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Stay Mobile (3)


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Stay Mobile (3)

  1. 1. Being mobile – staying mobile Sports
  2. 2. Fascinating Sports <ul>Swimming Football Golf </ul>
  3. 3. Swimming is the exercise of swimming as a sporting discipline. You can can swim just for fun without any time pressure to improve your swimming style.There are breaststroke, backstroke,crawl and butterfly In a swimming competition several participants swin a certain distance in the shortest possible time. Swimming
  4. 4. Swimming
  5. 5. Football Football is a ball game in which two teams compete against each other with the aim of achieving more goals than the opponent and thus win the game. The game time is typically 2 × 45 minutes, but there are also variations in the playing time – it can be longer. A team usually consists of eleven players, one of them is the goalkeeper. The ball may be played with the feet and other body parts, except the hands and arms. Only the goalkeeper may play the ball inside his own penalty area and with these body parts.
  6. 6. Football
  7. 7. Golf is a ball game with a centuries-old tradition. It is important to play a ball with as few strokes into a hole using various golf clubs . A round of golf is usually made ​​of 18 fairways which you have to pass one after the other. Golf
  8. 8. Golf
  9. 9. Benefits of Sports <ul><li>Being active
  10. 10. No couch potato
  11. 11. Meeting team mates
  12. 12. Making friends
  13. 13. Learn to get along with others
  14. 14. Respect others
  15. 15. Have fun
  16. 16. Learn to solve conflicts
  17. 17. Teamwork
  18. 18. Want success
  19. 19. Ambition
  20. 20. Not giving up
  21. 21. Better physical condition
  22. 22. Stay in shape
  23. 23. Staying fit and healthy
  24. 24. Staying mobile </li></ul>