BDPA Cincinnati Chapter Overview (Mar 2011)


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BDPA Cincinnati chapter overview shared during March 2011 program meeting.

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BDPA Cincinnati Chapter Overview (Mar 2011)

  1. 1. BDPA CINCINNATI CHAPTER<br />Information Technology Thought Leaders<br />Advancing Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom<br />March17 2011<br />
  2. 2. About BDPA<br />Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) is a non-profit organization of professionals working in or having an interest in the Information Technological fields. BDPA is a diverse representation of information technology professionals.<br />Membership consist of programmers, analysts, engineers, managers, chief executive officers, vice presidents, instructors and entrepreneurs, to name a few.<br />Advancing Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom<br />
  3. 3. BDPA Cincinnati Chapter History<br />December 1989<br />Local Chapter Chartered –<br />Founders: Everett Gregory, Neal Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Charles Cooper and Gina Billings –former National President<br />Active Members 54 + 9th Largest Chapter! <br />At high point was 130 members and 3rd largest chapter.<br />Advancing Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom<br />
  4. 4. Mission and Vision<br />Our Mission<br />BDPA Cincinnati Chapter is a member-focused organization that exists to provide professional development programs and services and community outreach to position its’ members at the forefront of the Information Technology industry.<br />Our Vision<br />Is to be a powerful advocate for our stakeholders' interests within the Information Technology industry.<br />Advancing Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom<br />
  5. 5. Corporate Advisory Council<br />The Cincinnati BDPA CAC is a group of corporate and community decision makers whose purpose is to help the Cincinnati BDPA chapter achieve their goals and objectives, and to help them expand and grow their level of support and influence within the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities.<br />Advancing Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom<br />
  6. 6. Corporate Advisory Council<br />Advancing Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom<br />
  7. 7. Basic Programs for Chapter Success<br />Adult Professionals<br />12 Monthly Program Meetings<br />3rd Thursday every Month <br />Location TBD (Announced each meeting via EventBrite)<br />Mentoring Program<br />Quarterly Seminars & Workshops<br />Project Management Exam Prep<br />Microsoft Workshops<br />Website – new look coming soon!<br />Chapter Newsletter<br />Technology Center <br />Cincinnati Business Incubator<br />IT Fusion<br />Network with Senior IT Leadership <br />ITSMF<br />Advancing Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom<br />
  8. 8. Basic Programs for Chapter Success<br />Youth<br />Youth Technology Seminar Series<br />HTML<br />MS FrontPage<br />Presentation Skills and Team Development<br />Midwest and National High School Computer Competition Team<br />.NET<br />Presentation Skills and Team Development<br />Student Intern Program<br />Black Family Technology Awareness Week<br />Advancing Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom<br />
  9. 9. Financial Mastery 101—IT in the New Economy<br />Jan 20, 1011<br />Financial Mastery 201—Investing Made Simple<br />May 19, 2011<br />Financial Mastery 301—Multi-Generational Wealth Management<br />September 15, 2011<br />2011 PROGRAM PILLARS<br />The Value of IT Certifications<br />Feb 17, 2011<br />How to Beat IT Outsourcing<br />October 20, 2011<br />Bounce Back—Life After Layoffs<br />June 16, 2011<br />Financial Mastery<br />Professional Development<br />1099 Course 1—Entrepreneur’s Panel<br />March 17, 2011<br />Entrepreneurship<br />1099 Course 2—The Basics of Business<br />July 21, 2011<br />The Sky’s the Limit---Intro to Cloud Computing & Virtual Machines<br />August 18, 2011<br />Technology<br />1099 Course 3—Winning Small Business Contracts<br />November 17, 2011<br />What’s New and Now in Information Technology<br />April 21, 2011<br />Virtual Collaboration for the IT Professional<br />December 15, 2011<br />
  10. 10. Give Back, Get Involve and Get Noticed!<br />BDPA is dedicated to ensuring that its volunteers have opportunities tolearn, share ideals and develop new skills through their participation inthe activities of the organization.<br />BDPA continues to develop and enhance programs & services to ensure that volunteers are supported in their efforts and growth as they contributeto BDPA. The volunteers are the key component of BDPA’s success. <br />Opportunities: Professional Development Director, Mentoring Coordinator, Newsletter Editor and SITES Volunteers. <br /><br />Let BDPA Be Your Apprentice Program!<br />Advancing Careers from the Classroom to the Boardroom<br />