ITSMF: The Leadership Academy


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The Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF) created a results-driven approach to leadership development for IT professionals of color.

One of the three programs in 'The Leadership Academy' is the 'Management Academy' (formerly the Executive Protege Program) is for mid-level managers who aspire to executive band positions.

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ITSMF: The Leadership Academy

  1. 1. TheLeadership academyA results-driven approach to leadership developmentfor IT professionals of color.
  2. 2. The ITSMF Leadership Academy prepares IT professionals of color to meet the realities of today’s competitive marketplace.The iTsmF Leadership academy offers a each academy is a 12-month developmentalprogressive suite of educational and career experience that allows participants to assessdevelopment programs that address the all facets of their managerial skill sets.unique challenges and opportunities facedby iT professionals of color. Participants interact with: — Current and retired C-level executivesThe three programs in the academy aredesigned to sharpen current skills and — Executive coachescompetencies and provide iT professionals — Executive mentorswith tools for successful advancement. — Current Academicians — Subject matter expertsThe Leadership academyToday’s business environment requireslightning-fast decisions that are sometimesbased on limited information. The academies Management Academy*provide information and tactics which can For mid-level managers who aspiresignificantly improve how well iT professionals to executive band positions.of color are prepared for the demands ofsenior management. Executive Academy designed to guide newly seated or mid-level executive band participants. “The supportive environment of the Leadership academy, including training C-Level Academy and development seminars, energizing Targeted for seated c-Level executives and informative speakers, mentoring and or extremely senior and seasoned networking opportunities is instrumental in the development of the p&G executives. also for those aspiring to african-american iT leaders.” build their own business enterprise or seek board appointments. — Linda W. clement-holmes chief diversity Officer and senior Vice president Global Business services The procter & Gamble company *Formerly the executive protégé program
  3. 3. Professionalacademy sTrucTureeach of the three programs within theLeadership academy focuses on sharpening Political Personalskills in areas critical to success within topmanagerial ranks.1. Professional 2. Political 3. Personalparticipants learn what concepts revolving around participants are guidedcompetencies are expected in organizational and personal along an introspectivethe executive suite, and that politics are explored and path, developing objectivesome of the most important discussed in a confidential, assessments of strengths andrequirements are not readily supportive environment. weaknesses, all with an eyevisible or understood. on improved readiness for executive advancement.The experienceIn a highly interactive environment, participants Participants in the Leadership Academy willconnect with carefully selected instructors, • gain invaluable insight into the realitiesmentors and coaches drawn from both academia of executive performanceand iT executive ranks. real-world issues and • identify and fine-tune specific competenciesexperiences are discussed frankly within theacademy’s face-to-face and virtual activities • embrace skills and competencies keythat span a full year. participants and instructors to succeeding at the executive-levelforge powerful relationships that last long after • leverage mentors dedicated tocoursework is completed. participants’ success • understand how to build coalitions andThe curriculum is academically robust, business- collaborate among other leaders acrossoriented and intellectually stimulating. programs an organizationdraw upon the industry’s most highly regardedlecturers, assessment tools, case studies, textsand visual media.Other resources include regular one-on-onecommunication, quarterly symposia and a varietyof intensive learning opportunities.
  4. 4. The ITSMF Leadership Academysupports the IT professional’s journeyacross the bridge to the executive suite. prospective participants are encouraged to consult with an academy Guide to determine which of the three academies best fits their career progression. For information and application instructions contact: Dr. Fay Cobb Payton Dr. Michael L. McCrimmon ITSMF Executive Office