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ETUG Spring Workshop 2014 - Move Over “Sage on the Stage”

By: Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, JIBC

When I first brought Apple TV into my classroom, my goal was simply to improve the projected image quality from my iPad. I had no inkling that I had just introduced a tool that had the potential to change the fundamental teaching dynamics in my classroom. During this session I will reenact with workshop participants that moment when my students — using their iPads to complete an in-class comic book assignment — realized they could “occupy the podium,” teach each other, and project their own work from the comfort of their seats. What followed for me — the surprised instructor — as I witnessed students’ improvising with their iPads and exercising their new-found power to teach each other, was equal parts awe, hilarity, and even a moment of panic when I realized I was not “in control” of the lesson and “my class” seemed like it was edging toward anarchy. My inspired students created with each other — at lightening speed — a democratized classroom where everyone was at once the teacher and student. They raced to show their work on screen and get feedback from each other. During that class I saw the “Sage on the Stage” booted out the door and something new and wonderful welcomed in. In this workshop I will show participants how to set up and run Apple TV with iPads; assign a simple, fun assignment using a comic book app; and have everyone “occupy the podium” for show-and-tell. We will finish the session by brainstorming how we instructors can best take advantage of this brave new (Apple TV enhanced) teaching world.

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ETUG Spring Workshop 2014 - Move Over “Sage on the Stage”

  1. 1. Sage on the Stage make room for Occupy the podium Move over
  2. 2. iPad basics Apple TV basics Exercise: using ComicBook! Everyone shares comics Brainstorming
  3. 3. Sage on the stage Guide on the side But what is a rhyme for "Occupy the podium?" It's all about the rhyme
  4. 4. iPad Basics security handling
  5. 5. introducing iPads to your classroom All students lean over the instructors iPad
  6. 6. Apple: A 24 hour shopping mall for digital media Teachers: A device that leaves behind wires Everyone else: A way to share all digital media on any Apple device What is Apple TV?
  7. 7. How much does Apple TV cost
  8. 8. How do you connect Apple TV?
  9. 9. What about Androids? INSTEAD of Apple TV ALTERNATING Apples and Androids HDMI Switcher = $15 Google Chromecast = $40
  10. 10. What if the WiFi drops? 1. Personal hotspot reset (name and password) Apple TV will use new 2. Hard connect* from projector to iPad $30 * might not work with social media sites
  11. 11. What if you don’t want the students to “Occupy the Podium? Go to: 1. Apple TV Menu 2. Settings 3. Security 4. Password Students will not be able to access unless you tell them the password.
  12. 12. How do you connect sound to projector through Apple TV?
  13. 13. Equipment Needed: * fibre optic cable * digital audio converter (DAC) * RCA to 3.5mm audio cable
  14. 14. Instructions 1. Connect fibre optic cable from back of Apple TV to a DAC 2. Connect RCA outputs from DAC to speakers 3. Plug in power and turn on DAC
  15. 15. So why do we need a DAC? Basically Apple TV is digital and the speakers are analog. We needed a DAC to convert from digital to analog.