BDPA-BETF Social Media Demographics (May 2010)


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Updated: 5/25/2010

National BDPA and BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) seeks to create a positive donor experience via a variety of social media tools. We created this BDPA-BETF Social Media Demographics Overview as a directory or guide to our efforts. We want to increase our digital footprint while creating positive Brand awareness through social media networking.

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BDPA-BETF Social Media Demographics (May 2010)

  1. 1. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics National BDPA (BDPA) and the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) seek to create a positive online experience via a variety of social media tools. We created this BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics Overview as a directory or guide to our efforts. We want to increase our digital footprint while creating positive Brand awareness through social media networking. INTRODUCTION The primary purpose of any social networking website; be it a Blog, eGroup, chat room, or social forum is to simplify, and ease the communication of like-minded people … hence the term User-Generated Content! Founded in 1975 by Earl Pace and the late David Wimberly, BDPA is a global member focused organization that serves the professional well-being of its stakeholders. BDPA remains committed to excellence and providing a wide spectrum of resources to members, corporate sponsors, businesses, educational institutions and the African American community. The organization is a catalyst for professional growth and technical development for those in the IT industry. With over 50 chapters across the United States, the BDPA is the premier organization for African Americans in technology. The BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF) as established in 1992, to address the dilemma that education technical opportunities still reach the African American and other minority and under- served communities at a slow pace. The BETF is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to fund the youth, educational, technical, and training projects of the Black Data Processing Associates. Since 1992, BETF has provided funding for hundreds of scholarships and thousands of students to be mentored, trained and encouraged as part of our workforce development efforts. We have a powerful story to tell of career advancement by African Americans in the information technology (IT) industry from the ‘classroom to the boardroom’. Our goal is to tell this story with User- Generated Content on Social Media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. Our online Friends, Contacts, or Group members can tell the story best … and it will be relevant for past, current and future BDPA members and BETF donors. We recommend that all BDPA/BETF officers, members, donors and volunteers post something about the BDPA ad BETF using their social media profiles at least weekly. These posts -- be discussions on Groupsite, shares on Facebook, or 140-character tweets on Twitter -- are all generally disseminated on Social Media home pages…generating Brand recognition and communal interests in BDPA and BETF. The current Social Media phenomenon is growing so fast that it cannot be comprehensively covered in any one document – almost 200 major social media websites are documented on Wikipedia. This overview will highlight the basic demographics of major social networking websites and give a digital snapshot in order that our members can better communicate and promote the good works, events and activities of the BDPA.
  2. 2. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics BDPA/BETF SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS We made an effort to document the web of our social media efforts in BETF and BDPA. This is not all- inclusive. In fact, we could use your thoughts, insights, questions and guidance on how best to document this information for posterity. BDPA Groupsite -- (Black-owned social network!) • Daily post or link provided by BETF executive director • RSS-Feeds • Twitter: BDPA_Conference • Blog: BETF-Blog • Blog: BDPA-in-the-News • Subgroups • BETF BDPA LinkedIn Network Group • RSS-Feeds (up to 30 feeds are allowable) • BDPA Groupsite Events (calendar) • Twitter: BDPA_Conference • Twitter: Search, "BDPA" • Blog: Black Web 2.0 • Blog: BDPA-in-the-News • Blog: Blacks Gone Geek • SubGroups (up to 10 subgroups are allowable) • BETF • RSS-Feeds (up to 30 feeds are allowable) • BETF Subgroup, BDPA Groupsite • BETF-Blog
  3. 3. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics BDPA on Facebook • Fan Pages (many local BDPA chapters, BDPA Foundation, BDPA Career Center) • RSS-Feeds • BETF-Blog feeds to BDPA Foundation Fan Page • Groups (many local BDPA chapters, HSCC Alumni, BDPA) YouTube Channel • BDPA Foundation • Some local chapters (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis) Twitter Accounts • BDPA_Conference - purely conference-related material • BDPA - anything BDPA-related • Twitterfeed: BETF-Blog • Twitterfeed: BDPA Groupsite Summary YahooGroups • There are upwards of 150+ BDPA-related YahooGroups. • BETF is working to migrate off the BETF-YG by the end of the year. The information stored and shared on BETF-YG will be moved the BETF-Groupsite subgroup ( ONLINE DEMOGRAPHICS FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS In order to better understand and evaluate the demographics of social media websites, it is best that we look first at the demographics of our primary membership. The digital divide between African Americans and other groups in America has narrowed, with 68% of African Americans reporting they are online (compared with 71% of all Americans), according to a survey by Yankelovich that was sponsored by Radio One Inc. Among Black teens, the number of digitally connected is even higher, with 90% reporting they are online. Of all African Americans, two-thirds say they shop online. Blacks who live in the south are least likely to be online (63%).
  4. 4. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics According to research from America Online, Inc., this growing demographic has a higher propensity toward purchasing certain items online than the rest of the general Internet population. African American Internet users purchase more clothing and apparel online that the general Internet market (48 percent compared to 41 percent); and more music and videos (44 percent vs. 39 percent). African Americans also listen to music online and watch videos more than the general online market. Overall, the Selig Center for Economic Growth found that African Americans tend to spend more on telephone services, electricity and natural gas, children's apparel, and footwear. AOL's research revealed that African American Internet surfers use broadband connections at a higher rate than the general online population — 43 percent compared to 36 percent — and are 27 percent more likely to get a broadband connection within the next year. Marketers should take notice that most African Americans read online ads, and 46 percent find them informative compared to 26 percent of the general population. Also, nearly three-quarters of African Americans say the Internet has had a positive effect on their children. BDPA/BETF: OUR SOCIAL MEDIA DEMOGRAPHICS | BDPA Foundation Blog April 2010: 96 subscribers; daily unique visitor average is 59. Great link to add to your signature line…maintains info and links to most BETF activities. If you’re looking for BETF content…this is the place to start. We provide original content on this social media website – including updates on funding sources, grant proposals, grant awards, fundraising tips and other information about our donors, scholars and BDPA leaders. Beyond being a free Weblog publishing tool, is a social networking community of it’s own. is ranked # 7 most popular website in the world by This site reaches over 45 Million people a month (source: 6% of them are African American
  5. 5. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics Facebook | BDPA Career Center Fan Page May 2010: 94 fans It is strongly suggested that all BDPA members on Facebook become fans of this page. This fan page is used to communicate information on job opportunities, scholarships, hiring trends and general information of interest to any interested in pursuing a career in IT This Facebook fan page allows for photos, discussions and other interactive activity. Facebook | BDPA Foundation Fan Page May 2010: 1,225 fans It is strongly suggested that all BDPA members on Facebook become fans of this page. Good content on funding sources for local BDPA Chapters. All content from BETF Blog is shared on the Facebook fan page using RSS-feeds. In addition, the page allows for photos, discussions and other interactive activity. Facebook is ranked # 2 most popular website in the world by with over 350 Million members. This site reaches over 125 Million people a month (source: 13% of them are African American
  6. 6. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics Flickr | BDPA Foundation Photo Stream April 2010: 19 Contacts and 200 photos. Great place to locate photos of BETF activities by our donors, scholars, BDPA chapter grant recipients and other stakeholders. It is recommended that members post pictures of chapter meetings and events to this communal site. Currently, we are limited to 200 photos with the FREE version of Flickr currently in effect. BETF may upgrade to PROFESSIONAL version to allow for unlimited photos if there is interest by our donors or other stakeholders Flickr is ranked # 31 most popular website in the world by 32 Million Accounts (most people have multiple accounts). This site reaches over 23 Million people a month (source: 8% of them are African American Groupsite | BDPA May 2010 - 2,326 Members We are very excited with (formerly CollectiveX) because it is a Black-owned business. Groupsite provides a multi-purpose social collaboration platform, uncluttered with needless distractions, focused specifically on empowering groups of all types and sizes to make things happen. Beyond your normal social networking activities (forums, chats, etc.), Groupsite allows you to share career objectives and leverage key connections. Groupsite is ranked # 4,159 in the US by with 30,000 users. This site reaches over 24 thousand people a month (source: 7% of them are African American
  7. 7. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics LinkedIn Network | BDPA Group May 2010 - 2,237 BDPA Members and 7 subgroups LinkedIn is primarily a business network aimed at working professionals. BETF created the BDPA LinkedIn Network group to takes full advantage of site tools and reach out to professionals that may become donors through payroll deductions. The key difference from other social networking sites is the Jobs and News section. LinkedIn describes itself as a networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. Allows registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business. LinkedIn claims that Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are members of LinkedIn. . LinkedIn is ranked # 29 most popular website in the world by (17 in US). 65 Million Members in over 200 Countries. This site reaches over 17 Million people a month (source: 5% of them are African American.
  8. 8. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics Twitter | BDPA Foundation May 2010 - 1,302 Followers / Listed on 44 lists This powerful social media tool allows donors to stay up to date on BETF activities via your cell phone. We can use this tool to generate viral dissemination of BETF content. We recommend a greater use of Twitter about scholarships, chapter meetings, SITES training courses and other BETF content from our donors and stakeholders. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers. The unique service that Twitter brings to the net is its microblogging application via Short Message Service (SMS), or external applications (notably including those developed for smart phones). Twitter is ranked # 12 most popular website in the world by (8th in US) with up to 100 Million users. This site reaches over 27 Million people a month (source: 16% of them are African American Twitter | BDPA_Conference May 2010 - 10 Followers / Listed on 1 list This new Twitter account allows our online community to stay up to date on BDPA Conference activities via your cell phone. We can use this tool to generate viral dissemination of BDPA/BETF content. We recommend a greater use of Twitter about scholarships, chapter meetings, SITES training courses and other BDPA/BETF content from our members, donors and stakeholders.
  9. 9. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics YouTube | BDPA Foundation April 2010 - 22 subscribers / 19 videos This YouTube channel exists to share video clips that impact BETF or BDPA programs that are funded by BETF donors. YouTube’s unique feature is it’s ablilty to easly embed or link videos on independent user websites. YouTube is ranked # 3 most popular website in the world by with over 30.5 Million Unique streamers. This site reaches over 107 Million people a month (source: 13% of them are African American YahooGroups | BDPA May 2010 – 528 Members YahooGroups | BDPA-Jobs May 2010 – 2,013 Members ! " # $
  10. 10. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics YahooGroups | BDPA Foundation April 2010 – 201 Members There are over 150 BDPA-related YahooGroups (YG) that have been operation since 1999. The BETF- YG was the first social media network created to support our donors and other stakeholders. We have an extensive archive of BETF-related files on the BETF-YG. We recommend that you visit our files and bookmark sections to access articles resources and links on 501(c)(3) status, Guides to Non- Profit Financial Management, Checklists, Forms, Samples, Tax Exemption Information, Nonprofit Accounting Software, Association Joint Ventures, Chapter Tax information, E-Commerce Issues, Getting audited, IRS forms, chart of accounts, Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements, Financial Hazards to Avoid, etc. is ranked # 4 as the most popular website in the world by (there is no ranking for YahooGroups). This site reaches over 12 thousand people a month (source: 4% of them are African American ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are very grateful to BETF volunteer Jim Neusom for taking time to provide the structure and research for this document. Our intention is to update it on a quarterly basis. We invite you to share your thoughts, questions or insights with us via any of the social media websites listed above … or you can
  11. 11. BDPA/BETF Social Media Demographics send to us via email ( Finally, we encourage visiting our traditional websites ( and ( as well.