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Open Textbook Summit - Emerging OER Distributed Ecosystem to Improve Student Access

  1. OER 2.0 At Work David Harris Editor in Chief OER 2.0 At Work
  2. Today’s Agenda •  OER Background and Licensing •  OER and Academic Freedom •  OpenStax College Overview •  Lessons Learned: 18 Month In •  FAQs
  3. Historical  learning  materials.   MaWa  (CC-­‐BY-­‐NC-­‐SA  
  4. knowledge forms a network networks enable new means to produce and exploit knowledge
  5. computer hardware and software textbooks learning music newspapers
  6. OER Enhances Academic Freedom •  OER provides faculty with more choices for their courses •  OER allows for permission free editing and adaptation •  OER prevents faculty from being locked into a particular platform or system At the course level: In the market place: •  OER should not be legislated or mandated •  OER needs to stand on it’s own vis a vis publisher material
  7. X  Limits access Digital Rights Management: Open Licenses: ü  Unlimited Access (never expires) ü  Unlimited printing/use across devices ü  Encourages sharing on informal learning networks Digital Rights Management
  8. Ease of Use Make it easy to find the materials. Free is not enough Establish development models to ensure quality Essential Learning Resources Partner with groups that can enhance content Scope and Sequence Develop resources to support existing curricula Meeting the OER Challenge
  9. Goals of OpenStax College •  Increase access to high quality open educational content •  Provide students financial relief •  Increase freedom and flexibility for faculty “Student indebtedness exceeds $1 trillion” –New York Times, 5/12/13 “Seven in ten college students said they had not purchased a textbook at least once because they had found the price too high.” –Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/23/11
  10.             Foundation Support for OER 2.0
  11. Macro- eco- nomics Principles of Eco- nomics Principles of Micro- eco- nomics Principles of Psych- ology Introductory Stat- istics Chem- istry Pre- calc- ulus Hist- ory U. S. A Growing Library
  12. Mission Driving Growth 0   100   200   300   400   500   600   Adop&ons  
  13. Mission Driving Growth 0   10,000   20,000   30,000   40,000   50,000   60,000   70,000   80,000   90,000   100,000   Students  Enrolled  In  Courses  Using  OpenStax  College  Books  
  14. As of April 15, 2014: •  Derivatives: 86 •  Adoptions: 574 •  Students: 91,403 •  Textbook Downloads: 493,019 •  Unique Web Visitors: 3,730,731 Mission Driving Growth
  16. Mission Driving Growth Nothing is stronger than your colleague saying, “Give this book a shot. It changed my students’ lives.”
  17. Lessons: 18 Months In
  18. Lessons: 18 Months In •  Faculty tend to adopt then adapt •  86 adapted versions to date •  Growth in the custom MyStax Landing Pages
  19. Lessons: 18 Months In “Adapted versions make OpenStax College texts even more relevant for students.”
  20. Lessons: 18 Months In “OpenStax College enhances academic freedom while academic freedom drives OpenStax usage .”
  21. In  what  ways,  if  any,  has  using  OpenStax  College   textbooks  impacted  on  your  own  teaching  prac&ce?     •  “I  have  become  more  intenQonal  about  tailoring  my  course  to  my  students,  having  been  at  least   somewhat  released  from  the  constraints  imposed  by  the  commercial  publishing  industry”   “I  have  always  believed  in  using  a  lot  of   addiQonal  resources.  OpenStax  works   nicely  in  this  regard.  The  supplementals  are   not  fancy  but  we  have  made  addiQonal   testbanks  and  other  free  resources   available  to  all  our  faculty  in  a  collecQve   approach  to  compile  very  nice  addiQonal  resources.”     “I  am  able  to  think  a  li[le  more  creaQvely  of  what  new   experiences  I  can  design  for  my  students  using  resources  in   the  text  or  other  online  resources.  I  think  the  text  is  a  great   foundaQon,  but  I  don’t  feel  constrained  to  shy  away  from   employing  other  teaching  tools  for  fear  they  might  ask:   “Well,  if  you  were  going  to  have  us  watch  this  video  or  do   this  online  tutorial  –  why  did  we  have  to  pay  $250  for  the   textbook?”   “I  create  more  collecQons  of  images  to  build  presentaQon,  rather   than  going  straight  from  the  book.”  
  22. As  a  result  of  using  OpenStax  College  textbooks…     •  96.1%  of  educators  who  use  OSC  textbooks  are  more   likely  to  recommend  OpenStax  College  textbooks  to   fellow  educators/teachers  (n=73)   •  80.0%  of  respondents  who  use  OSC  textbooks  are   more  likely  to  discuss  using  OpenStax  College   textbooks  with  their  insQtuQon’s  administrators   (n=60)   •  Nearly  80%  of  respondents  who  use  OSC  textbooks   are  more  likely  to  use  OER  for  teaching  (79.5%,  n=58)    
  23. A Growing Ecosystem
  24. 1.  What’s the catch or obligation? 2.  “I don’t like X or you don’t have y” 3. May I adapt and distribute without permission? 4. Do you have comp copies? 5. Can my bookstore order physical copies?   FAQs  
  25. “My students shouldn’t have to choose between buying textbooks and buying groceries.” Binnur Ercem Professor, Sociology Middlesex Community College Access. The future of education. Free, high-quality textbooks. No compromises. OpenStax College is the only publisher that provides free professionally written and peer-reviewed textbooks. So you don’t have to compromise on quality to make college more affordable for your students. Our current texts include Sociology and (# TBD) other core college courses, with more available all the time. And they’re easily customized to include up-to-the-minute information. Students can download or print texts, plus access interactive functionality like animated infographics, homework problems, and more. Adopt, adapt, and recommend our texts at
  26. Are You a Textbook Hero? •  Be involved in a movement •  We want 1000 adoptions by 2015 – we need your help!