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MOOC experiences

Paul Stacey's slides outlining his experiences facilitating a MOOC, prepared for the 2012 fall ETUG workshop at BCIT in Vancouver.

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MOOC experiences

  1. 1. mooc?Got Milk? Flickr photo licensed CC BY-SA by mcchots
  2. 2. Open Content Licensing 4 Educators (OCL4Ed)• OCL4Ed is a MOOC about OER and open licensing• The course practices what it preaches: – The course is free (no cost) – 100% of the course materials are based on OER and use a default CC-BY license (a free cultural works approved license) – The course materials are available in open file formats (easy to revise, remix and redistribute) – OCL4Ed is delivered using open source software
  3. 3. Open Content Licensing 4 Educators (OCL4Ed)• Paul Stacey twice facilitator for OCL4Ed MOOC – 23-27-Jan-2012 & 18-22-Jun-2012• Facilitator role shared with 3 other facilitators• Jan-2012 Data – MOOC course enrollment 1067 people – MOOC students from +87 countries – High volume online activity in short period – Microblog posts: 1,892 (WEnotes 289; 300; Twitter 1,303) – Moodle discussion forum posts: +1,347 – Moodle page views for #OCL4Ed: 37,582 Milk Drop Flickr photo licensed CC BY-NC-ND by f-l-e-x
  4. 4. Overall Experience BD12_131 Flickr photo licensed CC BY-NCby BlissDom 2012
  5. 5. Land of Milk & CookiesRead every section, triedevery activity, watched everyvideo.Comprehensive.Some of the videos powerfuland compelling.Learned new things.Really appreciated thethorough explanations.Overall on the content side Igive it high marks.Chocolate cookies and milk Flickr photolicensed CC BY-ND by locos photos
  6. 6. Have You Seen 1-800-I’M-LOST Complex confusing structure Two versions of course - one in WikiEducator another in Moodle Three different microblog options. Choose one over another? Why even need to microblog? Relationship of pedagogy to technology used? Coordinate& distribute facilitators roles in advance.Got Milk? Flickr photolicensed CC BY-NC-ND by San Diego Shooter
  7. 7. Great Gallon Give Open registration vs. open license – do both, go open all the way. Help participants find peers with a common role/interest. Establish mechanism for peers to directly ask questions or initiate discussion with each other. Leverage massive participation - have all students contribute something that adds to or improves the course overall.MOOC? Great Gallon Give Flickr photo licensed CC BY-NCby George Moris