Release Date: Wednesday, July 24th
Greetings BDPA Chapter Presidents, Officers, Members, & Volunteers!
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Michael Wulf: Candidate, BDPA Midwest Regional Vice President (2013)


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As a candidate for the position of Regional Vice-President Michael brings a willingness, dedication, and passion to serve BDPA in any way possible. He brings a foundation rooted in leadership and technology with over thirty-three (33) years of experience. Michael invests his personal time to further develop his volunteer leadership skills and education. Michael holds a bachelors in Quantitative Methods/Computer Science and a Masters in Software Engineering. He is currently pursuing his doctorate (Ed.D) with a specialty in Organizational Leadership because of his work for BDPA in youth technical education.

More tangibly he’s experienced as an IT professional and volunteer leader. In his role as director of infrastructure server services for Fortis (now Assurant) he designed and led a cross-site geographically dispersed matrix organization with teams in Atlanta, Miami, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and the Twin Cities. This design is much akin to that of the multiple chapters across the Midwest region. During this time he understood constraints and lack of resources with the need to do more with less. He used creativity and synergy in a collaborative way to strengthen and stabilize the department. As past multi-term president of his fraternity he also understands volunteer challenges with chapter management and membership. During his office he was able to not only grow the chapter by placing a strong foundation in place which enabled membership growth as well as the creation of the first African-American fraternal chapter on the campus of Winona State University in Minnesota. One can imagine the adversity and challenges involved with these activities.

If elected to this position, Michael hopes to conduct collaborative sessions through virtual conferencing but expresses a desire to meet face to face with all chapters to build a strong sense of unity within and across chapter boundaries, grow membership in the region, and support chapter leaders in any way possible.

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Michael Wulf: Candidate, BDPA Midwest Regional Vice President (2013)

  1. 1. Release Date: Wednesday, July 24th 2013 Greetings BDPA Chapter Presidents, Officers, Members, & Volunteers! My name is Michael Wulf and I’m a candidate running for your region’s National Vice-President. With only a few weeks before we travel to the BDPA National 35th Annual Technical Conference & Career Expo I wanted to introduce myself to each chapter in the Midwest Region and ask consideration for your support in my decision to run for office. In the past 8 years I’ve been a volunteer heavily engaged in BDPA SITEs – HSCC program in the Twin Cities. Most of you know me as their HSCC Coordinator. As a leader in corporate America, I use a collaborative style of management. In this role I view myself in the same capacity - in a supportive role to assist in making BDPA even more successful building on the great work of predecessors. In this role I will partner with the elected National President, Regional Director, and many others to empower our Midwest region to be the best in BDPA! Given the opportunity to be elected by your chapter delegates at the national conference my goals are:  Support local chapter and national initiatives.  Support membership growth.  Support youth education, professional development, and HSCC competition.  Expand communication between chapters, national and BETF.  Grow membership and reactive inactive chapters in the region. Given the opportunity to serve in this capacity my intention is together establish a Midwest action plan to align and accomplish our combined prioritized goals. I have the experience, passion and determination to deliver on what is needed. Together we can make a difference at a higher level than ever dreamed. Things you may not have known about me that you may want to know why serving in this capacity is important.  Father of a blended family with two daughters, two sons, and three grandchildren. Education and the mission of BDPA means a great deal to me.  Extremely knowledgeable in the management of geographically dispersed matrix organizations – much like our Midwest region is organized. Veteran IT Professional serving IT for 32 years.  I live in the “Midwest” keeping homes in both Minnesota and Illinois. Sending this memo in advance of the national election to allow us both the opportunity to talk by phone. I will attempt to call you, however I can be reached at (651) 261-0408. Chapter delegate deadline is coming soon (8/2/2013) and see you at the “Get to know the candidate session” (8/14/2013). Sincerely, Michael G. Wulf, 2013 candidate for BDPA National Vice-President Midwest region Link to 2013 BDPA Election & Candidate Page