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E+PC Company Profile

  1. 1. ContentsCapability and experiencesummary in: Company Background 2 Scope of Services 4• Minerals Processing & Industrial Divisions• Sulphuric Acid & Gas Handling Minerals Processing & Industrial 5• Chemical & Petrochemical Sulphuric Acid & Gas Handling 5• Power & Energy Chemical & Petrochemical 5 Power & Energy 6• Environmental Services Environmental Services 6• Metallurgical Operations Metallurgical Operations 6 Experience Summary 7 Corporate Philosophy 8 Office Facilities 9 “A strong capital base and broad expertise” 01
  2. 2. Background E+PC, Engineering & Projects Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aveng (Africa) Limited, providing comprehensive process technology sourcing, project management, engineering design, procurement and construction management service for multi-disciplinary projects to the minerals processing; sulphuric acid and gas handling; chemical and petrochemical; industrial and infrastructure; power and energy; and environmental services industries. The company enjoys the strong capital base and broad contracting expertise provided by a large, wholly owned South African Group. The company, originally called Grinaker-LTA Process Engineering, was formed by rationalising Grinaker-LTA’s three process engineering and project management companies. Founded in 1982 out of the combined project management and process engineering skills of LTA Birtley Engineering (1976), Jacobs LTA Engineering (1980) and Spencer (Melksham) (1982), the subsequent growth of this company reflected client confidence and their success in The company has executed many contracts on a lumpsum executing projects over a broad range of process industries. turnkey basis across the entire spectrum of process industries It also incorporated the former Simon Carves (Africa) Limited from acid plants to fertilisers, minerals to petrochemicals. The company represents a broad selection of overseas which provided specialised process technology into the technology licences. chemical, mineral process and petrochemical industries. Minerals Processing FINANCIAL & Industrial COMMERCIAL Chemical & Environmental SHARED SERVICES Petrochemical Services INFORMATION SYSTEMS SHE & RISK, QUALITY Metallurgical Sulphuric Acid & HUMAN RESOURCES Operations Gas Handling PROJECT CONTROLS Power & Energy BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTE+PC DIVISIONALSTRUCTURE 02
  3. 3. E+PC Metallurgical Operations was formed in 1991 and pursue our mission through the application of process undertakes contract operations of mineral processing plants engineering excellence to the projects which we conceive on behalf of its clients. It has experience in gold, coal, and execute in partnership with our clients. diamonds, platinum group metals and heavy minerals, and E+PC’s black economic empowerment shareholding is works closely in conjunction with E+PC during the design illustrated below. phase of a project. The Company’s mission is the creation of wealth for our clients, our shareholders, our employees and society. We BROAD BASED BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT (BBBEE) SHAREHOLDING STRUCTURES03
  4. 4. Scope of ServicesE+PC provides a comprehensive range of project execution The services cover the complete range of multi-disciplinaryservices to the processing industries. These services include: engineering, covering all areas of project execution. Feasibility studies Typically engineering could range from process optimisation to geotechnical evaluations, project management could Conceptual engineering encompass design data control to project close out reporting, Technology sourcing and procurement could begin with compilation of approved Project management vendors lists through to free issue of materials on site. The Detail engineering design emphasis, however, is on technical excellence and the application of appropriate and fit-for-purpose technology. Procurement and expediting This, combined with our record of meeting budget and Construction management and supervision schedule, ensures client satisfaction. Commissioning and Ramp Up Project controls Contract administration Quality assurance and quality control Contract operationsThe company will undertake any combination of theseservices up to total turnkey responsibility, depending uponthe client’s contracting philosophy and the unique needsof each project. 04
  5. 5. Divisions Broadly, our work falls into 6 distinct but closely related Chemical & Petrochemical categories, each managed in a dedicated Division. The Chemical & Petrochemical Division, is primarily focused Minerals Processing & Industrial on quality engineering, project management and project services resources with extensive experience in the For minerals processing related projects there exists both implementation of petrochemical projects. in-house and overseas technology and expertise to support project execution in a wide range of minerals processing E+PC has the capability to provide engineering services application including: from concept development through basic and detail engineering to commissioning. We also have extensive • Coarse and fine coal beneficiation experience in the implementation of projects based on crushing, screening, sampling, blending, dense media technologies and know-how developed others. E+PC has separation including spirals, dewatering and thickening, and LARCODEMS technology vast in-house experience and co-operate closely with technology providers as required to provide the “best fit” • Gold extraction solution and to ensure an efficient, cost effective solution. carbon-in-pulp, carbon-in-leach, resin-in-pulp, dump reclamation to hard rock Power & Energy • Base minerals beneficiation The Power & Energy Division investigates current trends Pb, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Cr, Sn and prospects in the power and energy market in order to • Diamonds develop and offer value-adding initiatives. The Division Kimberlite and alluvials specialises in conceptual engineering and project • Heavy minerals management in the nuclear power generation environment ilmenite, rutile, zircon, monazite and is currently involved in feasibility studies on co- • Iron ore beneficiation generation projects as well as the EPC implementation • Iron making of packaged Power Stations in Sub-Sahara Africa. • Industrial minerals soda ash, phlogopite, wollastonite, andalusite • Overland pipelines and slurry pumping systems • Uranium processing • Potash. The Industrial Division, which is incorporated into the Minerals Processing Division, services a wide variety of market sectors and is focused on predominantly industrial projects that include a mechanical process flow, as well as infrastructure development, such as: • Cement • Lime plants. Sulphuric Acid & Gas Handling For sulphuric acid and gas handling related projects there is relevant expertise and ready access to a wide range of third party technology in a diverse group of chemical processing industries, including: • Sulphuric acid plants • Electrostatic precipitators • Crystallisers • Evaporators • Desulphurisation units05
  6. 6. Environmental Services Met Ops has a fully fledged Health, Safety and Environmental Department which has input into the projectThe Environmental Services Division focuses on the provision execution phase, as well as ensuring that any plants currentlyof value-adding solutions specific to water, air, soil and being operated by the company will comply in all aspectseco-systems. Solutions across the entire value chain are with current legislation.offered from project conceptualisation, engineering anddevelopment through to the operation and maintenanceof facilities.Specific focus areas are water and wastewater treatment SOME RECENT PROJECT AWARDSincluding desalinisation, emission control and landremediation. E+PC has extensive experience in the various • Golden Star Resources Wassa Upgrade Projecttechnologies relevant to these solutions enabling us to • MagMinerals Kouilou Potash Projectoffer tailor made solutions to ensure an improvedenvironment. • GoldFields Ghana Tarkwa Expansion • Paladin Kayelekera Uranium ProjectMetallurgical Operations (Met Ops)Metallurgical Operations or Met Ops, is a Division of E+PC, • AfriSam Roodepoort Cement Plant Expansionproviding outsourced, value-added, operations of • HCI Khusela Coal Palesa Projectmetallurgical and mineral plants with suitable processguarantees. • HCI Khusela Coal Imbali ProjectMet Ops offers a range of contracting options combining • Khodani Coal Projectthe elements of Build, Own, Operate and Maintain. Equity • Two Rivers Chrome Projectpositions can be taken that offers the best solution for theproject and the client. • Worldwide Coal Imbani Operating Contract 06
  7. 7. Experience Summary Minerals Processing & Industrial Skorpion Acid Plant 2002 Black Mountain Mineral Developments 1990 Nkana Smelter Furnace Off Gas Sulphuric Acid 2003 Richards Bay Minerals (NZTP) 1990 Plant Refurbishment Richards Bay Minerals (MSP) 1990 Anglo Platinum ACP Acid Plant Rectification 2004 Genref Refinery 1991 Mufulira Smelter Gas Cleaning and 2004 Sulphuric Acid Plant Duvha De-stoning Plant 1993 MCM H2SO4 Project 2004 Alusaf Green Anode Plant 1993 Anglo Platinum ACP Project 2005 Columbus Drever Package 1993 Sasol Technology Wet Gas Sulphuric Acid Plant 2005 Mamré Gold Plant 1993 Impala Platinum Smelter Gas Cleaning Plant 2006 Majuba Washing Plant 1994 Kayelekera Sulphuric Acid Plant 2007 Alusaf Bath Scraps Plant 1994 Tarkwa Gold Mine (Ghana) 1996 Chemical & Petrochemical Sumo Colliery 1996 Sasol SLO Expansion Project (Unit 14 & OBL) 2000 Camelot Gold Plant 1997 Sasol C5/C6 Storage System 2000 Segala Gold Plant 1998 Sasol Diesel Lubricity Project 2000 Daberas Diamond Plant 2001 Sasol TRO Project 2002 Nkana Smelter Upgrade 2001 Sasol DSU 2003 North Mara Gold Plant 2002 Sasol Carbo Tar Feed Prep Plant 2003 Waterval Retrofit 2003 Sasol Phenosolvan Project 2003 Anglo Platinum 2003 Natref SWS Project 2004 Foskor Water Management 2003 Energem LPPF 2005 MCM Smelter Expansion 2004 Power & Energy Namakwa Sands Expansion 2006 Negotino Thermal Power Plant Audit 2006 Tarkwa CIL Expansion 2007 Kayelekera Uranium Plant 2007 Metallurgical Operations Golden Star Resources Wassa Upgrade Project 2008 Rand Leases Gold Plant 1991 – 1995 HCI Khusela Coal Palesa Project 2008 Angelo Dump Sands Plant 1994 – 1998 HCI Khusela Coal Imbali Project 2008 Mamré Gold Plant 1994 – 1996 Khodani Coal Project 2008 Majuba Coal Plant 1994 – 1996 Two Rivers Chrome Project 2008 Eerstelingsfontein Colliery 1996 – 2000 MagMinerals Kouilou Potash Project 2008 Camelot Gold Plant 1997 – 2004 Segala Gold Plant 1998 – ongoing Industrial Agnes Gold Plant 1999 – 2000 AfriSam Cement Plant Expansion 2006 Kopermyn Coal Plant 2000 – ongoing AfriSam Cement Plant Expansion 2007 Crocodile River Concentrator 2000 – 2004 AfriSam Dudfield 2007 Ticor Hillendale 2001 – 2005 AfriSam Dudfield Compressed Air System 2007 Tirisano Diamonds 2003 – 2005 AfriSam Dudfield New Rail Load Out Facility 2007 Two Rivers Platinum Concentrator 2008 - ongoing Ndola Lime Project 2007 Imbani Coal Plant 2007 - ongoing AfriSam Ulco Upgrade of Gas Cleaning Plant 2008 Nkomati Chromite 2008- ongoing Sulphuric Acid & Gas Handling This is by no means a complete list of all projects by E+PC, Bwana Mkubwa Sulphuric Acid Plant 1998 but is merely an indication of the broad scope of the Skorpion Zinc Sulphuric Acid Plant 2000 company’s capability. Nkana Smelter Upgrade H2SO4 Plant 200107
  8. 8. Corporate Philosophy“Rules of Engagement” Quality ManagementThe company has developed an operating philosophy to E+PC is committed to supplying professional services andbest meet the process contracting requirements of clients projects which comply with our client’s requirements andin the special circumstances affecting business both in the provisions of ISO 9001.South Africa and overseas today. This has been recognised by the award of a Certificate ofThe guiding principles behind this philosophy are outlined Registration No. 42 by AFAQ-EAQA, an internationalbelow: accreditation authority based in the United Kingdom. All our personnel are required to participate in a preventativeTechnology quality improvement process, whereby total customerThe company recognises that the majority of developments satisfaction is achieved. A quality plan is produced for allin the business areas are dependent on technology and projects based upon the corporate procedures.specialist experience generally available from overseas These may be modified on a case by-case basis to meetsources. In order to satisfy these needs, associations have special project requirements. For reimbursable contractsbeen formed with appropriate overseas companies to provide the client is invited to review and approve the projectthe relevant expertise. specific procedures.Technology transfer is effected from overseas associates Quality control is employed in all aspects of the company’sto suitably experienced senior engineers within E+PC to activities including tendering, project management,ensure ongoing technical support to the client within South engineering design, procurement, inspection, constructionAfrica. Transfer takes place through the associate engineers and commissioning.working in E + P C ’s offices and /or vice -versa. Audits on internal departments and disciplines take placeAssociations have been formed with appropriate overseas on a regular basis. Any inconsistencies are quickly identifiedcompanies to provide the relevant expertise and technology. and procedures implemented for corrective action. “Quality control is employed in all activities” 08
  9. 9. Health, safety and the environment Corporate standards E+PC recognises that the long-term sustainability of its An essential component in the company’s drive for business is dependant on good management of safety, excellence and efficiency is the establishment of the health and environmental issues. As such E+PC’s SHE technical document register. This comprises standards for Management System is an inter-related collection of specifications, data sheets, drawings and design guides.The processes, programs, procedures, responsibilities and standards cover all basic types of equipment and all design activities that provides the foundation to achieve a culture details in common use. of “HOME WITHOUT HARM, EVERYONE, EVERYDAY”. They draw on the experience of past projects and their use E+PC is committed to ensuring that its vendors, suppliers enables project specific deliverables to be produced in the and contractors also provide a service that is safe with due most efficient and timely manner.The design guides set care for the environment, and that they provide education, out corporate approved design and calculation methods support and training where necessary. E + PC is also for the more common activities, and their use ensures entrenching a culture of zero incidents and accidents consistency, accuracy and efficiency. beyond the workplace, into our homes and communities. E+PC Metallurgical Operations has a fully fledged Health, It is the right thing to do. It is a core value. Safety and Environmental Department which has input into the project execution phase, as well as ensuring that Safety at E+PC will always be the most important aspect any plants currently being operated by the company will on our Construction sites and therefore our Project and comply in all aspects with current legislation. Construction Managers always strive to comply with the Zero Tolerance drive. Segala achieved Platinum Four Star Nosa 2.53 rating in June 2004. Environmental protection is an emotive subject and E+PC has considerable experience in projects in very E+PC apply client’s own standards where they exist and environmentally sensitive parts of the country. are required, and in these cases the E+PC standards are usually found to be a valuable supplement. As well as being familiar with statutory requirements and the technology of pollution control, the company sees it as its duty to advise clients on an equitable level of environmental safeguards to be incorporated into a design where the hazard is not covered by regulations or client policy. The co-ordination of environmental impact studies, which often overcome objections at the project planning stage, is another valuable service offered. “Safety is largely an E+PC constantly makes use of smaller construction companies on our projects who have very little safety attitude of mind” knowledge and we have to continuously train and educate people in safety and safety compliance. E+PC however sees that as our contribution towards helping these companies create a better workplace promoting safety in general. Project services E+PC recognises the importance of project control to the efficiency and profitability of any project. Accordingly, a fully equipped project services group has been set up under a project services manager which provides the necessary reporting and project control support to the project managers. A fully integrated system of project control is operating, covering all facets of planning, scheduling, cost control, estimating, materials control and document control.09
  10. 10. OFFICE FACILITIESThe corporate headquarters and principal design office is It comprises three working floors around a central openat: Building 30, The Woodlands, Woodlands Drive, court over a full plan area basement. The total working areaWoodmead, Sandton, 2191, Republic of South Africa. of 6000m 2 excludes stairways and access ways.The location is north of Johannesburg within two minutes It is laid out with offices and partitioned areas for specialof the N1, giving ready access to O.R. Tambo International functions, such as the print room and CAD room, whileAirport and clients and suppliers in Gauteng and the rest large open plan areas are retained for draughting and projectof the country. task forces. It is equipped with the most modern internal and external communication systems.The company is situated in a modern and efficient building,designed and laid out specifically as an engineering office. 10
  11. 11. BUILDING 30, THE WOODLANDS, WOODLANDS DRIVE WOODMEAD, SANDTON, 2191, SOUTH AFRICA TEL +27 (0) 10 205 1000 . F: +27 (0) 87 807 0143EMAIL: mark.berger@e-pc.co.za . WEB: www.e-pc.co.za AUGUST 2008: Revision 3