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Open Textbook Summit - Collaborative Statistics & Introductory Statistics


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Presentation slide for Open Textbook Summit, April 16-17, 2014 by:

Barbara Illowsky
De Anza College and
California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

Published in: Education, Technology
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Open Textbook Summit - Collaborative Statistics & Introductory Statistics

  1. 1. Barbara Illowsky, PhD @DrBSI De Anza College and California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office
  2. 2. Collaborative Statistics & Introductory Statistics  Co-author – Susan Dean  Connexions version in BC OpenTextbook listings  OpenStax College version – new!! statistics  WebAssign & other resources available with both versions
  3. 3. A bit of history  Early 1990s – Searching for textbook that:  Incorporated technology into teaching and learning  Included multicultural activities  Used collaborative learning pedagogical approach  Focused on understanding statistical concepts, not solving for variables  Encouraged writing in it by being low cost
  4. 4. More history  Our baby steps:  Wrote technology instructions  Wrote labs and projects; made videos  STUDENTS asked for book format  Signed contract with publisher  Publisher sold off to another publisher  Textbook cost increased  We purchased back copyright  Self-published: low cost through 2007 when became involved with OER
  5. 5. Adaptations  Students & faculty provided feedback and suggestions  Focus groups with faculty  Put textbook “out there”  Developed very, very, very thick skin!!!  Used many suggestions  Encouraged and developed communities of practice with faculty  Skin thickened even more!
  6. 6. FOCUS  Increased student access  Increased student learning  Increased student completion It’s all about the students!!!
  7. 7. Experience  “It’s a wild ride!”  Interview by Dr. Beck Pitt, OER Research Hub:  Benefits surpassed all expectations:  Introductory Statistics by OpenStax College – team approach to improving the learning experience  Students appreciate no/low costs  Students appreciate us appreciating their input  Faculty collaboration from all around the world  Saved De Anza College students over $1,000,000 US
  8. 8. Faculty Role  Start from what is already available – many repositories  Combine OER to fit your needs  Collaborate with your discipline colleagues  Collaborate with your librarians  Be honest with your students – ask for feedback and use that feedback  Use data (i.e. money that can be saved) to gain administrative support  Share what you create