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ISWO FEB-2014 Welcome


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These slides are used for the Instructional Skills Workshop Online for the week 1 welcome session. The session is meant as a way for participants to become acquainted and familiar with the course. Also, we build in some Blackboard Collaborate interactive activities so everyone can get comfortable with the synchronous environment. This particular session was on Valentine's Day, hence the funky cover :-)

Posted by Sylvia Currie and Sylvia Riessner, ISWO facilitators

Published in: Education
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ISWO FEB-2014 Welcome

  1. 1. ISWO WELCOME While you are waiting… • Say “Hi!” in the text chat area (left hand side of screen) • Run the 2014 14 February, Audio Setup Wizard to ensure your mic works CC-BY
  2. 2. Results show by your name in Participants panel Whiteboard Tools
  3. 3. Audio check in
  4. 4. Information gathering • Have you used Blackboard Collaborate or a similar tool before? • My favourite ISWO activity so far: A. Everyone’s introductions B. Thinking about my mini-session C. Creating my journal D. The readings • What kind of day is it for you so far? (emoticon)
  5. 5. SHARE… Something GOOD I have heard, seen, tried, or thought about during about week 1 Something I’m confused or uncertain about right now
  6. 6. Your learning journal • What format will you use? • Paper • Blog • Evernote • Word Doc • Other… • Weekly journal share…
  7. 7. Participation self-assessment Do you know what rubric you will use?
  8. 8. Mini-sessions WEEK TOPIC FACILITATORS 2 Wiki Activity Emily Schudel, Melissa Jakubec (Sylvia Riessner) 3 Duelling Tools Lucas Wright, Shelley McClure (Sylvia Currie) 4 Facilitating Team Work David Batterham, Tamora Davy, Cindy Page (Sylvia Riessner) 5 Assessing Participation Susanna Fawkes, Pamela Fry, Grace Dyck (Sylvia Currie)
  9. 9. Mini-sessions Have you… • Connected with your partner(s) • Found your “back pocket strategy”? • Been thinking about the learning outcomes you need to work with? • Got everything you need to move forward?
  10. 10. What we all need to know… • We are all moderators in this space • The room is open 24/7 – link on welcome page • You are welcome to use it any time • You can record your sessions
  11. 11. Anything else?
  12. 12. About these slides • These slides were developed for use during the first week of the 5-week Instructional Skills Workshop Online • They are based on work developed at Royal Roads University: • Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License • Attribution for images used in these slides can be found in the notes section