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BDPA IT Showcase: 'Green Technology: Enviornment and Wires' (Wesley Walker)


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Wesley Walker is a junior at Groveport Madison HS and Fairfield Career Center in Ohio. He is actively involved with the 10th annual BDPA IT Showcase. He participated on the 2011 BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) championship team trained by BDPA Columbus chapter. The team earned college scholarships with their 3rd place finish.
His 2012 IT Showcase research focused on ‘Green Technology: Environment and Wires’. Green technology is the use of the alternative resources to get energy. Using these resources is a benefit for the general health of people, the environment of our planet, and it also saves money. The resources used are inexhaustible and have an unlimited amount as opposed to the natural gases we tend to use.
Wesley earned the silver medal in the High School division of the BDPA IT Showcase with this research. He was presented to the National BDPA body as one of the ‘future faces of technology’ during the 2012 BDPA Awards Gala.

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BDPA IT Showcase: 'Green Technology: Enviornment and Wires' (Wesley Walker)

  1. 1. Green Technology: Environment and Wires Created by: Wesley Walker
  2. 2. Green Technology? it’s technology that is considered • environmentally friendly based on its production process or supply chain.
  3. 3. History of Green TechnologyDid you know… In fact, In 1854, Daniel Halladay designed the first windmill with sails that self- regulated itself to meet the direction of the wind. In 1882, the first one was sold by Aermotor.
  4. 4. History of Green TechnologyMost people don’t know.. In the 1890’s, in Manhattan, New York there were electric taxi cabs that transported people around the city!
  5. 5. What Makes Green Technology, Green Technology?
  6. 6. Solar Energy! What exactly is Solar Energy? Solar energy is the energy produced from the sun. It is captured from solar panels, fans, and pumps that convert it into an energy form that we can use!Solar energy can solve problemsconcerning pollution, our dependencyon fossil fuels, and our dependency on A great example of this would be anuclear power for electricity! solar powered laptop!
  7. 7. Recycling! What exactly is recycling? Recycling is the reusing of used materials that turn them into valuable resources .It takes what people deem A great example is recyclingunusable, and turns them into IT Equipment!new materials or componentsfor another.
  8. 8. When sunlight hits the cells, thecells convert its light and heat intoenergy. That energy is then turnedinto electricity.
  9. 9. Recycling IT equipment is done by breaking down the item. Some of these items are able to be modified to fit into another item.What isn’t used is often melted In fact, a computer from the 1990’sdown, grinded up, or shredded can, in more ways than one, be usedto help with the making of to make the modern computers weanother item. know today!
  10. 10. Solar Energy in SocietySince the amount of energy thesun produces is unlimited, we willnever run out of it and the needfor exhaustible are becoming lesspopular.
  11. 11. Recycling in Society Why? What’s so bad about electronic Electronics are sprayed with wastes in our landfills? chemicals that protect from everyday use. When they reach Electronics in landfills are becoming a landfills and remain there growing problem. As a result, this issue exposed to the elements, these has led to 17 states banning the waste of chemicals start to leak off into electronics in landfills. the ground contaminating the ground water . In what way does recycling save money? It saves money because reusing something to make something else is cheaper than having to manufacture it from the beginning starting with its raw materials. These metals can be quite expensive,A good example of this so extracting theseis recycling circuit metals to put them ..that include gold, silver,boards. These circuit into a new circuit copper, tin, and lead.boards are made up of board is very costmany different metals.. efficient.
  12. 12. Barriers of solar energyAlthough solar energy has its advantages, solar powered computers it does have itsbarriers. These barriers include: It isn’t a short term savings, many people do not see the 1. Cost limitations long term savings effects. Some of the batteries 2. Batteries aren’t efficient these solar computers use are not efficient enough to completely store all the energy collected from the sun the solar panels these 3. Insufficient charge computers use aren’t sensitive enough to capture enough energy to charge the battery
  13. 13. Barriers of Recycling Another barrier is the behavioral side of recycling. People have lives to live and they tend to get caught up in busy work, so they forget to establish a time when to recycle and where to recycle. There are some that do not know if they have to take apart the computer not
  14. 14. How to Overcome Solar Barriers Ways to combat the barriers of solar powered computers are to advance the solar technology installed into them but making it affordable! Microloans are ways to reduce the cost of solar energy by having a person pay a certain amount a month for the technology.Looking at solar energy as a serviceinstead of a product greatly reducesthe price on how much a person pays.
  15. 15. Overcoming the Barriers of Recycling Overcoming the barriers of recycling IT equipment include finding alternatives to the many Since these hazardous chemicals used in computers pose a computers. large safety hazard for the technicians taking them apart and the environment, limiting the amount used would benefit the how many are recycled.Also opening up more recycling facilitiesnear neighborhoods and letting peopleknow there is one nearby would reducehow many get thrown away.
  16. 16. Currently underway there is work being doneto produce a solar cell the size of a stampA solar road is in the making from a dreamto a reality. Who needs gasoline poweredcars or electric cars when the vehicles get alltheir power from the road! This solar powered microchip will show the technology field that extreme power savings are indeed possible. Most long for an extra 10 to 20 minutes on their computers battery life and with this new chip underway, that will become a reality. The saving of money and the reduction of power will impact the world because this will open new doors as what solar energy can do to the current technology we have today.
  17. 17. The Future of RecyclingAs our generations get younger and have a more open mind about the world, recyclingis expected to continue to grow. With an increase of consumer education by teachingpeople about how recycling electronics are not only removing them from our landfills,but it helps build new ones, and it helps with our pollution issue. . .