Beyond - Rene's presentation to B2BM 1st Nov 2012


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Rene's workshop presentation on taking your internet marketing international - given to B2B Marketing's annual conference in London on 1st November 2012. In this presentation he assessed the shifting international landscape and the importance of going beyond English - considering the impact on websites, SEO, PPC and social media - and crucially laying some good examples and steps to systematically marketing better in-country markets.

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Beyond - Rene's presentation to B2BM 1st Nov 2012

  1. 1. Beyond Best practice multi-region b2b web marketing approaches René Power
  2. 2. Presentation objectives Show one size doesn’t fit all Provide practical steps to going beyond Give some best practice examples
  3. 3. Who here is in the business of managing an international brand? Who here is in the business of giving customers what they want?
  4. 4. 1.5bn speak English… Great! 4.5bn prefer another language first… Doh!
  5. 5. Where do British Why you need to localise sell? businesses Source: ONS 2011 via UKTI
  6. 6. Top million web dev • Reinforces view that English dominates • But in-country specific is on the rise!
  7. 7. Relevance Visibility Perception Reality
  8. 8. Good marketing embraces many challenges! Right Right Right Right person message time way
  9. 9. Beyond websites & SEO • Research • Validation Keywords • Content • Structure Meta • Domains and URLs • Hosting Domains • Set up • Design and build Design build • Index
  10. 10. Good example of beyond websites
  11. 11. Search engine world map mistakes/attachment/search-engines-world-map/
  12. 12. Local search
  13. 13. Driving traffic
  14. 14. For international: Remove guesswork Check keywords in source language Check use Don’t translate English campaign Key-phrases + appropriate creative copy
  15. 15. PPC still relevant • Global paid search advertising in growth1 • Global paid advertising mobile £5.8bn2 • Global paid search advertising £3.3bn • US/Europe 57%, Asia 36% and rising 1 22423/zenithoptimedia-global-online-ad-spend-2010-2014-june2012png/ 2
  16. 16. The international social challenge Using targeted in- Using the main Talking to the world country platforms platforms well in on the main for deeper regional English! platforms engagement
  17. 17. Social media world map Brands can create multiple pages to target different geographies / languages Facebook available in 30 languages
  18. 18. Social media around the world RenRen – 160m users across China VK – 100m users across Russia Both surprisingly similar to Facebook!
  19. 19. Linkedin worldwide People and brands can display data in different languages
  20. 20. Successful multilingual social media 1. Think like a local 2. Talk the lingo 3. Segment the audience 4. Keep messages relevant 5. Engage
  21. 21. Good examples
  22. 22. Takeaways Use in-country extensions like .cn .es. Use local servers Use Google geo-targeting Use UTF-8 compliant CMS/software for non latin characters Use one language per page Optimise for local engines, directories and links Don’t just translate sites, ads, content, social – make relevant to in-country markets!
  23. 23. Presentation objectives Show one size doesn’t fit all Provide practical steps to going beyond Give some best practice examples
  24. 24. Further reading • • •
  25. 25. Thank you 200 page eBook on b2b digital marketing - available to members of 20% off promo code: SMARTB2B eBook coming soon to @renepower