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Are you maximizing your B2B online presence?


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Are you maximizing your B2B online presence?

  1. 1. ARE YOU MAXIMIZING YOUR BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS INTERACTIONS AND ONLINE PRESENCE? 8/10 BUSINESS LEADERS use the Internet to search for information about a product, service or company WHAT SOURCES OF INFORMATION DO BUSINESS LEADERS CONSIDER TO BE THE MOST INFLUENTIAL? ONLINE NETWORK WWW. 61% 69% 25% Company website 18% 36% Employees and business partners Social media Customer review sites Business network 13% Friends and family % of business leaders who consider these sources of information to be among the most influential. DID YOU KNOW THAT... the purchase decision-making process 57% ofcompleted before a sales representative is contacted. is An effective online presence will allow you to capitalize on these opportunities. WHAT TYPE OF INFORMATION ARE POTENTIAL CLIENTS LOOKING FOR? CORPORATE ONLINE CONTENT USER-GENERATED CONTENT WWW. X X X X 78% 86% Reliability of product, service or company List of products and services offered 82% 73% Contact information Excellence of customer service (pre- and post-purchase) 78% 67% Clear description and potential use of products and services % of business leaders who consider the above information as a must online. ARE YOU CONVINCED YET? Ability of company’s employees to diagnose, understand or resolve an issue % of business leaders who consider these points as valuable information. DISCOVER SMART TECH: TIPS, ADVICE AND SOLUTIONS TO MAKE THE INTERNET WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS Source: BDC ViewPoints study on B2B Marketing, September 2013