works to supporttechnology initiatives around America and in her home town by serving on a number ofadvisory boards: CincyTechUSA USA, Xavier University’s MIS Executive AdvisoryBoard, BDPA National Executive Board, BDPA National Board of Directors, and BDPACincinnati Executive Board.2008-2009 – Denise Holland – Denise Holland is the National BDPA President Elect for2006-2007. In this position, she is responsible for overseeing the internal businessoperations of the organization, including corporate sales and delivery, and corporaterelations. Ms. Holland will reign as the BDPA National President from 2008-2009.Ms. Holland has over 30 years of professional experience including Human ResourceManagement/HRIS, IT Project Management, IS Security Management, Change andProblem Management, and Financial Management Systems. Currently, she is thePrincipal Officer - HRIS Department Manager for Amtrak. She is responsible foroverseeing the SAP HRIS Production System; managing Payroll, HR, TimeManagement, BASIS, Security, and Training Teams; chairing the Change Review Board;ensuring departmental processes and procedures are developed; and participating in SAPproject implementations. In addition, Ms. Holland has been an Adjunct Instructor for theBaltimore City Community College, winning the “Outstanding Teacher of the Year” and“Excellence Awards.” She also serves on the college’s Microcomputer TechnologyBoard of Directors. Ms. Holland has an Associate of Arts in Business and IndustrialManagement (1981), an Associate of Science in Computer Programming and Technology(1984) and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management (1983). Ms. Holland is a nativeBaltimorean and has been in BDPA since 1987, serving in various roles: ChapterPresident, National Director of Relationship Management. Ms. Holland is also a memberof the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE).2010-2011 – Yvette Graham –Yvette has held many leadership positions within BDPAsince 1997 including Bylaws Committee Chair, Internship Program Director, NationalPresident-Elect and National President. For the Chicago Chapter; she was the Director ofFinance, Student Development, and the Professional Services Departments. She has alsoheld the offices of Administrative Vice President, Executive Vice President, and thePresident of the Chicago Chapter. Before becoming the National President Elect ofBDPA, Yvette served as the chairperson of the Election & Bylaws Committee, InternshipProgram. Yvette also served a couple of years as a Director on the BDPA Education andTechnology Foundation. Updated: 9/26/11
  6. 6. Yvette is currently employed with Allstate Insurance Company as the Director of theProject Development and Operations organization for the Claims Department. Yvette hasover 20 years of experience in Information Technology, working in a number of positionsfrom instructor, to application developer and quality control analyst. Yvette holds anMBA with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor ofScience in Computer Science from Bradley University. She also attended the KelloggSchool of Management - Center for Executive Women’s Leadership Program. When notworking, Yvette enjoys golfing, bowling, and spending time with her husband BrianKeith Graham and their son Brandon McClain Graham, who attends Howard Universityin Washington D.C. Updated: 9/26/11