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JIBC demo fest presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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JIBC demo fest presentation

  1. 1. JIBC DEMOFEST 2013 eTUG T.E.L.L. Session, December 2013 The resources from this workshop are offered via a "Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada (CCBY)
  2. 2. KRISTA LAMBERT Coordinator, Student & Faculty Development, Technology-Enabled Learning & Teaching (TELT) at Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC)
  3. 3. JIBC Justice Institute of British Columbia
  4. 4. DEMOFEST Got the idea from DevLearn
  5. 5. CONCEPT • EdTech Science Fair • Peer Voting
  6. 6. Sent an invitation out to participants
  7. 7. DEMO GUIDE
  8. 8. MORE PARTICIPANT S? Volun-told Phone calls Emails Desk Drive-bys
  9. 9. DemoFest Reel
  11. 11. QUESTIONS • What would the tables look like? • Did we have enough power cords • Would the wifi get overloaded? • What food should we serve?
  12. 12. PowToon
  13. 13. SURVEY QUESTIONS • What was your favourite Mobile Learning presentation? • What was your favourite Emerging Technology presentation? • What was your favourite Open Learning presentation? • What was your favourite Simulation presentation? • Should this be an annual event?
  14. 14. LESSONS LEARNED • Find a way for presenters to circulate • Solicit early for prizes • Can we run this every year? • Plan early
  15. 15. QUESTIONS?