Leveraging Openness and Collaboration at the JIBC


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Presentation slides for session at ETUG Fall 2010 Workshop in New Westminster, British Columbia

Presenters: Tannis Morgan, Jerome Rodriguez, Darren Blackburn, Justice Institute of British Columbia

Description: The JIBC is funded differently than other BC post-secondary institutions, and as a result has learned to be very entrepreneurial. This presents an obvious challenge in any discussions about openness. We are pleased to be able to present JIBC examples of openness that are benefitting the institution and our communities. In our case study/demo we will present examples of how we have leveraged openness to extend our collaborations with the communities that we work with. These ""small-but-mighty"" bridges have also been important in creating opportunities and extending the relevance of JIBC beyond our programs and courses.

In our Emergency Management division, an Innukshuk funded project involved collaboration with the RCMP as well as municipalities, agencies, divisions, consultants, developers, and individuals. CMD 130 - Incident Command Level 300 - resulted in the development of a collaborative environment, open courseware, and myemresources.com, a Drupal site for public access to emergency management resources. This has generated interest and use that extends far beyond the JIBC or the RCMP, resulting in interest from multiple disciplines for current and relevant emergency/crisis management information. In addition, deliverables from this project were then used to develop JIBC’s first iPhone and iPad app: an emergency management media rich glossary.

JIBC has also benefitted from other initiatives and institutions who have adopted open creative commons licensing. We have integrated UBC learning commons resources into our own learning commons as well as student orientation materials. We are also developing our first course that uses some open content from Connexions, and at the request of the course author, will then be released as CC BY SA content.

Our presentation will involve role-playing scenario-based group activity (approx 10-15 min) that will highlight the importance of having public emergency management resources in order for small communities to make informed decisions.

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Leveraging Openness and Collaboration at the JIBC

  1. 1. LeverLever OpenneOpenne C ll bCollabo Justice Inst ETUG ragingraging ess andess and tioration titute of BC G 2010
  2. 2. Who isWho is JIBC?JIBC?
  3. 3. Clieents
  4. 4. Why Iy Provides first responders, with the knowledge andthe knowledge and skills to manage response to an emergency oremergency or planned event ICS ?
  5. 5. QuestQuesttions?tions?
  6. 6. ICS 3000 Online
  7. 7. Fund $86 000 of Inukshuk$86,000 of Inukshuk support the develo 300 on-line conte This developmentThis development creation of a standa that students or the access to improveaccess to improve the Incident Comm dingg funding was used tofunding was used to opment of ICS Level nt and applications. also included thealso included the alone online resource e public at large can e their application ofe their application of mand System within
  8. 8. Partne Justice InstJustice Inst Overall project man Curriculum d Technical/web/applic Facilities, talent, and a Royal Canadian Multi-media/visua Translation of all course ership titute of BCtitute of BC nagement services evelopment cation development administrative supportpp n Mounted Police al enhancements e materials in to French
  9. 9. Collabo •JIBC School of Public Safety - EmeJIBC School of Public Safety Eme •JIBC School of Health Sciences - P •JIBC Technology ServicesJIBC Technology Services •City of Burnaby •Cit f C itl•City of Coquitlam •Pitt Meadows Fire Department ••British Columbia Ambulance Servic •RCMP - Burnaby Detachment •Port Moody Police Department •New Westminster Police Service •Delta Police Department •Studio Think oration ergency Management Divisionergency Management Division Paramedic Academy ce
  10. 10. Compop • A digital version of ICS 3g • ICS specific still and vide • ICS hi d i l• ICS graphic design elem • Interactive ICS exercises • Interactive ICS charts • Maps ill strating ICS res• Maps illustrating ICS res • ICS quick reference guid • Guided, fillable ICS form • Smart phone glossary ap• Smart phone glossary ap • Publicly accessible digita onents 300 classroom materials eo images tments s so rces and facilitiessources and facilities des ms pplicationpplication al object repository
  11. 11. Interactive Exercises
  12. 12. Interactivee Objectsj
  13. 13. Interactivee Objectsj
  14. 14. Viddeo
  15. 15. iPhone/iPPad Apppp
  16. 16. Digital RepoRepo Object sitorsitory
  17. 17. igital Objec The emresources web site is fabulou attention to this vattention to this v Gavin St. Michael - Just wanted to let you know how great myemresources.com. It seriously dec together a training sessio Sonia Singh - T am quite impressed with the JIBC quic ser friendly allowing it to be used by neser friendly allowing it to be used by ne Daniel Hefferton - Ontar Managersmyemresources.com is a g ct Reposito us. Thank you as well for drawing ou valuable resource !valuable resource ! University of Victoria t the training tools are that you have on creased the workload for me in putting n for senior management. Town of Markham ck reference guides. The format is very ew managers in emergency situationsew managers in emergency situations rio Assoc. Emergency great resource!! Thanks for sharing
  18. 18. Lessons How “open” Multimedia Use of Te Project MaProject Ma Leveraging Learned ” is “open” Production chnologygy nagementnagement Openness
  19. 19. So what, n, now what?
  20. 20. October 2 Ph t f K i LPhoto of Kevin Ly 25, 2010 h (CTO Ad b )nch (CTO, Adobe)
  21. 21. ThankThankk Youk You