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T.E.L.L. is a new series of lunchtime webinars held on the last Tuesday of the month to provide an opportunity for members to present workshops and share materials they’ve developed to a wider community, the ETUG community.

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  • Lucas elaborates on OPEN SPACE title   An open canvas that can be customized by the user Part of my role is to work with individual faculty members to assist them in adapting UBC Blogs for their teaching and learning goals     (2min)
  • Audio checks at various points throughout the session Mention we are archiving this session   (10)
  • (30sec)
  • Lucas Wright Learning Technology Specialist I assist members the UBC community select and implement learning technologies in their teaching and learning. In particular I have been supporting e-Portfolio projects at the University (2 min)
  • Emily gives BB Collaborate Tour Interface.  Describe AREAS     -  Participants Panel - Your Questions should go in Chat Panel  - after every slide)   (1 )
  • We will be sharing some examples of course, community and personal spaces that we have supported at UBC. These course and program examples are used in Face to Face courses (2)
  • Emily go over AGENDA     (1min)
  • Maybe we should get rid of this? no I like it....? why?      What we would like to to do is start off with an informal poll - simple as a way to test the polling feature in Blackboard Collaborate. We are new to this technology and want to play around with a few of the fun features! (Describe to participants where the multiple choice drop down menu is)   (
  • Explain how poll works     (2min)
  • 30sec
  • (3)
  • (4min)
  • (2min)
  • Although the flexibility of the WordPress platform has lead to many different applications at UBC. As learning technology specialist at CTLT we have the opportunity to support the development, and management of some of these spaces.  In supporting faculty using WordPress I tend to work in one of the following areas.  (2min)
  • e-Portfolios--Dental Hygeine, Education (2min)
  • Community space: Course Context Developed to support the Aphasia Mentoring program-- Instructional Needs Needed a space for members of the community to share resources, communicate and connect with others How WordPress was customized to support these needs Focus on building capacity through providing training sessions, and participating into working sessions where we explored different ways of setting up the site and ways that the users would interact---Created a members only area password protected     (3min)
  • course space: Why a course space In addition to an LMS Used as part of a F2F environment Course Context Italian 200 Instructional Needs   Enhance interaction in L2--provide more opportunity to communicate in Italian Provide an opportunity for collaborating in writing Share ideas and links about Italian language and culture How we worked with the instructor to customize WordPress around these needs   Overall an iterative planning process using informal formative feedback gathered by the instructor to make required changes-----changing the tagging structure Selecting the Pulse Press Theme--suppport interaction Developing resources that are embedded within the sites to support students adding content Assistance with reducing the burden off assessment---creating an index system using tags and categories (4min)
  • (2min)
  • (5min) Personal spaces/e-Portfolios. Why a personal space? Course Context   Across different disciplines At least 10 programs and courses at UBC using e-Portfolios at a program or course level Large number of professional programs have adopted UBC Blogs as an e-Portfolio platform including programs in Dentistry, Pharmacy and Education (there own wordpress installation Ease of use Ownership Customizable Privacy setting Challenges Assessment Support    Assisting in the development of central webspaces used to share resources, provide professional development and can serve as a central space to make assessment easier or a space for interaction and sharing Ongoing consultation  
  • 4min
  • 10min
  • T.E.L.L.: Open Spaces@UBC

    1. 1. Open Spaces @ UBC Online presentation for ETUG by Lucas Wright & Emily Renoe,Learning Technology Specialists, UBC Feb 2012
    2. 2. AUDIO CHECKtesting...testing...1 2 3can you hear us ok?We are archiving this session http://www.fotopedia.com/items/ flickr-3547755667/slideshow
    3. 3. The resources from this workshop areoffered via a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license
    4. 4.   Lucas WrightLearning Technology Specialist, UBC lucas.wright@ubc.ca   Emily RenoeLearning Technology Specialist, UBC emily.renoe@ubc.ca  
    5. 5. ParticipantsPanel... This is the Content AreaChat Panel...
    6. 6. • Share and discuss ways that WordPress MU can be developed as a personal, community and course spaces in teaching and learning  
    7. 7. Agenda o Polls o A few stats for you... o Overview of WordPress @ UBC o Examples in Teaching & Learning o Support Model and Training  o Your Questions...
    8. 8. Poll Question How polling works  in BB Collaborate What do you think this number means? a. Current world populationb. Number of spam emails sent out every dayc. The number of wordpress sites in the world
    9. 9. Answer: The amount of WordPress sites in the world! (wordpress.com hosts about half)
    10. 10. AUDIO CHECKtesting...testing...1 2 3can you hear us ok? http://www.fotopedia.com/items/ flickr-3547755667/slideshow
    11. 11. Overview of WordPress @ UBC o What is WordPress  An open-source personal publishing and content management platform  UBC Blogs is an enterprise level weblogging environment designed to provide an individual or group webspace for instructors and students. o History   Launched 2009 o Some numbers...   More than 10,000 users, 6,000 blogs
    12. 12. • course blogs • portfolios • personal publishing • variety of themes • informal, more social• Dept/faculty/admin websites• University-wide events• Business-like atmosphere• variety of themes• CLF branding customization
    13. 13. UBC Blogs - Examples in Teaching & Learning o Course spaces o Community spaces o Personal learning spaces/e-Portfolios 
    14. 14. How polling works  in BB CollaboratePoll - How are you using WP orsimilar personal publishing platformsin your contexta. For course blogs/sitesb. e-Portfoliosc. Community sitesd. Other (if you select this option, typehow in the CHAT PANEL area)
    15. 15. Community space - Examples in Teaching & Learning
    16. 16. Course space- Examples in Teaching & LearningCourse Space
    17. 17. How polling works  in BB CollaboratePoll-How do you support the use ofblogs in teaching and learning in yourcontext?a. Trainingb. Consultationc. Resourcesd. All of the above
    18. 18. e-Portfolios - Examples in Teaching & Learning
    19. 19. Training & Support   
    20. 20. Your Questions... Resources from this presentation will be madeavailable on the ETUG website.