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BT Group BDI

  1. 1. BDI Systems – Introduction ‘A Bharat Thakur Group Company’
  2. 2. Ethics and Compliance Matters• It’s the right thing to do and it’s good business – there is a “return” on values: • We gain customer trust Transformation Story -The student should not be an overflowing cup - A university professor went to visit a famous Zen master. While the master quietly served tea, the professor talked about • We enhance employee morale and lower Zen. The master poured the visitors cup to the brim, and then kept pouring. The professor watched unplanned attrition the overflowing cup until he could no longer restrain himself. "Its overfull! No more will go in!" the • We avoid costly consequences of professor blurted. "You are like this cup, " the master replied, "How can I show you Zen unless you misconduct: hard and soft first empty your cup". • The court of public opinion vs. the court of law One word can make a new man. And that word is transformation. Transformation cannot happen unless the knower shows the way to people who don’t know.• Individual responsibilities are growing in two key areas: India is a country of many awakened masters who have transformed millions of lives - masters like • Compliance with policies, laws and Buddha, Mahavira, and Patanjali. regulations Transformation Partner – - Toll free No: 1-800-102-1000 [India] • Ethical business conduct, demanded by our Core Values and stakeholders, internal and external.
  3. 3. About BDI Systems & Technologies• 3.5 years old organization, founded by ex-SAP Business Objects senior R&DProfessionals with over 200 + Yrs of experience in Business Intelligence Space.Has more than 70 BI Customers.• Developed a Strong BI Product which is attracting partners and customersacross the world.• BDI Systems is mentored by Industry Veterans with more than 28 yrs ofindustry exposure. Funded & driven by Bharat Thakur.• BDI Systems has strong Partner Ecosystem on SAP BI BOBJ.• BDI has developed many Custom Developed Tools on SAP BOBJ.• Specialization in SAP BI BW BOBJ, Mobile Development (iPhone / iPad/Android), WEB Development, Product Development and ApplicationDevelopment. Decision• Complexit – J2EE, .NET, Adobe Suite, PHP, Mobile Platforms. Technology•Customized ERP offering Integrated with On Demand BI Nividh y• Achievements : • 100% YOY Organic Growth. Developed own BI/WEB Products. • More than 20 BOBJ/BI Implementations on large customers. • Customers from North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific & Australia.
  4. 4. Our Key Customers Industries Served Telecom & Manufacturing Utilities Media & Oil & Gas Entertainment IT Services & Insurance & Risk Products Mgmt Dot Coms & Analytics & BI Online Companies Businesses Wellness FMCG & Retail Education & Life Sciences & Schools Pharmaceuticals
  5. 5. Our Key Partners We have a strong partner Ecosystem on SAP BI BOBJ, we have worked with Germany, Singapore, Australian, US & Indian teams of SAP.
  6. 6. SAP BI Business Objects PortfolioWorked on SAP BI BusinessObjects for MNCs like Unilever, Ericssion, EDB, SAP AG, Siemens,SCE, Sempra & Large Corporate In India like Aircel, Malayala Manorama, Mahindra, Infosys,Mind Tree, Ness, Cable and Wireless etc.
  7. 7. Strong Development Capability on ADOBEProducts – Flex, AIR, Flash, ASWorked on more than 10 products and tools, 15 SAP Dashboard Components & Customerslike SAP AG, PrintBindaas, Artisticyoga, MindTree, Mayanagar, etc
  8. 8. Our WEB Based CapabilitiesE- Mail and Online Collaboration SAAS & Portal Search (Index DocumentMessaging Framework based based Advanced) Management (Video Emails) (with Video Conferencing) productsIntuitive UI My Page User Management and End to End CMS SocialClustered Hosting (Large, Medium, Small with BlogsGoogle Analytics Security V Strong Editor) Networking Forums SEO based Dev Video NotesReporting and Survey, PollsDashboarding Quiz StreamingPortal on WEB Exams Flex based Advanced Payment Programming Gateway AdvancedMusic, Gallery, Wallpapers, (e Books, Flash, Coral Draw, Dream Other Chat (text, File Transfer,Jokes, Video, Web2.0, Mini Viewer, Design Editor, Music and Video Capabilities Audio, Video) Players, Charts, Air application) websites, eBooks, based Internationalization, Integration with other contents apps, Mobile apps),,,,,,,
  9. 9. Our Mobile Platform Capabilities Apple Platforms – IOS Development , iPhone, iPad Development Capabilities. Mobile Apps for Android, Blackberry. Developing application on HTML 5 Add Apple capability images, remove learn more and add more on the mobile capability.
  10. 10. - Innovative BI Product Pervasive, Easy & Rapid Dashboarding coupled with easy access & availability oncloud/on premise/ OEM - Significantly lower dash boarding cycle (2 to 6 Weeks in many cases) Inexpensive Dashboarding with lower initial costs and TCOs More than 50 customers has chosen Nividh in first 6 months. POC going on forfew hundreds more …
  11. 11. Our Key Customers on Nividh
  12. 12. BT Group IT - Shapia
  13. 13. BT Group IT - Shapia OfferingsSharat Thakur, CEO ,, Shapia Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mobile: +91 - 98861 85806
  14. 14. BT Group Shapia Offerings – Customized ERP Solution Suite Seamless Integration with Nividh AnalyticsSharat Thakur, CEO ,, Shapia Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Mobile: +91 - 98861 85806
  15. 15. BT Group Reinvent Offerings ReInvent has been involved in various Web Development projects in the areas of ¡ e-Governance ¡ Educational Portals ¡ Learning Management Systems ¡ Marketing Campaign Managers ¡ Internal Automation Digital Engines ¡ Multimedia based e-mail System Compilers & Embedded Application and Data Migration Optimizers and Program Transformers Profilers Debuggers Post-Link Optimizers Simulation RTL / FPGA IP Development Virtual Prototyping IDE Development ReInvent has rich experience in the areas Mobile Application Development and Mobile Operating System Internals. We have developed Mobile Applications in the domains of Games Educational Kits Utility Apps Social Networking Client Apps on Nokia (Qt) / Symbian, Windows Mobile (WP7), Android, iPhone / iPad (iOS) , Blackberry, BREW, Nokia Touch & Type (J2ME) platforms. ReInvent has executed projects involving Mobile operating system internals Managing memory content of a mobile phone Monitoring system performance metrics of mobiles E.g. power consumption, battery health, network traffic, call/sms data etcNavin Sinha IITan + Ex IBMer, Mobile 919845229957, Email - Web /
  16. 16. Navin Sinha IITan + Ex IBMer, Mobile 919845229957, Email - Web /
  17. 17. Bharat Thakur “The Living Himalayan Master”(Transformation Partner - - Quote from Time Magazine. •Went to Himalaya’s at the age of 4 (Chosen by his master Sukhdev Bhramachari). Background •Learnt all major forms of Yoga, Tantra, Mantra, Meditation with Himalayan Yogis for more than 16 Yrs. Spent 16 Yrs with Himalayan •Learnt Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asanas (yoga postures) and DhyanaMasters learning deepest secrets (meditation), Ayurveda. •Bachelors and Masters in Physical Education from LNIPE (Most renowned institute of of Nature. Physical education in Asia).PhD in Excise Physiology & Yoga, (University Topper) Artistic Yoga Brand •Artistic Yoga is a Yoga MNC started by Bharat. It has centers all across World. •Artistic Yoga Brand has a resource Pool of thousand experts on Yoga, Physical Fitness,Yoga, Training Institute, products, Naturopathy, Massages experts, Kalaripayatu (Martial Arts). books, massage centers, spa, •Through Tapasaya workshops, Bharat has trained more than 5 Lakhs people on Meditation and Spirituality. Ayurveda etc. • Products like Yoga mats, Yoga Clothing, Aromatic candles, beads, Spa creams, oils etc. • Owns downtown film production(, 1 Completed Downtown Films Thakita Thakita, one Telugu movie is under production. • Wind chime productions - Plan for 3 Bollywood movies in near future. Mayanagar Publications • Mayanagar as a leading publication in Telugu. Planned in Bollywood, Tamil etc.Red Velvet Costume Design • Red Velvet Costume design house, headed by Deepa (of Arundhati Fame)BT Group IT -Technology at • BT Group has 3 software companies, which covers end to end of Software Development, encompasses latest Technologies, the Disposal Companies headed by IITans. • Software Company Bdisys handles Concept, design, development, enhancement and maintenance. • Specialization in Web Solutions, Applications Development, ERP Solutions, Business Process Automation, Custom Software Development and Cloud Computing. • ReInvent saves costs for its customers through its innovations in design solutions and strategic implemention. We follow Agile, Iterative Development Processes and have High sensitivity to Q&A resulting in quick turn-around time.
  18. 18. Product Development – A Telecom Tower AssetManagement Platform SAAS based Software Platform for the Indian telecom Industry to manage andmaintain 1200 assets on every Telecom Tower Market opportunity of more than 4 Lakhs Towers accompanied by hugeinfrastructure costs Will shortly be pursuing opportunities in India and Srilanka
  19. 19. Mutually Beneficial Partnership1 BDI Systems is well poised to geographical reach through Partners. Any organization who offer or intend to offer BI services as a business2 line could be our potential partners.3 BDI Systems will offer to its partners -  An Experienced and Professional team.  An execute end-to-end, simple to complex SAP BI BusinessObjects projects, including integration with SAP / Share Point Portal etc.  Cost advantages through onsite-offshore model.  Reduced cycle times through usage of in-house tools and components.  Project cost management through assured, on-time delivery.4 Higher Growth in Your Region by Selling BDI Systems In-house developed Products, Components, Tools and services.5 Stable, well-funded, R&D focused organization with very low attrition rate.
  20. 20. BT Group IT Core TeamBharat Thakur – Founder Chairman, a serial entrepreneur having companies in Yoga, Technology, Film Production, Media, Dot Coms etc. Time Magazine has called him as “Living Himalayan Master”. A spiritual master for some and Yoga Guru for world(, . Bharat brings to BT Group IT, his acute perception of human behavior, his vision of a passionate, energetic breed of youngsters in the world, and his extraordinary Marketing, Branding and Interpersonal skills.Nandan Gautam Global CEO at Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga Nandan Gautam is a renowned Yoga exponent who has trained for 11 years directly under Himalayan Master Bharat Thakur, who initiated him on the path of Yoga. He is now CEO of Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga, which has its branches all over the world. He completed his graduation from McDaniel College, USA in Applied Art & Graphic Design, and worked in USA Today’s advertising department for four years. He returned to India, changing his career path to begin a new journey with the science of Yoga.Navin Sinha, CEO Reinvent [IIT + Ex IBMer] An IIT Kanpur Computer Science Graduate, with more than a decade of experience in the IT industry, Navin has been actively involved with several innovations and R&D activities. In addition to being an excellent software professional, he has been a successful trainer on Innovation and Problem-Solving skills. A technical wizard, Navin brings to ReInvent his excellent technological and innovation skills and vision of using Information Technology to impact all aspects of the society.Avin Jain – CEO BDI [IT –BHU] , Mid Market Products, WEBI maintenance Product line in SAP Business Objects. 16Yrs of software Industry experience with top notch organizations. Lead many large projects for Infosys, Ness, Business Objects. BDI Systems is growing at a rapid pace organically with expansion in services and offerings.Sharat Thakur CEO Shapia Mr. Sharat Thakur has vast experience in Indian and US IT industry. He is well known in the IT industry for his dynamic and charismatic leadership qualities, and his ability to motivate and inspire people. He is also a board member in Bharat Thakurs Artistic Yoga Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Thakur is known for his philanthropic deeds - he is also the President of Milati, which is the NGO for child welfare. He has worked for global IT companies like Business Objects, Ness Technologies India, Ness Technologies USA, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals ( USA ), I-Link Software Pvt. Ltd and Taj Technologies. His contribution in I-Link Software in building the Business Intelligence department to a highly commendable state has been widely recognized. Currently BT Group IT has more than 150 technical resources and growing at a rapid speed.
  21. 21. For more details on us please visit – www.bdisys.comTransformation Partner ArtisticYoga | - - Toll free No: 1-800-102-1000 [India]Analytics Business Unit : BT Group BDI : | www.nividh.comEbusiness Business Unit : BT Group Shapia : www.shapia.comEmbedded Business Unit : BT Group Reinvent: www.reinventsoft.comContact – Sales / Mobile – 919448119930, 919845229957, 91 - 98861 85806 Thank you!