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Everything you ever wanted to know about BDPA condensed to a single page!

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  1. 1. BDPA: ‘Information Technology Thought Leaders’2012 Conference DemographicsAbout Us• Total Registrations: 736 (paid)• Total Career Fair Foot Traffic: 1750• Members vs. Non-members: 80% members / 20% non-members• Students vs. Professionals: 105 students / 631 professionals• Undergraduate vs. Graduate: 95% undergraduate / 5% graduate• Certification Registrations: Numerous IT certifications (PMP, CSSP, etc)• Gender ratio: Not measured• Career Fair: 52 booths; 1750 attendees (‘foot traffic’)• Career Focus Breakdown: Primarily IT professionals with 7-10 years ofexperience; also entry-level IT professionals; growing percentage withgovernment security clearance• Founded: May 1975 / / @bdpa• Why?: Advancing the careers of African Americans in theinformation technology industry from the ‘classroom to theboardroom’.• How?: BDPA is a member-focused technology organization thatdelivers programs and services for the professional well-being ofits stakeholders (members, sponsors, IT entrepreneurs, Blackcommunity, educational institutions)• Who? K-12 Students: Meaningful STEM programs after-school andSaturdays (computer camps)• Who? College Students: Scholarships, IT Showcase (focused on1Membership Demographics (May 2013) Value Proposition & What do you need from us?• Membership Base: 2,500 (financially current); over 23,000 in ouronline communities• Corporate Sponsors: 88• Career Focus Breakdown: Info Systems (13%); IT Management(9%), Student (8%), Project Manager (7%, Consulting (7%)• Skill Set: Sales (23%), IT Management (20%), Analysts (19%),Executive (9%), Developer (8%)• Chapters: 46 – Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, NewJersey, Washington DC, Dallas, Cincinnati (Top 8)• Gender – Female (41%) / Male (59%)• Age: Adult Professionals (65%) / Students (35%)government security clearance• Years of Work Experience – over 5 years in the IT industry• Awards: Epsilon Awards recognize excellence by corporations andindividuals; Scholarships for high-performing STEM students• Recruitment #1: BDPA Job Board (• Recruitment #2: BDPA Career Fair (Aug 16-17, Wash DC)• Retention: employee development (leadership, speaking, projectplanning); skill development (workshops, hands-on, IT certificates)• Community Outreach / Philanthropic: Favorable marketing andpublicity opportunities to promote STEM education & commercialization;end digital divide; increase # women in technology• Support BDPA in your local area: We would love to have a chance tointroduce BDPA to your company’s African American affinity group• Who? College Students: Scholarships, IT Showcase (focused oncreating more Black PhD candidates in computer science,Internships• Who? IT Professionals: annual conference, workshops, mentors,leadership opportunities, C-level programs via ITSMF