Learn About BDPA Cincinnati (June 2011)


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This is a document that gives a broad introduction and overview of BDPA Cincinnati chapter.

Updated: June 2011

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Learn About BDPA Cincinnati (June 2011)

  1. 1. About Your Cincinnati Chapter Post Office Box 429215 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242-9215 Phone: (513) 956-0636 Web Site address: www.bdpa-cincy.org WHAT IS BLACK DATA PROCESSING ASSOCIATES?Cincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 1
  2. 2. BDPA Information Technology THOUGHT LEADERS is a national non-profitorganization comprised of professionals working in or having an interest in theComputer Science and Information Technology fields.BDPA is a national organization founded in Philadelphia 1976. The CincinnatiChapter was founded in 1989. The organization acts as an important vehiclethrough which professionals can network, grow professionally, develop personalleadership skills and give back through increasing computer literacy in thecommunity. BUILDING THE BDPA LEGACYCHAPTER VISIONBe a powerful advocate for our stakeholders interests with the global technologyindustry.CHAPTER MISSION STATEMENTBDPA is a global member-focused technology organization that delivers programs andservices for the professional well being of stakeholders.BDPA realizes this mission by focusing in three areas, Business, Education andTechnologyBUSINESSTo position BDPA to operate effectively as a business within a ‘professionalorganization’s framework.  Membership Growth/Retention  Marketing & Public Relations  Financial Stability  Project/Program ManagementEDUCATIONTo position BDPA to have a positive impact on increasing computer literacy and thecompetence levels of people of color, with emphasis on the youth.  BDPA Members  Public School System  Workplace  CommunityTECHNOLOGYTo position BDPA members to be informed and contribute to the current and futuretrends in the Information Technology industry.  Technical Education  Research  DevelopmentCincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 2
  3. 3. WHO IS BDPA?BDPA is a diverse representation of the computer profession. Membershipconsists of programmers, analysts, operators, managers, instructors, andengineers to name a few. Not all members are from the information technologyfield, but all are interested in increasing computer illiteracy.BDPA seeks the membership of anyone with a sincere interest in pursuing thegoals of the organization. Membership in BDPA is open to all persons,regardless of profession, race, creed, or national origin. BDPA ORGANIZATIONPresident president@bdpa-cincy.orgPresident-Elect/VP-Business Management prez-elect@bdpa-cincy.orgImmediate Past President pastprez@bdpa-cincy.orgVP-Strategy & Planning strategy@bdpa-cincy.orgVP-Finance finance@bdpa-cincy.orgVP-Membership Management membership@bdpa-cincy.orgVP-Member Services memberservices@bdpa-cincy.orgDirector-Alliances Department alliance@bdpa-cincy.orgDirector-Career Development Department careers@bdpa-cincy.orgDirector-Contact Management contact@bdpa-cincy.orgDirector-Communications communications@bdpa-cincy.orgDirector-Marketing Department marketing@bdpa-cincy.orgDirector-Internal/External Department internal@bdpa-cincy.orgDirector-Outreach Department outreach@bdpa-cincy.orgDirector-Planning Department planning@bdpa-cincy.orgCo-Director-Professional Development Dept, prof-devel@bdpa-cincy.orgCoordinator-Project Manager SIGDirector-Chapter Organizer organization@bdpa.cincyCincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 3
  4. 4. Corporate Advisory CouncilThe Cincinnati BDPA CAC is a group of corporate and community decisionmakers whose purpose is to help the Cincinnati BDPA chapter achieve theirgoals and objectives, and to help the organization grow, expand, and delivergreater support and influence within the Cincinnati and northern Kentuckycommunities.NAME E-MAIL ADDRESS COMPANY BUSINESS PHONE/FAXNelson, Nelson.pc@pg.com The Procter & Gamble Office: (513) 945-4315Patrick Co. Fax: (513) 386-3012 Cell: (513) 238-5139Sanders, ssanders24@csc.com CSC Office: (513) 763-2908Scott Cell: (513) 265-8368Stein, wayne.stein@hp.com Hewlett-Packard Cell: (248) 563-3518Wayne CorporationRobinson, trobertson@orsolutions.com Oscar Robertson Office: (513) 874-7212Tia Document Management Fax: (513) 874-7213 Services, LLC (ORDMS)Welch, twelch@csc.com CSC Office: (937) 320-7860Tina Federal Consulting Fax: (937) 429-0460 Practice Cell: (513) 460-8828Murray, kevin.murray@cinbell.com Cincinnati Bell Wireless Contact Chris Neises at (513)Kevin 565-6026 or on cell at (859) 760-7406 pmelford@globallead.com Global Novations Contact: Assistant –Sue RenardMelford, Vice President, Client (513) 366-4568 orPatricia Solutions srenard@globallead.comThe CAC mission and detailed program plan is located at the following link:http://bdpa-cincinnati.groupsite.com/uploads/files/x/000/054/179/CACcharter-CIN-2009.doc?1297696012Cincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 4
  5. 5. HOW DOES BDPA SERVE ITS MEMBERS AND THE COMMUNITY?BDPA offers programs and activities designed to increase the technical expertiseof its members, and expand their understanding of the industry throughexposure to a wide range of technology topics through workshops and seminars.The workshops and seminars provide the opportunity for members to get hands-on experience and exposure to new and upcoming technology and innovation.BDPA recognizes the increasingly important role that technology plays in oursociety and the great need for computer literacy improvements in underservedcommunities. For the adult members, outside of the monthly Program Meetings,BDPA has a number of professional, technical, and personal developmentworkshops designed to improve the skills and marketability of the membershipand the community. For the youth we provide activities such as the High SchoolComputer Training Camp, and Youth Technology Seminar Series to help getstudents excited and involved with computers. We are also partnered withtechnology organizations such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,and Math) groups.While giving back to the community, BDPA members receive an added benefit.Each activity gives our members an excellent opportunity to increase theirtechnical expertise and improve their organization and management skills.Consistent with meeting BDPA’s mission we maintain product & services tofurther the objectives of the organization. Following is a listing of the CincinnatiChapter’s products and services. A summary of Membership Benefits isattached at Appendix A.Cincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 5
  6. 6. CINCINNATI CHAPTER PRODUCTS & SERVICES Products Developmental Opportunities  Current technology presentations at Program Meetings  Professional Development Seminars and Workshops  Training Programs for Middle school students  Training Programs for High School Students o High School Computer Camp o High School Computer Competition (HSCC) o Partnerships with Public Schools  Student Internship Program (Resume Database)  Leadership Training (Board of Director)  Mentoring Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) and Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF)  Management Development (volunteering within the organization) Access to Employment Candidates  High School Students trained in ASP.NET, MySQL and Web page development  College Students (Student Internship Program)  Entrepreneurs  Highly skilled members  People looking to enter the field Contact Database  E-mail distribution list Forums  Web site  Seminars and Workshops  Program meeting  Entrepreneurs Forum (ESIG)  Telecommunication Forum (TSIG)  Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Groupsite, etc.)  Public communications (press releases/media appearances) Services  Notices and announcements for IT events  Resource pool for technical advice  Volunteer Opportunities to give back to the community  Help finding employment  Help to find qualified candidates for employment opportunities  Introduction to latest technology  Exposure in the African American Community  Exposure in the IT Community  Media Exposure  Advertising in Newsletters and electronic mediaCincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 6
  7. 7.  Member discounts/benefits  Sponsorship Opportunities for corporations, organizations and foundations National Conference participation  Workshops and Seminars  Youth Conference  High School Computer Competition  IT Senior Management Forum  Technology Expo  Networking Activities  Career Fair Cincinnati Chapter Corporate Sponsors Visit the website for the up to date listing: www.bdpa-cincy.orgCincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 7
  8. 8. Calendar of Events / RhythmMonthlyProgram Meetings – 3rd Thursday of the Month (Building Awareness & Depth)Networking Socials – 2nd Wednesday of the Month (Building Connecting)Student Preparation Activities (Weekly, Monthly, or Annual)Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship (SITES)National High School Computer Competition (HSCC)Annual National Youth Technology Camp (YTC)Annual Targeted EventsBlack Family Technology Awareness Week (Jan/Feb)Regional HSCC & IT Showcase (May)Midwest Regionals (June/July)National BDPA Technology Conference (August)Cincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 8
  9. 9. Appendix A BDPA Membership Benefits Supporting Our Members Advancement from the Classrooms to the BoardroomsBDPA Member BenefitsCareer Center • Free resume job posting/access in BDPA Job & Resume Career Database • Professional Career Coaches, initial session free or discounted sessions • Access to BDPA Career Fair and Technology Expo • Entrepreneur Advisory GroupNetworking • The BDPA Journal • Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology magazine • HP Computer Discounts/Friends and Family Program • BDPA Community Blog • Members Only Blog • Member Search • Communication ForumsIT Professional Development • BDPA IT Institute, featuring professional IT certifications and discounted courses • National BDPA Technology Conference, featuring professional workshops & seminars • Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) • Executive Protégé Program • Leadership & Career Development Webinars • National BDPA Career Center and Talent Management System • Job Seekers ForumStudent Programs • Student Information Technology Education & Scholarship (SITES) training programs • Youth Technology Camp (YTC) • National High School Computer Competition (HSCC) • Awards & Scholarships • National High School & College IT Showcase • HSCC Alumni Program • College Student Internship Program (SIP)Membership value listing:Cincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 9
  10. 10. • Access to Workshops and Seminars: The BDPA Cincinnati Chapter provides workshops & seminars. Visit the web site www.bdpa-cincy.org for more details. This is great advantage to get exposure to the latest technology! • Professional/Business Contacts: BDPA meetings and special events provide invaluable opportunities for networking with a variety of industry and non- industry professionals. Great opportunity to meet people, expand both your personal and professional networks, find qualified candidates for employment, or open avenues to advance your own career or opportunities. • Give Back with Pre-College Programs: Through our student mentoring programs you can make a difference in the lives of Cincinnati’s youth. Often times, a young person simply needs a professional who cares enough to spend an hour or two with them once a week to change the world. BDPA offers you that opportunity to be that professional. Early preparation of the next IT generation of IT professionals is a primary emphasis for BDPA. Our Pre-College educational programs such as the National BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC), our National Youth Conference and a myriad of locally supported programs are making tremendous differences in the community. • Professional/Personal Development Leadership Training: BDPA is a pro-active organization and as a member you are given opportunities to play an active role in planning, developing and implementing local and national projects designed to meet BDPA’s goals and objectives. BDPA members can run for national and local offices, chair committees/tasks forces and participate in committee/business area activities. The skills gained through taking on responsibilities in BDPA prove to be a valuable asset to one’s professional and personal life. • Professional Recognition: As a by-product of their professional and community related activities, BDPA members receive recognition from their peers and the communities in which we serve. All members are encouraged and given the opportunity to lead workshops in their area of expertise and share their experience and knowledge with students, peers and community. • Professional Forums: As a member you have access to BDPA’s professional forums. They include Seminars & Workshops, Program Meetings, and Special Interest Groups. • Notices and Announcements for IT events: Through a variety of electronic mediums, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Groupsite, and Twitter, members are notified of technical events within the Greater Cincinnati area. • Resource pool for technical advice: Post your technical questions/issues to one or more of the electronic groups to get advice, recommendations, and support.Cincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 10
  11. 11. • Newsletters: The official publication of National BDPA “The Journal” contains articles and announcements highlighting current industry issues, technological breakthroughs, career and personal development strategies and national activities. • Member Discounts: BDPA members receive discounts on local professional training programs, publications, national conference (including hotel and airline reservations), car rentals and local chapter seminars and activities. • Annual National Conference: This annual event is the culmination of BDPA’s activities. Workshops and Seminars on current industry technologies, plus professional and personal development seminars are part of the standard fare. In addition to the workshops and seminars there is an Awards Banquet, Golf outing, Prayer breakfast, Career Fair, Technology Expo, Youth Conference, Senior Management forum, networking activities and the National High School Computer Competition. The earlier you register for the National BDPA Conference the greater your savings. • Access to Publications: At Member only prices, your membership entitles you to significant discounts on subscription to Black Enterprise Magazine. Use the National code MBDP and your local chapter identifier to get this discount. Your membership also provides you with a complimentary subscription to Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information Technology magazine.We invite you to become involved in one of the many local chapter organizationalactivities or take an active leadership role on the chapters’ board. BDPA’s strength is aresult of the involvement and commitment level of each of its members. Yourmembership is an important ingredient to that success. However, your time, talent, andenergy are needed even more than your financial support.A copy of the membership benefits is available online at the following link:http://bdpa-cincinnati.groupsite.com/uploads/files/x/000/05f/595/2011MembershipBenefits.docx?1305298748Cincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 11
  12. 12. Cincinnati Chapter National AwardsCincinnati Chapter National BDPA Award RecognitionFounded in 1989 by Everett Gregory, Neal Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Charles Cooper and GinaBillings (Immediate Past National President) BDPA Cincinnati provides adult educationopportunities through monthly program meetings, quarterly technical professional workshops. The chapter has been recognized over the years for the efforts of all chapter volunteers,supporters and sponsors.Nationally, the organization is a catalyst for professional growth and technical development forthose in the IT industry. With 48 chapters across the United States, BDPA is the premierorganization for African Americans in technology.1992 - National Conference held at Radisson Hotel and Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI • President’s Award: Wayne Hicks (Cincinnati)2000 - National Conference held at Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC. • Chapter of the Year: 2nd place: Cincinnati • Chapter Membership Award: Cincinnati • Comeback Chapter of the Year: Cincinnati • Most Improved Chapter of the Year: Cincinnati • Outstanding Contributor: Pam Marshall (Cincinnati) • HSCC Winners (25 teams in competition) :2nd place; Cincinnati • Web Design: 3rd place; Cincinnati •2001 - National Conference held at Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Chicago, IL • Chapter of the Year: 1st place: Cincinnati • Chapter Professional Service Award: Cincinnati • Outstanding Member: Gina Billings (Cincinnati) • Outstanding President Award: Wayne Hicks (Cincinnati) • Outstanding Contributor: Frank Hill (Cincinnati) • Chapter President of the Year (Cincinnati)2002 - National Conference held at Disney World, Orlando, FL • Chapter of the Year: 1st Place: Cincinnati • Chapter Community Service Award: Cincinnati • Outstanding Contributor: Sammie Jiles (Cincinnati)2003 - National Conference held at the Philadelphia Marriott, Philadelphia, PA • Outstanding Corporate Champion: Gina Billings (Hewlett Packard) • Chapter Community Service Award: Cincinnati • IT Showcase Winners: 1st place: Ms. Swathi Nibhanupudi (University of Cincinnati)Cincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 12
  13. 13. 2004 - National Conference held at the Adam’s Mark Hotel, Dallas TX • Chapter of the Year: 1st Place: Cincinnati • Chapter Professional Service Award: Cincinnati2005 - National Conference held at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, DetroitMI • Chapter of the Year: 2nd Place: Cincinnati • Chapter Management Award: Cincinnati • National President’s Award: Carole Johnson (Cincinnati) • Youth Conference CIO Challenge Winners: 3rd place: Cincinnati (Terrell Bonner, Ameka Giles, Elisha Huntley, Malaika McCoy and David Wilson)2006 - National Conference held at Hilton LAX - Los Angeles, CA • Chapter of the Year:1st Place: Cincinnati • Chapter Management Award: Cincinnati2007 - National Conference held at the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel, Washington DC • Chapter of the Year:2nd Place: Cincinnati • Chapter Professional Service Award: Cincinnati • Youth Conference CIO Challenge Winners: 2nd Place Teammate DeRicco Swan Cincinnati • IT Showcase High School Winners: 1st place: Jahmal Chase, 2 nd Place Amber Gosby CincinnatiGive Back, Get Involved and Get Noticed! http://www.bdpa-cincy.org/volunteeropport.htmNational BDPA Awards History provided by Wayne Hicks, Immediate Past Executive Director ofBETF (http://www.betf.org) and National Immediate Past President in 2006-2007Cincinnati Chapter Information www.bdpa-cincy.org 13