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HSCC Practice Exam (Questions and Answers)


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These are 273 practice questions (with the answer key) that can be used in training BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) teams.

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HSCC Practice Exam (Questions and Answers)

  1. 1. 1. The process of conducting meetings and conferences over wide area networks to participants all overthe world is called ...[ ] teleprocessing[ ] telecommuting[ ] teleconferencing[ ] voice mail2. What type of technology increases overall processing capability by reducing the instruction to onlythose that are most frequently used?( ) SCSI( ) RISC( ) CISC( ) MIDI3. Which HTML tag will create the largest text?( ) <h6>( ) <h1>( ) <h8>( ) <h4>4. Which of the following consists of a list containing the values of a key field and the corresponding diskaddress for each record in a file?( ) root record( ) doman( ) index( ) datadictionary5. Which of the following is normally an ergonomic concern?( ) the response time of a system( ) the speed of the processor( ) the design of the keyboard( ) the design of the processor6. Which of the following tasks would be most efficiently performed using batch processing?
  2. 2. ( ) calculating payroll checks( ) Olympic scoring( ) retrieving criminal records( ) providing airline flight information7. A _________ is a hardware device or a program that controls or regulates another device.( ) control unit( ) algorithm( ) script( ) driver8. Among the first software package developed for the use of hypertext was Apple Computers ...( ) Word Perfect( ) dBase( ) Tetris( ) HyperCard9. The major difference between integrated software and stand-alone software is that integrated software...( ) requires more complicated hardware than stand-alone software( ) often requires rekeying of the same data( ) can be used on any type of hardware system( ) none of the above10. Which of the following tags is a line break?( ) <br>( ) <lb>( ) <ls>( ) </br>11. A large-capacity permanent storage device used to hold information like programs and documents iscalled a ________.( ) dvd( ) flash drive
  3. 3. ( ) tape drive( ) hard drive12. ________ is the exchange of information with other computers or with commercial informationservices over telephone lines.( ) teleconferencing( ) telnet( ) telecommunications( ) telemetry13. The binary value that represents the decimal value 11 is ...( ) 1011( ) 0111( ) 1110( ) 111114. A network that resides behind a firewall and is accessible only to people who are members of thatparticular network is called a(n) ...( ) internet( ) world wide web( ) intranet( ) infrastructure15. ______________ means to divide a disk into sections, so that data can be stored more efficiently.( ) subdivide( ) partition( ) ration( ) concatenate16. _______ describes the physical layout of a computer network.( ) topology( ) map( ) diagram( ) all of the above
  4. 4. 17. Pressing "F5" in browser software usually ...( ) moves to the next page( ) loads a new web page( ) moves back a page( ) refreshes the current web page18. Who is the current National President-Elect of BDPA?( ) Renee McClure( ) Yvette Graham( ) Felicia Tucker( ) Milt Haynes19. A file that defines the basic organization of a database is called a(n) ___________. It contains a listof all files in the database, the number of records in eadh file, and the names and types of each field.( ) column( ) schema( ) row( ) index20. In a discussion on computer networking, what is a protocol?( ) method used to standardize programs( ) standard rules governing communications( ) government procedure for encoding communications( ) standard method for transmitting email21. What team won the 2009 Computer Competition?( ) Washington, DC( ) Los Angeles( ) Southern Minnesota( ) Indianapolis22. What is the default direction for text in HTML?( ) center
  5. 5. ( ) left( ) right( ) top23. Future communications technology in the U.S. will most likely be improved by innovations in ...( ) robotics( ) fiber optics( ) steel cable wires( ) messenger services24. The transmission, storage, and distribution of electronic text messages over telecommunicationnetworks is called ...( ) facsimile( ) email( ) teleconferencing( ) voicemail25. Which of the following does NOT refer to a type of computer network?( ) LAN( ) WAN( ) ISDN( ) SDN26. What is the keyword for subclassing in Java?( ) inherits( ) sub( ) implements( ) extends27. A ______ is a collection of web pages maintained by a university, government agency, company orindividual.( ) web site( ) web address( ) hyperlink
  6. 6. ( ) internet28. Which of the following is the oldest form of database organization and reflects the fact that databaseswere developed when the disk and memory capacity of computers was limited and most processing wasdone in batches of transactions?( ) object-oriented( ) network( ) relational( ) hierarchical29. What is the name of this HTML tag, <p> </p>?( ) period( ) page break( ) pad left or right( ) paragraph30. Information presented in the form of pictures or images is called ...( ) graphics( ) video( ) picture( ) clip art31. Successive discounts of 20% and 15% are equal to a single discount of ...( ) 30%( ) 32%( ) 34%( ) 35%32. Which of the following is NOT an arithmetic operation?( ) multiplying data items( ) subtracting data items( ) comparing data items( ) adding data items33. Portrait orientation means ...
  7. 7. ( ) both the width and height of the paper are enlarged( ) the paper is wider than it is tall( ) the width and the height of the paper are identical( ) the paper is taller than it is wide34. A(n) _________ is a software program designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a privatenetwork.( ) firewall( ) router( ) switch( ) security35. A device that converts keystrokes into special codes that can be electronically manipulated by acomputer is ...( ) a cursor( ) a mouse( ) a prompt( ) a keyboard36. A painful, crippling ailment of the hand and wrist caused by extensive keyboard use is( ) hypertension( ) stressed wrist syndrome( ) carpal tunnel syndrome( ) repetitive movement injury37. ___________ is a permanent type of memory storage used by the computer for important data thatdoesnt change.( ) Random access memory( ) Registers( ) Read Only Memory (ROM)( ) Cache38. Which of the following is NOT a common word size in microprocessors?( ) 128 bits
  8. 8. ( ) 64 bits( ) 32 bits( ) 16 bits39. What HTML tag would create an element within a form?( ) <create>( ) <meta>( ) <a>( ) <input>40. Who is known as the father of the computer?( ) Bill Gates( ) John Von Neumann( ) Charles Babbage( ) Charles Ward41. Which of the following represents a billionth of a second and measures the speed of memory?( ) nanoseconds( ) milliseconds( ) megaseconds( ) billiseconds42. What HTML tag would cause a word to be italicized?( ) <em>( ) <var>( ) <strong>( ) <it>43. Computer networks in which electronic messages, data files, or programs can be stored for othersubscribers to read or copy are called ...( ) databases( ) imagebases( ) bulletin board systems
  9. 9. ( ) shareware44. A <frameset> HTML tag has what type of attributes (choose all that apply)?[ ] rows[ ] columns[ ] position[ ] fields45. A _______ identifies the address of the computer or server on the Internet where a document isstored.( ) internet address( ) URL( ) Hyperlink( ) Domain Name46. What are the first set of tags needed in a web page?( ) <title> </title>( ) <body> </body>( ) <html> </html>( ) <first> </first>47. Which of the following is NOT a data type in Microsoft Access?( ) text( ) shapes( ) dates( ) autonumber48. __________ is the process of minimizing duplication in a relational database.( ) de-duplication( ) schema( ) realization( ) normalization49. Which of the following is NOT a valid Domain Name?
  10. 10. ( ) com( ) org( ) mil( ) uso50. In Java, arrays are ...( ) public( ) not allowed( ) dynamic( ) unchanging in size51. Which of the following were used in building the first generation of computers?( ) Virtual Memory( ) Vacuum Tubes( ) Integrated Circuits( ) Transistors52. The hexadecimal and octal systems are used ...( ) To encode numbers( ) Exclusively in ASCII( ) Because Binary is outdated( ) As a shorthand way of representing binary53.54. A transmission control protocol is a protocol that enables two hosts to establish a connection andexchange data.( )( )55. Eight bits equals a ________.( ) Word( ) Byte( ) Megabits
  11. 11. ( ) Binary Digit56. The capability of machines to "think" like humans is called ...( ) future shock( ) multiple processing( ) artificial intelligence( ) robotics engineering57. The word __________ is used to denote 1,024 bytes, commonly referred to as 1,000 bytes.( ) kilobyte( ) megabyte( ) terabyte( ) gigabyte58. Which of the following launched a new generation of computing in which solid logic technologyreplaced transistors?( ) IBM System 360( ) Apple II( ) Data General Nova( ) ENIAC59. What is the mission of BDPA( ) Strengthen the expertise of minority members of the Information Technology community( ) Offer IT expertise to those minorities evaluating IT for future careers( ) Broaden the Information Technology of the minority community as a whole( ) All of the above60. Which of the following cities won the first High School Computer Competition?( ) Washington, DC( ) Atlanta, Georgia( ) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania( ) New York, New York61. When did the term "Internet" come into usage?
  12. 12. ( ) 1996( ) 1983( ) 1965( ) 197262. Which is the BEST description of a database?( ) A bunch of data( ) A collection of information from a common source( ) A collection of rows and columns( ) A collection of information related to a particular subject or purpose63. Who was (were) the founder(s) of BDPA? (Choose all that apply)[ ] Norman Mays[ ] David Wimberly[ ] Dr. Jesse Bemley[ ] Earl A. Pace, Jr.64. Which of the following can be found embedded in some household appliances?( ) disk drive( ) microcomputer( ) microprocessor( ) motherboard65. 1 Terabyte = 1024 ...( ) gigabytes( ) megabytes( ) kilobytes( ) petabytes66. How many twips are in an inch?( )1( ) 500( ) 770
  13. 13. ( ) 144067. In a database, tables have fields which can also be called ...( ) character( ) cells( ) rows( ) columns68. Which of the following is NOT considered a portable computer?( ) minicomputer( ) notebook computer( ) laptop computer( ) palmtop computer69. Who started the BDPA High School Computer Competition?( ) Chester Grice( ) Earl Pace, Jr( ) Dr. Jesse Bemley( ) Vivian Wilson70. A protocol for sending e-mail messages between servers is called ...( ) post office protocol( ) smime( ) ftp( ) telnet71. Billing systems, inventory control systems, accounts payable systems, and order entry systems areexamples of ...( ) Transaction Processing System (TPS)( ) Accounting Information System (AIS)( ) Executive Information System (EIS)( ) Decision Support System (DSS)72. To instantly communicate with people around the world by typing back and forth is called ...
  14. 14. ( ) email( ) instant messaging( ) text messaging( ) encryption73. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the protocol which enables a computer user to search for, display anddownload information that appears on the World Wide Web.( )( )74. Which of the following functions can be performed by a query?( ) retrieve data( ) update multiple records( ) perform calculations( ) all of the above75. Information stored on a floppy disk will be erased most quickly by ...( ) temperature change( ) magnetic fields( ) dust particles( ) light rays76. The measurement of the recording density of a diskette is referred to as ...( ) tracks per inch( ) bits per inch( ) sectors per track( ) clusters per sector77. How many years has the BDPA National High School Computer Competition been running?( ) 12 Years( ) 17 Years( ) 31 Years( ) 23 Years
  15. 15. 78. A group of two or more connected computers and associated devices is called a(n) ...( ) network( ) WAN( ) internet( ) intranet79. A(n) _____________ is a printed circuit board that you can insert into a computer to give it addedcapabilities.( ) network interface card( ) expansion board( ) mother board( ) graphics card80. A common secondary storage device on personal computers on which data is stored as magneticareas is a compact removable media called ...( ) a diskette( ) a disk drive( ) a hard disk( ) a memory address81. A company that provides access to the Internet, usually through the public telephone system, cable orbroadband, is called an ...( ) internet service provider( ) network service provider( ) local area network( ) wide area network82. The equivalent decimal number of the binary number 1111 is...( ) 10( ) 12( ) 15( ) 1683. What is the next number in the arithmetic progressions 2, 5, 8, ...?
  16. 16. ( )7( )9( ) 10( ) 1184. A(n) ____________ is a characteristic, fact, or description about a table or record.( ) argument( ) attribute( ) variable( ) constant85. Tape density is ...( ) width of the tape( ) length of the tape that is in a cartridge( ) the number of bits that can be stored on an inch of tape( ) the number of channels that run the length of the tape86. A/An _________ is a collection of programs that enables you to store, modify and extract data from adatabase.( ) DBMS( ) STMP( ) MSDB( ) SMDB87. Encryption is a technique for scrambling data being transmitted across a network so it is unreadable.( ) No( ) Yes88. The first high-level programming language introduced by a small group of IBM employees in 1958was called ...( ) COBOL( )C( ) FORTRAN( ) Pascal
  17. 17. 89. A ___________ is designed to be especially small so that the bulk of the data processing occurs onthe server.( ) thin client( ) fat client( ) server( ) dedicated client90. The number that indicates the location of a byte in memory is called a memory ...( ) port( ) card( ) microcode( ) address91. Which of the following consists of a keyboard and a screen?( ) digitizers( ) image scanners( ) terminals( ) graphics tables92. What is TCP/IP?( ) a family of protocols( ) a communications device( ) broad band communications( ) the basis for HDTV93. __________ is an expansion board you insert into a computer so the computer can be connected to anetwork.( ) transmission control protocol( ) network interface card( ) system interface card( ) graphics card94. A Response Object is executed....( ) from the client
  18. 18. ( ) from the server( ) when the page is composed( ) when the database is opened95. A T1 line can transmit at speeds of ...( ) 0.5 million bits/second( ) 1.0 million bits/second( ) 1.5 million bits/second( ) 2.0 million bits/second96. Because the computer must record and read tape records one after the other, what type of storagemedia is magnetic tape?( ) indexed( ) direct( ) random( ) sequential97. An object created with one application and linked into a document created by another application iscalled an ...( ) image( ) hypertext reference( ) embedded object( ) inherited object98. The _________ or microprocessor is the "brain" of the computer system.( ) Control unit( ) Hard Drive( ) Mother Board( ) CPU99. A protocol that allows a user on one computer to access and transfer files to and from anothercomputer over a network is called ...( ) ftp( ) telnet
  19. 19. ( ) tcp( ) pop100. Which of the following codes is a valid "form" HTML tag?( ) <form> </form>( ) {form} {/form}( ) (form) (form);( ) [form] [/form]101. Java is ...( ) used only for internet programming( ) object oriented( ) procedural( ) 100% crash proof102. What was the second BDPA Chapter established and in what year?( ) Washington, DC in 1979( ) Raleigh, North Carolina( ) Atlanta, Georgia in 1978( ) New York, New York in 1977103. ___________ is space on a hard drive used to temporarily store data and swap it in and out of RAMas needed.( ) virtual memory( ) cache memory( ) read only memory( ) random access memory104. A socket on the computer, into which you can plug a cable to connect a hardware device, is called a_________.( ) FireWire Port( ) USB Port( ) Parallel Port( ) Serial Port
  20. 20. 105. User data gram protocol is a connectionless protocol that allows the host to send a message withoutestablishing a connection with the recipient.( ) No( ) Yes106. An integrated circuit, also called a chip of an IC, is a ....( ) circuit board that contains most of the electronic components of the system unit( ) socket designed to hold the circuit board for a device, such as a tape drive or sound card, that addscapability to the computer system( ) complete electronic circuit that has been etched on a small slice of non-conducting material such assilicon( ) socket used to connect the system unit to a peripheral device such as a printer or modem107. Programs used by business people to make a formal presentation are called ...( ) design( ) draw( ) presentation graphics( ) video animation108. An impact printers name is derived from ...( ) transferring a whole or partial character by striking a ribbon( ) using heat to transfer an image onto paper( ) having the same print quality as an electric typewriter( ) transferring a pattern of dots to the paper109. Who was the first BDPA National President?( ) Diane Davis( ) Norman Mays( ) Earl Pace, Jr.( ) Vivian Wilson110. When you input data into a Microsoft Access table using a form, you are able to ...( ) see all the records of the table( ) see only one record of the table
  21. 21. ( ) view all the records of many tables( ) view many databases at one time111. What is the correct way to declare a variable in Java?( ) x int;( ) int x;( ) str[] String = new String("test")( ) str String112. SQL is used for which of the following?( ) run subroutines( ) obtain specified data from a database( ) create another programming language( ) obtain values from variables113. The transmission of data from one computer to another or from one device to another is calledcommunications( ) False( ) True114. _______ defines a common set of rules and signals that computers on the network use tocommunicate.( ) protocols( ) interface( ) telecommunications( ) standard tools115. Ping is a utility which works by sending a packet to the specified address on a network and waits fora reply.( ) No( ) Yes116. Where was the first National Conference held?( ) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania( ) Washington, DC
  22. 22. ( ) Atlanta, Georgia( ) Los Angeles, California117. A process by which several users can share the same computer at the same time is called ...( ) time sharing( ) swapping( ) multitasking( ) virtual memory118. What method of virtual memory management divides programs into logical portions, some which arelarger than others?( ) segmentation( ) paging( ) framing( ) swapping119. A type of database management system (DBMS) that stores data in the form of related tables iscalled ....( ) hierarchical( ) relational( ) sequential( ) modular120. The hexadecimal system uses digits...( ) 1 through 8( ) 0 through 7( ) 0 through 9 plus A through F( ) 0 through 9121. Which of the following are built in ASP objects?( ) application( ) session( ) server( ) all of the above
  23. 23. 122. An area being studied that allows the computer to act like the human brain when processing data is...( ) robot networks( ) diagnostic networks( ) brain wave networks( ) neural networks123. Laser printing derives its flexibility from ...( ) an embedded microprocessor in the printer( ) transferring images on specially treated paper( ) its use of sophisticated mechanical technology( ) its lack of moving parts124. Software packages that support work activities by members of a work team whose computers areinterconnected by a local area network, allowing them to communicate and work together on joint projectsare called ...( ) shareware( ) groupware( ) multi-user software( ) networked software125. A packet is a piece of message transmitted over a network that contains the destination address( )( )126. Which of the following is NOT a part of the central processing unit of a computer?( ) control unit( ) arithmetic logic unit( ) memory( ) registers127. The equivalent decimal number of the binary number 111 is...( )7( ) 15
  24. 24. ( )5( )6128. What was the first microprocessor chip which was introduced in 1971 called?( ) Motorola 6502( ) Intel 8086( ) Intel 4004( ) Pentium I129. ______ is the terminal emulation program that runs on your computer and connects your computerto a server.( ) telnet( ) ftp( ) soap( ) smime130. A ________ is temporary storage that acts as a holding area, before the data is transmitted to adevice (like a printer).( ) peripheral( ) buffer( ) RAM( ) register131. Which of the following acronyms does NOT represent an information coding sheme?( ) CCITT( ) EBCDIC( ) BCD( ) ASCII132. In Java, a constructor is responsible for ...( ) deleting an error( ) performing pointer arithmetic( ) initializing an object( ) building a house
  25. 25. 133. Memory used to temporarily store information that the computer is currently working on is called___________.( ) virtual memory( ) cache memory( ) read only memory( ) random access memory134. In what year was the BDPA National organization reorganized?( ) 1994( ) 1997( ) 1998( ) 1999135. What does the "F" mean on the F1, F2, F3, etc., keys on a keyboard?( ) function( ) file( ) format( ) find136. The _______ is the first page a user sees when accessing a web site.( ) home page( ) login page( ) database connection page( ) front page137. A _____________ is used by computers on a network to connect to each other.( ) ethernet card( ) ftp card( ) network interface card( ) interface control card138. Who was the first woman BDPA National President?( ) Vivian Wilson
  26. 26. ( ) Diane Davis( ) Renee McClure( ) Paulette Johnson139. A computer dedicated to providing file and storage services to other computers on the network iscalled a(n) ...( ) file server( ) mainframe server( ) client server( ) internet server140. A method of sending messages, usually text but also graphics and document attachments, via acomputer network is called ...( ) email( ) smime( ) messaging( ) facsimile141. The process of working at home yet still being connected to the computer network at work is called...( ) teleprocessing( ) telecommuting( ) networking( ) teleconferencing142. A ___________ is used to transfer data during input or output operations.( ) controller( ) data bus( ) register( ) buffer143. The central cable that connects all devices on a local area network (LAN) is called a ...( ) bus( ) card
  27. 27. ( ) guard( ) switch144. Microsoft Access is a __________ database management system.( ) random access( ) manual( ) relational( ) hierarchical145. Some computers improve their processing efficiency by using a limited amount of high-speed RAMmemory between the CPU and main memory. This is called ...( ) virtual memory( ) dynamic memory( ) ROM memory( ) cache memory146. In databases, tables have records which can also be called ...( ) rows( ) columns( ) cells( ) characters147. In a discussion on computer networking, the acronym DES would refer to ...( ) data equipment standard( ) data exchange sequence( ) data encryption standard( ) data error standard148. How many levels of headings are there in HTML?( )8( ) 12( )4( )6
  28. 28. 149. Which of the following digits are used in the octal system?( ) 1 through 8( ) 0 through 7( ) 0 through 9 plus A through F( ) 0 through 9150. What feature in a graphics package causes an identical downward line to be drawn automaticallywhen a line is drawn upward?( ) scale( ) duplicate( ) rotate( ) mirror151. You wish to create a query that will give you all the students enrolled in a Visual Basic course, yourSQL statment will look similar to which of the following?( ) Select all students where student_DB from course_name = "Visual Basic";( ) Select "Visual Basic" from course_name = students;( ) Select all students from course_name = "Visual Basic";( ) None of the Above152. Which of the following is NOT an advantage that a database system offers over a file-orientedsystem?( ) improved data security( ) reduced development time( ) increased data redundancy( ) improvied data integrity153. The computer architecture that stores the program and the program data in memory is credited to...( ) John Von Neumann( ) Charles Babbage( ) Howard Aiken( ) Bill Gates154. What type of inheritance does Java support?
  29. 29. ( ) none( ) multiple( ) double( ) single155. What type of user interface ususally requires that you type in abbreviated instructions?( ) graphical user interface( ) menu driven interface( ) command driven interface( ) customized interface156. A mulitplexor, sometimes referred to as a MUX, ...( ) converts digital signals to analog( ) combines one or more input channels into a single output channel( ) transmits data from the CPU memory( ) has circuits that store transmitted data157. The binary number that represents the decimal value 6 is ...( ) 0110( ) 0111( ) 1011( ) 1101158. A task that a front-end processor would handle that involves checking the connected terminals orcomputers to see if they have data to send is called ...( ) handshaking( ) serving( ) hosting( ) polling159. A _______ is a program that lets you view and explore information on the World Wide Web.( ) internet( ) browser
  30. 30. ( ) http( ) url160. What does the acronym JSP mean?( ) Java Servlet Page( ) Java Swing Programming( ) Java Server Programming( ) Java Server Pages161. Which of the following is true about HTTP?( ) allows you to create links from one piece of information to another( ) can incorporate references to sounds, graphics, and movies( ) understands other internet protocols, such as FTP, gopher, and telnet( ) all of the above162. The numbering system used by the computer that is based on zeros (0) and ones (1) is called_________.( ) hexadecimal( ) octal( ) decimal( ) binary163. Which of the following is NOT a bus found in the central electronics of a computer?( ) data( ) control( ) instruction( ) address164. A library of ready-drawn pictures (for example: trees, houses, and business icons) is called ...( ) clip art( ) animation( ) draw and paint( ) copy art
  31. 31. 165. What does "href" stand for with respect to HTML?( ) hypertext reference( ) hierarchical reference( ) high level reference( ) hyper machine reference166. A field or a group of fields that uniquely identifies a record in a table is called a ______ key.( ) primary( ) secondary( ) special( ) foreign167. Records can be accessed in an indexed file ...( ) only sequentially( ) only randomly( ) both sequentially and random( ) neither sequentially or random168. In the telecommunications industry, the acronym PBX is used to denote ...( ) private branch exchange( ) public broadast exchange( ) pulse broadcast exchange( ) priority broadcast exchange169. Training an airline pilot in a device using copmuter graphics is an example of ...( ) animation( ) simulation( ) manipulation( ) interpretation170. A ___________ is a high-speed connection that works over a standard telephone line.( ) Digital Telephone Line( ) Digital Subscriber Line
  32. 32. ( ) Digital Network Line( ) Digital Interface Line171. The first known use of punched cards that contained a set of instructions for an automated processwas ...( ) 1980 Census( ) Airline Reservations( ) Military Applications( ) Jacquards Loom172. What color is this within HTML: 000000?( ) white( ) red( ) black( ) blue173. What feature of some programs allows you to use a series of graphics, displaying them on themonitor and specifying their sequence and timing?( ) draw( ) slide show( ) rotate( ) skew174. The first large scale electronic digital computer that became operational in 1946 was ...( ) Enigma( ) EDVAC( ) UNIVAC( ) ENIAC175. A _________ is any hardware device connected to a computer.( ) usb device( ) peripheral( ) driver( ) expansion board
  33. 33. 176. Which graph would be most appropriate for representing the percentages of the parts of a budget?( ) single line graph( ) double line graph( ) pie graph( ) bar graph177. Which of the following number systems uses letters as placeholders?( ) hexadecimal( ) decimal( ) binary( ) octal178. The ______ is a collection of inter-connected networks, physically connected via cables andtelephone lines, that enables users to share access to a wide variety of services.( ) internet( ) hypernet( ) intranet( ) infrastructure179. What does a forward slash do in an HTML tag?( ) begin a tag( ) create a syntax error( ) end the tag that matches( ) nothing180. The Theme for the 2009 National Conference is( ) Challenges for Today, Strategies for Tomorrow( ) Closing the Gap in Information Technology( ) Taking IT to the Net: From High Tops to High Tech( ) Keep IT Real181. Cartoon characters in motion is an example of ...( ) simulation
  34. 34. ( ) animation( ) interpretation( ) manipulation182. The following code will display as ....<ul> <li>Item 1</li> <li>Item 2</li> <li>Item 3</li> </ul>( ) a set of bullets( ) a set of links( ) a numbered list( ) a list183. The first commercially successful minicomputer introduced in 1963 was ...( ) DEC PDP-8( ) IBM System 360( ) Data General Nova( ) AS 400184. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of fiber optics over wire cables?( ) substantial weight and size savings( ) increased speed of transmission( ) not affected by electrical and magnetic fields( ) none of the above185. A billion bytes of information is called a ...( ) nanobyte( ) terabyte( ) gigabyte( ) megabyte186. A narrow recording band forming a full circle around a diskette is called a ...( ) sector( ) partition( ) track
  35. 35. ( ) cylinder187. Cabling media include all of the following EXCEPT ...( ) twisted pair wire( ) coaxial cable( ) fiber optic cable( ) cellular cable188. What is this character "~" called?( ) tilde( ) caret( ) slash( ) squiggly189. The software that is commonly used to access information on the web is called a ...( ) server( ) client( ) browser( ) application190. A(n) _______________ allows you to add new information to your computer very easily and saveinformation that you want to carry to a different location.( ) removable storage( ) cd-rom( ) flash drive( ) all of the above191. Inkjet printing is an important technology because it ...( ) can produce output on microfiche( ) can produce multipart forms( ) is the fastest method of printing( ) is a low cost method for color printing192. A collection of data designed to support management descision-making is called a______________.
  36. 36. ( ) data warehouse( ) data base management system( ) decision support system( ) electronic warehouse193. What word is used to denote one billion bytes?( ) megabyte( ) gigabyte( ) terabyte( ) kilobyte194. The ability of the computer to understand and translate everyday languages is called ...( ) language translation( ) artificial intelligence( ) parallel processing( ) natural language processing195. As of January 2009, there are how many local BDPA Chapters( ) 37( ) 150( ) 53( ) 41196. The ______ is used by the computer to record and play audio by converting analog sound into digitalinformation and back again.( ) video card( ) network card( ) graphics card( ) sound card197. In a discussion on computer networking, the acronym ATM would refer to ...( ) automatic teller machine( ) asynchronous transfer mode
  37. 37. ( ) analog transfer mode( ) authorized transfer mode198. When text, graphics, video, animation and sound are presented all together, in an integrated way,this presentation is called ...( ) multimedia( ) dvd( ) multitasking( ) graphics199. HTML stands for ...( ) Hyper Text Markup Language( ) Highly Technical Markup Language( ) Hyper Text Machine Language( ) Highly Technical Machine Language200. Which of the following access methods means that the records in a file are retrieved one record afteranother, in the same order the records are stored?( ) immediate( ) sequential( ) direct( ) random201. What tag do you use to supply additional information about an HTML document?( ) <more>( ) <meta>( ) <supply>( ) <info>202. What is a URL?( ) a web address( ) Universal Resource Locator( ) a way to navigate to specified web page( ) all of the above
  38. 38. 203. What operating system was released by IBM in 1988 as a successor to DOS?( ) OS/2( ) VMS( ) UNIX( ) Windows204. An underlined text area or graphical element (like a button) on a web page that calls up another webpage when clicked is called a ...( ) hyperlink( ) URL( ) image( ) hypertext reference205. The _____ is the device that joins communications lines at a central location. It provides a commonconnection to all devices on the network.( ) hub( ) switch( ) router( ) all of the above206. The kind of software that stores data and knowledge and then can be used as a consultant in aparticular field is called a(n) ...( ) robotics engineering( ) knowledge base( ) knowledge program( ) expert system207. In the machine cycle, what is the name of the operation that obtains the next program instructionfrom memory?( ) fetch( ) decode( ) assemble( ) link208. Which loop is NOT supported in Java?
  39. 39. ( ) do while( ) for( ) while( ) for next209. What are the temporary storage locations, for specific types of data, that are contained in both thecontrol unit and ALU of a computer?( ) channels( ) registers( ) slots( ) buses210. What is the meaning of the acronym "IIS"?( ) internet information server( ) internet infrastructure system( ) information infrastructure system( ) internet information system211. The science and technology that emphasizes the design of safe, comfortable, and pleasant workenvironments involving human-operated machines such as computers is ...( ) artificial intelligence( ) expert systems( ) ergonomics( ) robotics212. Information presented in many forms, sound, text, images, and data, is referred to as ...( ) multimedia( ) file server( ) storage( ) memory213. The __________ is the main circuit board inside the computer that all of the other internalcomponents connect to.( ) hard drive
  40. 40. ( ) motherboard( ) CPU( ) video card214. A _______ is a collection of information that is arranged for easy access by the computer.( ) row( ) column( ) field( ) database215. The smallest unit of information in a database is called a ...( ) table( ) field( ) row( ) column216. ROM memory is described as nonvolatile because ...( ) it loses its contents when the power is turned off( ) it retains its contents even when the power is turned off( ) data and programs can be transferred into and out of ROM( ) it can be read and used but it cannot be altered217. A ___________ is a primary device for navigating and interfacing with the computer.( ) mouse( ) keyboard( ) flash drive( ) scanner218. __________ refers to database management systems that are organized in the shape of a pyramid,with each row of objects linked to objects directly beneath it.( ) hierarchical( ) relational( ) list
  41. 41. ( ) sequential219. A ________ server is a server dedicated to translating a Domain Name into an IP address.( ) web( ) domain name( ) application( ) system220. Where was the first High School Computer Competition conducted?( ) New York, New York( ) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania( ) Atlanta, Georgia( ) Washington, DC221. This person lived from 1791 - 1871, developed the concept of "a general purpose machine thatwould be capable of performing any type of digital calculation." This concept is the basis for moderndigital computers. Who is this person?( ) Thomas Watson( ) John Von Neumann( ) Charles Babbage( ) Blaise Pascal222. Because the printer is a relatively slow device compared to other computer system devices, whattechnique is used to increase printer efficiency?( ) booting( ) spooling( ) posting( ) thrashing223. A(n) ________ is a field that you use to identify, sort and extract data.( ) primary key( ) foriegn key( ) outer join( ) inner join
  42. 42. 224. The address of a document stored on a server on the World Wide Web is referred to as its ...( ) http( ) html( ) hyperlink( ) URL225. What type of computer sends a request to a server and waits for the response.( ) server( ) mini-computer( ) client( ) workstation226. This person lived from 1815 - 1853, proposed the idea of using a set of instructions to program amachine and is considered to be the first programmer. Who is this person?( ) Thomas Watson( ) Charles Babbage( ) Blaise Pascal( ) Augusta Ada Byron - Countess of Lovelace227. A protocol that specifies the format of packets (pieces of a message) and the addressing schema iscalled hypertext transmission protocol( ) No( ) Yes228. Which form of presentation would be best for comparing the amounts of money that three factoriesspent on labor, materials, and maintenance?( ) bar graph( ) text( ) telephone( ) pie graph229. An address for a resource on the Internet, is called a(n) ___________. It identifies where adocument is stored on the Internet.( ) URL( ) IP address
  43. 43. ( ) hyperlink( ) register230. Thermal printers transfer images onto paper by ...( ) spraying ink( ) applying heat( ) striking a thermal ribbon( ) drawing one dot at a time231. The binary value that represents the decimal value 5 is ...( ) 0011( ) 0101( ) 0111( ) 1100232. The number of bits the CPU processes at one time is called ...( ) instruction set( ) clock speed( ) word size( ) bus width233. ________ is the type of network where each workstation has the same capabilities. Thesecomputers may alternate in the network functions they perform.( ) simple architecture( ) computer to computer architecture( ) peer to peer architecture( ) network to network architecture234. The most cost-effective display for a portable computer today is ...( ) cathode ray tube (CRT)( ) liquid crystal display (LCD)( ) gas plasma( ) electroluminescent display
  44. 44. 235. The protocol of the World Wide Web is called ...( ) HTML( ) hyperlink( ) URL( ) HTTP236. Which of the following uses computer graphics to imitate a real-life activity?( ) limitation( ) manipulation( ) simulation( ) interpretation237. The memory management scheme in which the operating system expands the computers memoryby swapping parts of programs or data between memory and secondary storage is called ...( ) random access memory( ) partitioned memory( ) virtual memory( ) shared memory238. The encoding system for ACSII is...( ) binary( ) hexadecimal( ) octal( ) decimal239. Which computer innovation was developed first?( ) light pen( ) scanner( ) USB drive( ) color monitor240. ___________ memory stores frequently used data in extremely fast RAM that connects directly tothe CPU.( ) virtual memory
  45. 45. ( ) cache memory( ) read only memory( ) random access memory241. Who is the current National President?( ) Renee McClure( ) Wayne Hicks( ) Felicia Tucker( ) Denise Holland242. A type of ROM that is used by the computer to establish basic communication when the computer isfirst turned on is called _____________.( ) Basic Information Output Storage( ) Basic Input Output Storage( ) Basic Input Output System( ) Bootup Input Output System243. Which of the following will connect you to the Internet (choose all that apply)?( ) a commercial online service( ) an internet service provider( ) a network connection( ) all of the above244. The technology of the World Wide Web is based on ...( ) internet server architecture( ) client server architecture( ) web server architecture( ) http server architecture245. The equivalent decimal number of the binary number 1010 is ...( ) 12( )5( )9
  46. 46. ( ) 10246. The program to be converted by a compiler is called the ...( ) object code( ) source code( ) executable code( ) machine code247. The terms or conditions that a search engine uses to find items in a database are called ...( ) operand( ) search criteria( ) range of values( ) data dictionary248. A client that performs the bulk of the data processing operations is called a ...( ) fat client( ) thin client( ) dedicated client( ) server249. Where was the first BDPA Chapter established?( ) Washington, DC( ) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania( ) New York, New York( ) Chicago, Illinois250. ________ is a text-based language used to create and link web pages.( ) html( ) fortran( ) cobol( ) php251. What year did the first stored program computer enter the U.S.?( ) 1940
  47. 47. ( ) 1947( ) 1955( ) 1899252. The second part of a machine language instruction that specifies the data or the location of the datathat will be used by the instruction is called the ...( ) operation code( ) address( ) instruction mnemonic( ) operand253. A __________ is a multi-user computer that can provide common services to one or morecomputers on a network.( ) client( ) dumb terminal( ) mainframe( ) server254. In reference to the World Wide Web, among the following, the server is best described as ...( ) the location where the information is actually stored( ) a piece of software that allows you to access information( ) a document you retrieve( ) the network that runs the internet255. The primary function of a computer plotter is to ...( ) utilize voice activated commands( ) print line drawings and graphics( ) set up database structures( ) format a word processing document256. What is the name of the file that MUST be in the root directory of a website with ASP extensions?( ) main.asp( ) global.asa( ) system.asa
  48. 48. ( ) access.asp257. A file that defines the basic organization of a database is called a(n) ___________. It contains a listof all files in the database, the number of records in eadh file, and the names and types of each field.( ) decision support system( ) data warehouse( ) data dictionary( ) database258. A ________ is a collection of logically related information where the data is arranged in rows andcolumns.( ) database( ) file( ) record( ) table259. To translate image data from the computer into a format that can be displayed by the monitor, youneed a _____________.( ) network interface card( ) DVD ROM( ) photo shop application( ) graphics card260. A companys first action to reduce computer fraud and unethical computer activities should be ...( ) hire an outside agency to supervise workers( ) sponsor quality management programs( ) buy new and complex computer systems( ) create a security system for computer access261. In the octal system, the decimal number 8 is written as...( )7( ) 10( )8( ) 100
  49. 49. 262. Which of the following types of ports are typically found on a computer?( ) Serial( ) Parallel( ) Universal Serial Bus (USB)( ) All of the above263. A data transmission method that copies a file from an online service to ones own computer orcopying a file from a network file server to a computer on the network is called ...( ) burn( ) copy( ) drag and drop( ) down load264. What is computer science?( ) learning how to use computers( ) designing circuits for computers( ) designing web pages( ) learning about algorithms, programs and computers265. A request for information from a database is called a ...( ) query( ) question( ) script( ) form266. On a multitasking system, the number of applications you can run concurrently depends upon ...( ) the processing power of the CPU( ) the amount of available memory( ) the processing demands of the applications( ) all of the above267. The transmission of an image and its reconstruction at the receiving end is called ...( ) facsimile
  50. 50. ( ) teletype( ) teleconferencing( ) email268. A 16 bit encoding for representing characters is ...( ) decode( ) unicode( ) source code( ) object code269. What HTML tag defines anchors within a text flow?( ) <a>( ) <anchor>( ) <&>( ) <tx>270. A _______ is a software program that searches documents for specified keywords and returns a listof the documents where the keywords were found.( ) search results( ) search query( ) search engine( ) search browser271. In a discussion on computer networking, the acronym TCP would refer to ...( ) time control phase( ) transfer control phase( ) twisted copper pair( ) transmission control protocol272. What HTML tag would result in a word being bolded?( ) <em>( ) <var>( ) <strong>
  51. 51. ( ) <bold>273. The system clock generates electronic pulses at a fixed rate, measured in ...( ) megahurtz( ) gigawatts( ) nanoseconds( ) microseconds
  52. 52. Answer key:Question Answer1. A; C2. B3. B4. C5. C6. A7. D8. D9. D10. A11. D12. A13. A14. C15. A16. D17. A18. B19. A20. B21. C22. B23. B
  53. 53. 24. B25. D26. D27. A28. D29. C30. A31. B32. C33.34. A35. D36. C37. C38. A39. D40. C41. A42. A43. C44. A; B45. D46. A47. B48. D
  54. 54. 49. D50. D51. B52. D53. 154. Yes55. B56. C57. A58. A59. D60. A61. D62. A63. B; D64. C65. A66. D67. D68. A69. C70. A71. A72. B73. Yes
  55. 55. 74. D75. B76. B77. D78. A79. A80. A81. A82. C83. D84. B85. C86. A87. Yes88. C89. A90. D91. C92. A93. B94. B95. C96. D97. C98. D
  56. 56. 99. A100. A101. B102. A103. A104. B105. Yes106. C107. C108. A109. C110. B111. B112. A113. Yes114. A115. Yes116. B117. A118. A119. B120. C121. D122. D123. A
  57. 57. 124. B125. Yes126. C127. A128. C129. A130. A131. A132. C133. D134. B135. A136. A137. C138. A139. A140. A141. B142. B143. A144. C145. D146. A147. C148. D
  58. 58. 149. B150. D151. A152. C153. A154. D155. C156. B157. A158. D159. B160. D161. D162. D163. C164. A165. A166. A167. C168. A169. B170. B171. D172. C173. B
  59. 59. 174. D175. B176. C177. A178. A179. C180. A181. B182. D183. A184. D185. C186. C187. D188. A189. C190. D191. A192. A193. B194. D195. C196. D197. B198. A
  60. 60. 199. A200. B201. B202. D203. A204. A205. D206. D207. A208. D209. B210. A211. C212. A213. B214. D215. B216. B217. A218. A219. B220. C221. C222. B223. A
  61. 61. 224. D225. C226. D227. No228. A229. A230.231. B232. C233. C234. B235. D236. C237. C238. C239. D240. B241. D242. C243. D244. 2245. A246. B247.248. A
  62. 62. 249. B250. A251. A252. D253. A254. A255. B256. B257. C258. D259. D260. D261. B262. D263. D264. D265. A266. D267. A268. B269. A270. C271. D272. C273. A